Friday, February 15, 2008


i'm going to tell you something that will probably make me come off as mengada and perasan.


ok, too dramatic.

don't believe me?
go back in the past and see the ever growing list of the things i did for you.
ever try that, bitch ?

and throughout the years, my so-called 'friends' have used that (me being nice) and twist it and bullies me for it.

Like, they have absolutely no problem as to when they want to, y'knw, just 'drop' me fr as friend and ignores me at all cost.

And they have no problem as to ask me to do all sorts of things just because they know i won't say No.

Ofcourse, it's like, VERRRRRRRRY simple to casually tell me off if i'm doing anything wrong and as if you're an offspring of Albert Einstein and is so clever yourself.
YOU (see, i'm using You cause obviously this is for someone la kan) want me to follow your ways and and never to bother to listen to mine and whenever i actually TELL you 'my ways', you snicker and laugh as if
it's not worth your time.

Well, newsflash, dah-ling, you're not worth MINE.
and that's the part where i laugh cause you still thing you DO.

and looks who's all alone when Little Miss TooNiceToBother HERE is laughing her ass off at how lonely you look without that soon-to-be slave tagging you around laughing and insulting everybody you see as if you're Miss Perfect while i have friends all over and unlike you, i just don't depend on ONE person to be my friend.

many good friends beats one best friend.
ever heard of that ?
you won't, cause i made up the theory.

SAYAAAAAANG, you're not Miss Perfect (nor will you ever be) so snap yourself out from that self-reigning imaginary world of yours before you stumble down and rot yourself dirty and i'm sorry to say, but,
no one's going to help you when you do and
THAT alone will make my year.
no wait, scratch that,

it's not my fault you're stupid and naiive and well, so disgustingly LOW.
it's yours.

tell me when you stop being a bitch and finally (which translates to never) admit that you stepped on me and regret everything that you have done, THEN mmmaybe we can be good friends again.

oh wait, don't.
cause i'm having too much fun laughing at how stupid of an arse you seem right now.
Ta, baby.
Had fun knowing you, but having much more fun not knowing you.


p/s: This applies to everyone who has underestimate me.
Naturally idiots or former idiots.
So if you feel like one and when you read this, you can't help but nodding yes at every insult i threw at you, then honey, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that, that person is most probably you.
rach and the rest, before you apologize unnecessary, babe, it's not youu.
i'll tell you ALL about it when i can because i have so much fun doing so.

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