Friday, July 31, 2009

I seriously really really really want one of those initial badges. It's so cool sial, dah la all glitterfied. No Sonia Rykiel stores here ? :'(

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Paper Chains

This is the Louis Vuitton Chain Necklace. Hot damn, I love it. 

My room's a mess, I feel like redecorating it. It's out of proportion, my bed is bigger than the walking space. -___-'
I want a proper wardrobe IN my room, right now, it's outside my room and/or in Tania's room. I want a proper dressing table so I can dump all my make up, perfumes, deodorant etc. Right now, they're all piling up on my not-so dressing table. Heh. I also want a big book shelf so I can put my books up instead of it being all over the house. I want a proper studying table which currently it is not resulting me into studying on my bed which then turns me to being sleepy and end up not studying, hence the results. It connects ! 
And ! I want art and pictures on my walls and I want it all in bold black frames. Flowers won't hurt, I want them bright seeing how everything else will be in black and white. 

I haven't been studying as much as I promised myself to, I can't bring myself to sit down and resist the temptation of twittering (@nadiazainudin, thanks hahahahah boleh promote lagi) and going on blogs. This month's Teen Vogue is quite good, not that it hasn't been but this month, they were some pretty good stuffs. 'A Room Of My Own' features Jill Stuart's daughter who has this amazing Andy Warhol painting on her wall. Damn, nak sangat sangat.

Ok up til this whole MTV World Stage thing, I haven't heard about Pixie Lott, call me 18th Century, whatever. She's quite good, eh ?

Do The Dont's

Been feeling lazy, hence pointforms ! 

  • I Heart Mr Pang for making additional mathematics that much easier. I vow to not skip his class.. anymore. 
  • I have braces on and I miss eating solid food where biting is necessary. I swallow food now. I be tough.
  • Dear Ila, since you've been gone, Hafiz and Hafeez have alternated sitting in your place and annoying me to no end. Come back soon, boss. I don't think I can bare them talking Hindi any further.
  • IU day's this Saturday (come one, come all!), I actually can't wait.
  • I loathe Physics. I freakin despise that damn subject, it's so motherfreakin hard, I feel like smashing Newton.
  • I miss Mac and Cheese, buatan San Remo :'(
  • No wait, I just miss solid food. I can't even eat Pringles which I suddenly have this humongous bigger than earth urge to eat.
  • Best place to get the latest Teen Vogue : Jasema :')
Night lovebirds. xx

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Surfs Up

Went to my first (hahahahahahahahhaa) bazaar at Hartamas Square, the Pick & Grab 5. Mama and Tania went in the morning in which I didn't want to go and preferred staying in watching Hercules and Cinderella on Youtube :') 
Tania came back and she bought some things, a studded gladiator sandals, a peplum skirt and a denim corset top. Mama bought me a pair of heels too, twas really pretty but a micro inch too small so pergi tempat tu balik. HOHO I bought me self a skirt, (Y) Real pretty, and agak murah ah. I liiiiiiiike. Met Izzati and Najib, bought some pixels from them and browsed around. Ada banyak benda lawa tapi panas sangat hahahaha so we went home after the pixels were done. Came home, wrapped Myra's present and we left for her house. I swam in what seems to be donkey years since I've been in their pool, so much love ! :') Dah ada banyak floats HAHAHAHA, so that was fun. Zidan and Naim were their usual cute self. As always, I have this irregularly big appetite after I swim, this time I ate like 3 plates of rice. What the hell, these days tak habis habis makan nasi, my god, tak surprise nanti raya tak leh muat baju kebaya yang I'm already trying my best to fit in :'(
Haha it's okay, that's life kan. Cuma terancam je tengok Myra stick thin, man, that girl is losing more weight than she is gaining :/ Tapi fikir balik, elok apa ada curves kan ? HOHO, self convincing is the way to go.

My day was good, how was yours ? 

