Monday, July 13, 2009

This Is Not A Proper Post

Haha I don't know why I'm so excited about this but I got a freakin gel eyeliner ! Dahlah murah, I got it from Maybelline. (Y)(Y) And it's brilliant, I'm in awe. It's so pekat and it's smudge proof ! I can't say the same for my Chanel eyeliner that smudges within I don't know ? 20 blinks ?! 

Anyway, my grandmother came back from London early this morning and instead of doing the required check up at a clinic, my uncle brought her to One World instead -_____- So she's sleeping there for 2 nights. Best gila, turun je Ou :') ANYWAY, I went around OU with Tania and browsed shops. Topshop is getting to be a bore (the OU branch, anyway) and so is Forever 21. Bought some stuffs from Diva like the braided hippie headband (it's a bit outdated but oh wells), a motif scarf that we especially hunted for after being inspired by Silver on 90210 and a headband with side flowers. Lawa bangat. Ada this Blair Waldorf bow headband but this one is too cute, it's a HUGE HUGE HUGE GIGANTIC bow, and it's something only pretty people like Leighton can pull off. But it's freakin divine. Geram gila. And ada this statement necklace yang lawa gila babi but was short on cash so didn't bother.

Before that ! I went to Aldo and oh my goddddddd, lawa gila babi ok their shoes ! Dahla 50 off ! But knowingly, I just had to eye the ones without the fortunate discounted price. Vavi vangang. I've seen (and fallen in love) with the shoe Izzati + Ila explained. Dahla suede, bodoh. Lawa gila babi and the platform is so cool, in blue pulak tu. I tried it on and was tempted to dig up all savings for it. It's so pretty, but incredibly high but then again, so pretty :') It's the kind of shoes that you can wear in 15 years time and still look 'in'. Not that I care what's in or not, I just wear whatever. But betul cakap, it's motherfather lawa, macam tak percaya ada kat Malaysia ahahaha. Ok, exaggerating but damn, was it a beauty. I told Mama this and she said, 'Wait til the price goes down a bit. 400 bucks for a shoe is too much' Sad case. The price was actually MYR490 which is basically half a thousand bucks. BUT IT'S SO PRETTY. But then kan, at Marc By Marc Jacobs store in Pavi, dah boleh jeans dah for 400 bucks. TAPI TU JEANS, ni kasut kut :'( Anyway, moving on with life.

After so long, I finally ate at Tokyo G (haha so weird calling Sushi Groove that). Rindu sangat Crispy Ginger Chicken or whatever it was. 

That's it. I still love that shoe though. Always will! HAHA

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