Sunday, August 28, 2016


Hi everyone! 

If you follow my sister and I on Instagram and/or Snapchat, then you would know that we are currently in Seoul!! 

I know what you're thinking... "AGAIN?" because that's what my dad first said when he found out we were heading to South Korea for the 2nd time! Hahaha reason I wanted to go to Korea again was because I loved it THAT much when I was here last year and I just had to make another trip. Would I be annoying to say I kinda want to make this trip a yearly thing? 

Anyway! I'd blog more about my first day in detail later on but for the time being, here's a vlog of our first day. I totally overestimated my energy level btw because I initially wanted to upload a vlog on the day itself but obviously that's not happening because traveling and walking around tires the hell out of you and by the time we're back from a full day out, we're pretty much crawling to bed. 

Here's a short, short video of our first day because we started going out pretty late in the day. We had to wait around in the airport for 5 hours before making a move to our AirBnb because the room wasn't ready yet when we arrived Seoul. And I didn't catch much sleep on the plane so I was pretty exhausted so when we got to to our place here, we slept for 2 and a half hours hahah. 

Nevertheless, it was a great day and we already bought tons of things. LOL. 

Hope you enjoy the vlog series as much as we enjoyed filming us around and making it! 

See you in the next one! 


P/S : Watch it in HD, por favor.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Internship and Being Sick

So I've just decided to stop watching the Lee Chong Wei finals because I don't like seeing people losing. I hope he decides to pull a magic trick at the end and win this second set. 

But anyway.

I'm currently down with a fever. And you might or might not know this, but alhamdulillah, I don't fall sick easily. I'd like to take pride with my immune system; it's doing alright all my life. But when I do fall sick, it gets pretty bad. Like I'm almost bedridden that few days. It started with a cold and a cough and then I kinda know when I get sick because I get ridiculously thirsty all the time. All. The. Time. No matter the amount of water I drink. Sigh, no fun being sick. Makes you appreciate the times you're not!! 

In other news, I'm now working! Hahahaha only been 2 days in but still, working. My first working gig ever in my life! So to start things off, I'm doing an internship now with Nelissa Hilman. If you don't know her, then > here < you go. Having no experience in working, I thought I'd start it with an internship to get me used to the idea of working first. As part of the internship, I have to be stationed at retail stores first to understand the customer base and the target market. So if you want to find me on a weekday, I'll be at the pop-up store in BVII! The best part about it all is to be quite honest, meeting Nelissa like it's no big deal. I always find it so cool to meet the actual designer. She's so sweet and so accommodating to me. I've always wanted to work in a small-ish company where I can learn and experience things. So to experience working under a designer who actively helps me out with things is really fun. Also, always an added bonus to be helping out a local designer as much as I can. A lot of people who come in the store are asking if this is a local brand and if it's locally made. It is and it is. Come support! The shoes are also v v v v v comfortable and v v v v affordable! 

Just kinda wanted to give a life update.

Also just found out that Lee Chong Wei won the silver and although a lot of people are upset and sad that he didn't get the gold, we should all also be cheering him on for winning the silver! That's a feat in itself and shouldn't be looked at as a defeat. Especially when he played so damn well??? Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Olympics and to more and more and more victories in future events!!!! We're fantastic at what we do and we should be proud of it! Also what a beautiful sight seeing Malaysians come together to support the athletes in Rio. More of this please, Malaysians!! We need it! 


P/S : Also next week I'll be vlogging for my graduation trip which I'm SUPER stoked for! I'll post it here and on my Youtube channel when it's up and running! Never vlogged before so this should be fun... 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Lash Extensions

Today, I had my first experience with...


So I've heard about this going around KL and to be honest, I wasn't too crazy about it because I've worn false lashes 4 times ever and all 4 times I wasn't too ecstatic about 'em. They felt heavy and it was just not the most comfortable thing in the world for me. 

But then after meeting Marissa the other day, she had suchhhhh nice and lush lashes that I asked her
"What mascara are you using cause my poor lashes and I need it"
 and she said there was no mascara involved, only some help of these lash extensions. Hmmm.... 
~ i n t e r e s t i n g

So when Sarah said she wanted to do and asked if I was up for it, I said ok yes let's do this!!! I was a bit skeptical at first but I mean, if you've not tried it, you won't know right? Right.

We went to Lash Lab in Bangsar. It's on the same row in Telawi as KGB. I just have to rave to you about the place and the service. I LOOOVE IT. The place looks so comfortable and serene. It looks so well made and well maintained. I love places like these, makes me want to go again and again (which is probably the whole point). I assume the owner was the lady manning the counter and she was the only one who wasn't in uniform. Her name is Nina. She was so accommodating!! Right after I was done with my session, she, knowing that this was my first ever time, came up to me and asked how the experience felt like and just kinda gave me tips here and there on the maintenance of these lashes. 