Friday, July 24, 2009

Robert Pattinson

I don't care what other people think about him, he's still my numero uno. Always will :') 

Why is it that all things bad has been substitute with 'gay' ? Is your vocab that limited ? Kesian gila. :/

At school today, Kai Wen made me laugh when she said 'Someone should go as Winnie The Pooh! Wear a red tshirt and no pants!'

Sumpah gelak gila la. :') HAHAHAHA

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Okay so I'm hooked on to yet another TV show. This time, 'Lie To Me'. It's so good, I swear to God. Basically this team who solves crimes based on micro expressions and whatnots. Dr Lightman is the big boss who has an expertise on body language and as earlier said, micro-expressions. It's bloody good, I can tell you that. 
It's because of this show that I can't bring myself to open a book and to actually do some studying. 
My list of shows I religiously follow are ; Friends, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Prison Break (RIP), 24, Bones, Brothers And Sisters, Criminal Minds, Lipstick Jungle (RIP), 90210, One Tree Hill, Leverage, and now, Lie To Me :') 

God, I love television.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Like Diamonds More Than You

My wishlist as of late ; a bodycon frock, a bold piece of jewelry (preferably a necklace), a pair of black heels (I like them high, gives me a thrill), and a clutch.
Now, if there was a way to get money, I'm all set.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dress Your Shoe Size, Not Your Age

I just realised how much I love shoes. I don't buy them as often, reason being I'm probably the most fussiest girl alive. It's amazing I have any shoes at all, really. I end up buying shoes as little as once in I don't know, 6 months ? Or even more. I never shop online mainly cause, a) it's a nuisance transferring money from this account to that account b) takut hampa beli online and when it's right before your eyes, ada glitch here and there. c) like I said earlier, I'm the most pickiest and fussiest girl on the face of this earth.

But it's usually mistaken that for the lack of shopping, the lack of style. I'm your plain Jane. I don't dress to impress, it's more for comfort (half truth). I hardly shop, and if I do, whatever that is I buy, has to be the prettiest thing out there. It's just cause, if I buy something for the sake of buying, rasa macam tak puas lagi sebab bukannya benda tu lawa pun, buang duit je kan. It has to be material love at first sight. Am I the only who gets it ? I'm not the kind to buy a lot of things even if I got a lot of cash in hand, I rather save them for something expensive but ntah, kena something I really really really x kabillion love. Tu yang susah nak beli benda tu. 
I don't own a lot of clothes but the idea is there. I don't like asking my mum for money because everytime she gives me, rasa guilty tahap gila babi. It's quite wild hahahaha. 
I don't own a lot of things (!), just cause I can't find anything within my price range. HAHA
It's something my mum and I have something in common amongst other things : We tend to favor the ones that aren't on sale. I probably come of as a snob (which I hope you know, I'm not) but I hate sales. Before you 'HEH' me, hear me out. First and foremost, sales benda dia lawa sangat ke ? They take out clothes yang dah nak mati and so floppy, bagi free pun tak nak. And they like to just longgok kat luar. Exhibit A : Zara. Nak masuk pun malas. Everything is out front, all dumped I'm sure and you really expect a size S garment to be on top of the horrendous pile ? I WISH. Unless you're an XL (I'm dead serious here, people with larger figures are lucky in the sense that they usually get more clothes in their size. Ok, tak faham haha), then good for you. But I'm an S and even that can get loose (bukan kurus mana, pendek -_-). So cam frustrating ah kedai kedai yang masa sale, sumpah malas gila, semua benda terabur. Bukan macam kedai dah, warehouse is more like it. Besides, sale pun mahal jugak kan ? :)

I admit, I am biased with labels. :s It's gross, isn't it. My mum thinks 'Just cause it's not from Topshop or Zara*, doesn't mean it's all that crap, Nadia'. 
This is my opinion, I buy pricey things ONCE in what ? A year ? I'm freakin serious, the last pair of shoes I truly loved but were teeny weeny overpriced are those heels I'm guessing everyone dah muak tengok. And that was from last raya, people. And that pink/purple/bunch of colours crossbody bag is a one time deal. Birthday present from last year -_- 
I like to buy things that I know can last me a very long time than to keep buying so many things that can barely make it a year. You get? 
But yeah, if I had a lot of money, and I mean a lot, I'd get the first flight out and fly (I'll fly solo, if needed) to New York. I haven't been to said city, but I can already tell you, it's stunning. Everything about it is to me just stunning. I mean, hellerrrrrrr Fifth Ave, people ! If I had a platinum card, I'd do just that and get myself a pair of Louboutins. How I dream of actually touching those red soled beauty. 

Don't get me wrong, just cause I don't dress as well as the next It girl, doesn't mean I can't.

* I hardly shop at Zara. That was my mum confusing me with my sister who on the other hand, DOES.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let Me In


Friday was Kaveetha's birthday, that was so much fun :') It's been awhile since a party was held, especially it being a Sixteenth birthday. Freakin cool to see Diyana, Nikki and Kaveetha made a go at the Thriller moves. It's been awhile since we all made a food out of ourselves on the dancefloor. Freakin enjoyed myself, okayyyy. Theme was POWERPUFF GIRLS -.- So everyone's supposed to wear either red, green or blue. I have neither, but I wore the next best thing, a turqoise top. Tecnically, it's green AND blue mashed into one brilliant shade, so yeah man. HAHA

Saturday, since Mak Tok and Pak Tok are here, we celebrated Zaim's 15th (it was a week before, ni tertunda satu minggu) at Shook!, Starhill. Expensive food but not my favourite place to eat. Ok ok je makanan dia :/ But the best part was when they brought in the cake (was it even a cake, it was like one bite's worth of a cake. A fraction of a cake -.-) and they sang the Happy Birthday song accompanied with this guy, probably out from the live band outside, playing the saxophone. Was it melodic or what ?! Was so jealous. Best gilaaaaaaaaaaaa babi, semua macam terkejut but it was so cool. First time :') Nak la next year hohohoho.

Today, went out for dinner at OU because Papa wanted to buy tickets for tomorrow's rematch. And we singgah this camera shop, cause my dad has been following the Olympus Pen, this white camera yang macam digital tapi ada lens gedabak so it was like the SLR camera's but a smaller version. He likes it cause it was first appeared in 1959, his birth year. So kira, it's 50 years old, like he is this year. But it's quite cool actually. Tapi it's like 3k, baik beli DSLR yang macam biasa tu, but that's my dad for you, nak benda yang orang tak usually ada -_- Get what I mean ? BUT yang tak best nya, y'know how the big DSLR's bila nak click tu, dia punya click sedap suara ? HAHAHA, yang ni cam senyap sikit, the sound is there but not as obvious, which is :/ I like the click sound, very amusing. Haha, moving on.
So right, we went around before hitting Chillies for dinner. Went to Aldo, and showed Mama the black suede pumps with the blue platform and she was like o.o Sebab tinggi gila. But it's so !@#$%^& lawa. But my mum showed me this other pair yang macam Givenchy weaved heels. It was good looking, undoubtedly but macam after seeing the previous pair, takde pape boleh match. But it was pretty (the faux Givenchy, I mean) and price dia 'better'. HAHA. Tengok dulu.
Ate dinner at Chillies and ordered Grilled Chicken sandwich tapi datang datang bentuk burger, my mum asked the waiter and he said, 
'Burger is beef. Burger is only beef, nothing else. Check in the dictionary, beef means burger.'

-__- dah fish burger camne ?
Booked tickets for Harry Potter tomorrow and indulged ourselves with Haagen Dazs, nothing cheers me up more than an strawberry ice cream from Haagen. Esok pergi lagi tengok Harry Potter, tak kisah la best ke tak, I just want to see my favourite wizards. HAHAHA corny sial.

I'm going to continue my bm presentation now :/ Nasib dah habis, editing bits now. 

p/s : I have 8 more days more to ganti :/ AND kena start belajar for the monthly coming up. I like studying in the library but at the same time, sumpah tak boleh belajar kat situ. PLUS, i hate the librarians, ada ke suruh orang diam but he (yeah the guy in the batik selalunya tu), himself main PSP kuat -_- bodoh ke apa.

Ok, dah. NIGHT! 

p/p/s : KAREN YONG TURNS 16 TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend who is bestest awesomest listener ever. We used to exchange letters and tell each other everything :') WE SHALL GO OUT TO MAKE UP FOR ME NOT BEING AT TELAWI WITH YOU LOT ! Love you long time. But you should know that, already :') xoxoxoxox

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I looooooove what Karlie Kloss is wearing. 
Her shoes pun (Y)

Malaysia's a tough place to be wearing clothes worth being photographed for a space in The Sartorialist without all the awkward silent stares. 
This is why, people, I really would love to fly to New York. :') They don't seem to give a damn to what you wear and you're on your own. That's the kind of independence and freedom I crave for.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No Matter What I Do

Can I please stop caring about what other people say ?
Just this once so that I can finally listen to me, myself.

Monday, July 13, 2009

This Is Not A Proper Post

Haha I don't know why I'm so excited about this but I got a freakin gel eyeliner ! Dahlah murah, I got it from Maybelline. (Y)(Y) And it's brilliant, I'm in awe. It's so pekat and it's smudge proof ! I can't say the same for my Chanel eyeliner that smudges within I don't know ? 20 blinks ?! 

Anyway, my grandmother came back from London early this morning and instead of doing the required check up at a clinic, my uncle brought her to One World instead -_____- So she's sleeping there for 2 nights. Best gila, turun je Ou :') ANYWAY, I went around OU with Tania and browsed shops. Topshop is getting to be a bore (the OU branch, anyway) and so is Forever 21. Bought some stuffs from Diva like the braided hippie headband (it's a bit outdated but oh wells), a motif scarf that we especially hunted for after being inspired by Silver on 90210 and a headband with side flowers. Lawa bangat. Ada this Blair Waldorf bow headband but this one is too cute, it's a HUGE HUGE HUGE GIGANTIC bow, and it's something only pretty people like Leighton can pull off. But it's freakin divine. Geram gila. And ada this statement necklace yang lawa gila babi but was short on cash so didn't bother.

Before that ! I went to Aldo and oh my goddddddd, lawa gila babi ok their shoes ! Dahla 50 off ! But knowingly, I just had to eye the ones without the fortunate discounted price. Vavi vangang. I've seen (and fallen in love) with the shoe Izzati + Ila explained. Dahla suede, bodoh. Lawa gila babi and the platform is so cool, in blue pulak tu. I tried it on and was tempted to dig up all savings for it. It's so pretty, but incredibly high but then again, so pretty :') It's the kind of shoes that you can wear in 15 years time and still look 'in'. Not that I care what's in or not, I just wear whatever. But betul cakap, it's motherfather lawa, macam tak percaya ada kat Malaysia ahahaha. Ok, exaggerating but damn, was it a beauty. I told Mama this and she said, 'Wait til the price goes down a bit. 400 bucks for a shoe is too much' Sad case. The price was actually MYR490 which is basically half a thousand bucks. BUT IT'S SO PRETTY. But then kan, at Marc By Marc Jacobs store in Pavi, dah boleh jeans dah for 400 bucks. TAPI TU JEANS, ni kasut kut :'( Anyway, moving on with life.

After so long, I finally ate at Tokyo G (haha so weird calling Sushi Groove that). Rindu sangat Crispy Ginger Chicken or whatever it was. 

That's it. I still love that shoe though. Always will! HAHA

Saturday, July 11, 2009

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

I just got back from the Golden Nite. And boy, was it fun. :')
I arrived I think.. 10 minutes to 8 ? And basically whilst waiting for Aimi and Suraya to come, I just hung around with the performers who had to be there way earlier. Tunggu punya la lama sampai I sat at Syaheera's table for a bit. 
When they arrived, we finally sat at our table and after some speeches which we didn't bother to listen because we were too hooked up talking to each other and updating ourselves, there were the performances by the students. Then Yuna performed :') BEST GILAAAA, she is just as good if not better compared to her album. She performed (ONLY!) 3 songs ; Backpack Around Europe, Rocket and my favourite favourite favourite Dan Sebenarnya. Her voice was so freakin sedap, I had to give a standing ovation and like any other fan girl, I too screamed and shrieked. Best sangat okay :')
Aidit's group was just too freakin good. The part where Khalyf reenacted Superman with the really funny effects was just so good, I was stunned. Best gilaaaaaaa babi. Aidit can dance :')
And Thacana's (I'm sorry dude, I'm not sure if I spelt your name right, oh wells) performance was down right sick. Everyone cheered on so loud, it was fantastic. I mean, it's not a surprise seeing how Thacana dances brilliantly. It was freakin' awesome. Seriously best nak mampus. I wish someone had recorded it on video. I was quite upset that I didn't bring any camera or video cam. Reason being, I couldn't find it and so did my mum (which means, I did look for it high and low). Dayumn.
Oh can I just say, all the guys looked foiiiiiiiiiine in their shirt and tie. Smart tak terkata :') Seriously. And the girls were so pretty, I'm not just saying this okay, I do mean it. 

All in all, I had a good time. Now it's back to boring.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I went to school with swollen eyes, this was due to me being overly emotional watching Michael's memorial. It was undeniably sad, just cause after what everyone's been saying, Michael seemed to be a kind spirited soul who unfortunately had to go through the downfall of Hollywood. There's this video on Youtube where he performed alongside with Usher at the end and Chris Rock made a surprise appearance with his laughed at attempt of Michael's famed moves. Michael then laughed (literally ROFL, he playfully collapsed on stage from laughing too much) and hugged Chris Rock. I don't know why but it's such an aww moment. I can't say much about Michael because I feel kinda bad being all, 'OMG sedihnya dia meninggal' when I haven't listened to his music as much as the average fan (but I have now because Mama keeps playing his CD in the car most of the time now, Man In The Mirror has become my favourite). 
So yes, moving on. I went to school with my eyes so swollen, I had to place ice on my eye lids to hopefully resulting my eyes to become some what better. Attempt failed. 
School was alright, like any other days. Got my ticket for the Golden Night tomorrow, and I'll be sitting with the Beta gang. Yeay :') 
We learnt Electrochemistry which like any other times in all three science subjects had me confused so bad, I felt a headache coming on. 
That was pretty much it in school. It's quite dull but I'm having fun nevertheless.
Was supposed to go to the library today with Ila but I was too tired from the derived sleep I've been making my body used to.
TGI(almost)F! I need the weekend.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have so many things to say but I can't. 
Which sucks big time. 

Hi. Bye.

Ok today :

I dreamt about people driving. First it was Ayesha driving me and avoiding the police. Pastu she called Izzati asking her how to drive -_- pastu adalah she dropped me at my house and I had to drive myself out tapi tak tahu langsung so a guy had to show me a tutorial on how to drive kat Youtube and I don't know how it ended me calling Tania asking HER how to drive and she said, 'Yeah, I'm coming' and then kan the next thing I knew, Tania barged in my room, opened my door and light. I woke up. Pastu sahur. I love Sahur and bukak puasa, makan BAIK PUNYA. When I was done eating, I was on the internet for a bit and came across this video on Larry King Live where it was believed there was a Michael Jackson ghost. Ohmygod, sumpah scary gila okay. Dahla masa tu I was alone and it was still too early to be considered morning. And the sound effects (Y) scared the shit outta me.
So after that, did some program nilai thing sampai tak tidur. And so, got ready for school.

School was alright. Had my laughs. Basically anything that included Hafeez and Hafiz's share of jokes. Suka sangat ejek Hafiz Rahim hitam. Pastu nyanyi Right Round but in an indian accent. Lawak gila babi, Ila and I are very setia fans, we laugh all day long :') hahahaha

Apa lagi eh. 

  • Izzati described a Giambattista Valli (<- I had to go to to read the proper spelling -_-) shoe which made me fall in love instantly. I feel like buying a new pair of shoes for Golden Night PLUS raya which I totally forgot about but Ila reminded me. What a good excuse ! Thanks gurrrrrrrllfriend (Y)
  • Had agama where we learned jual beli. Then physics about momentum. I hate physics. Hate is a freakin understatement. Tadi punya I understood but then reading the questions macam hampeh. Damn. Then we had history. Oh btw, lama gila tak belajar okay. Today's attendance was 33/37 :') Eh jap, memang before this was like that too but 33 (ok maybe less than that but still!) students were actually in class ! Aw, rindunya everybody :') But I can't say the same about learning. God knows when it was the last time we did a rumusan. 
  • After everyone headed home, I was left with Syaheera who also fasted today. And Aneem had this kitten she found, siap masuk dalam bag lagi. -_-
  • Came back home and plopped on my bed. Slept til 6.15 ? And now it's 7.08 and I haven't bathe. Nak dekat bukak puasa and it's 10 more days for me. 
That's pretty much it. I'm so lazy to go to school tomorrow cause of the fact that I have to wear the pandu puteri uniform. Dahlah lepas tu ada tuition ^&!@*(@

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Look at em shoes and weep. How she can even stand in those killers is just, crazy.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh damn, Shia's cute. I just hate Megan, this coming totally out of jealousy.

Material Dream

Uh.. ouch. I was so tempted to buy slippers after walking a hell lot in heels. A price to pay for looking tall. I keep forgetting to spare myself the pain by bringing comfortable selipar jepun ! NEXT TIME
Got out by 3 and sent Zaim off to his tuition before heading to Pavilion. There were so many people. Especially adolescents who ranged from the cool cats, DSLR in hand to the ones with trucker hats placed so high they might as well not wear one -___- Went to Topshop and spent most of my time admiring everything. There was this washed out denim skirt which was basically love. And this other skirt in a shade of an almost neon pink with exposed zippers for pockets. LAWA GILA but it looked weird on me so I bought (haha hi Sha) the glittery skirt which shocked Mum for a bit cause it was short but HEYYYY the fact that it was 20 % off was appealing. (Y) All in all, banyak gila skirts lawa okay. The high heels are easily explained in 2 syllables : Gorgeous. But the freakin pig lining had to crash material dreams of mine. 
Moved to The Loaf for tea. The sausage roll was surprisingly tasty and unlike the ones we usually eat. OK tasty would be an understatement. (OH btw, Pavilion banyak eye candy :') Must go more often)
Then, we went to Coach and Marc Jacobs sebab dekat and ILA, Marc J sale ! Jeans for 400 bucks, my mum was surprisingly okay with it. But didn't buy cause I am still in the never ending search for the washed denim jeans which I can never find without one having a tear in the knee area. Paying for something ripped ? No, thanks. 
Went to Mac and rambang mata cause I am obsessed with eye make up as of late and there were so many eye shadows, pigments and paint pots to choose from. AND ada brushes yang you see in videos HAHA jakun gila but whatever. But we were late and we had to go to KLCC and kat situ pun ada Mac kan, so decided to go there instead. But the Pavilion branch lagi besar so lagi syok (Y) Went back after that and drove to KLCC. We went to Marks And Spencer and I just bought a couple of camisoles, my essentials for the next 5 years, I swear. It's comfortable first and foremost but after many washes, it still remains its normal form. Which is a huge plus. I also went to the new Accessorize store and believe me, disappointment gila babi. It's like small and takde la lawa sangat. I actually preferred Diva. 
Made my way to Kinokuniya but my feet were on the verge of breaking into half so I grabbed myself a magazine (can someone please suggest a book?!) and sat my ass down in Madam Kwans. Haha, before that nampak Siti Nurhaliza kat this one restaurant yang basically takde orang langsung. 
Right. I'm tired, night lovebugs.

P/s : Good luck, cheerleaders. 

Thursday, July 2, 2009

And You And Me,

It's a shame you're not mine, not that you ever were but hell.

So much for falling for you.