I know this sounds basic customer service but she was just extra sweet and friendly and made the whole experience that much better. A lot of workers and owners of establishments in Malaysia don't understand (therefore don't show) that the extra mile they go for customer service often pays them back 10x. It's such a shame to see so often how shop assistants have ridiculously poor customer service! Puts me off all the time. So I was very very happy that the ladies at Lash Lab were so nice to Sarah, Marissa and I. Amir was also there and whilst we were doing our lashes, Nina even went up to him to berborak. Hahaha

So upon arriving, we had to fill in our basic information and tick some terms and conditions before moving on to the 'consulting' bit. We were assigned to an assistant each and they asked us on how we wanted our lashes to look like. Sarah and I were a bit nervous so we opted for natural looking ones. How natural is natural when it comes to lash extensions right? Right, I got you. So as much as I wanted natural ones, I also didn't want to have spent 2 hours and RM168 to look like I had a coat of mascara when I could just do that at home. So Miko (my assistant) lead me to the private room (I was lucky that I got in the room, Marissa and Sarah were in the more common area where there were about 6 beds?) and upon looking at my lashes, she asked if I wanted anything more voluminous and I just basically told her to do whatever felt right and nice. For your information, I got the Korean ones (also the cheapest among the three available) and I think my curl was a 0.2? Sarah's was 0.15. And mine's the C. Marissa got the D so it looks fuller than mine and Sarah's. You'll understand this when you try it out yourself haha

It felt kinda like going into surgery? Not that I would know what surgery feels like but we had a bright fluorescent light right above us and they would tape your under eyes and your lids. For cleaning up purposes I would assume? I don't really know. And it took about an hour and a half or an hour 45 mins? Somewhere around there. You close your eyes the entire time! Well geez thanks Captain Obvious hahah but it's harder than you think ok?? Since you're not sleeping, closing your eyes for that long felt forced and unnatural. Until about 30 minutes in I felt a bit sleepy and I kinda got used to it. Probably the most still I've been hahaha so much so that I actually got fidgety in the last 20 minutes of my session because it was as if my body had an itch to move. I had my earphones plugged in so it didn't really feel all too long. It was very therapeutic actually. 

And after we were done, we went to pay and that was when Nina gathered us around the counter and told us of more Dos and Don'ts. Here are some of what she said :

1. Don't have your lashes be in contact with water for the next 48 hours. Find a way to wash your face and shower without getting around your eye region. (She suggested goggles jokingly although I think she meant it seriously)

2. Don't use an oil cleanser around the eye area. The glue that holds your lashes in place will come undone. 

3. Don't curl your lashes, don't use a mascara, basically don't use anything on your lashes. They're made to look like you spent ages on it so you don't actually have to.

4. Try to avoid places with lots of steam (spas, saunas etc.). 

5. Don't be vigorous with them. Marissa rubbed her eyes unknowingly when she woke up the next morning hahaha 

As to how they feel on, they feel pretty comfy! Definitely does not have the weight as having false lashes on and they feel a lot more natural. Marissa said hers (she chose for a thicker, fuller option) felt slightly heavy but mine just feels like nothing. Although I will say my line of vision FEELS like I have more than a coat of mascara on. It's not obstructing my view at all but you can see the wispiness of the lashes lah. 

Also, if you were to do these extensions, you can bid adieu to eyeliner. You don't have to wear it anyway because these lashes look pretty thick at its stem (?) so it already looks like you're wearing liner. Perhaps not the best idea also to wear eyeliner because removing them, I'd imagine, would be quite difficult as they are so close to the lashes. I asked them to apply longer ones at my outer corner so it looks like I have a liner on already. 

All in all, I enjoyed the whole experience and it wasn't as scary as I had thought it to be! If you feel like saving some time doing make-up, then try it! If you don't like the maintenance of lashes then maybe I'd opt out. Depends on your rajin-ness and if you like the look of falsies (or really generous coats of mascara). 

I look extra sepet with these lashes!! Marissa says it's because with extensions, they tend to look really thick in photos so it makes your eyes seem a lot sepet than they actually are. Because I wear 2 coats of lashes on normal days and my eyes definitely don't look as sepet in photos as they do now! 

Hahahaha not the best photo but just to show you my new lashes! Better than my mascara any day anytime. 

Here's the Facebook page if you're interested and you have to book before you go in because it's a 2 hour session so they only have so many slots in a day so it's best you tell them you're coming. They're really nice so even if you want to enquire and ask for opinions, I'm sure you can do that too! 

Hope this helps! 


Friday, August 12, 2016

Sambutan Hari Korea

So the other day Marissa texted me saying we should have a Hari Korea. Which only basically meant we dedicated a day to only doing Korean things. We had a Korean lunch at Sweetree at Jalan Ampang (don't ask me where that is; KL roads are foreign to me) and let me just tell you I don't think I've been in a restaurant so completely decked out like that! It's so decorated - from the motifs on the floors to a huge statement fake tree in the middle of the upstairs eating area to just potted plants just everywhere. They even have the hanbok! Which btw is the women's traditional dress.

I had the bulgogi with rice and Marissa had the kimchi jjigae. Both were quite nice! I didn't hold doubts for their food because the owner was a native Korean so I was pretty sure he would try to make it as authentic and as tasty as he possibly can. Korean food packs quite a punch with its flavours - I was pleasantly surprised how some of their food can be really, really spicy. We also ordered pajeon (a pancake by name but really just a really thick omelette) which was also very sedap! Overall this place has so many things to choose from in the menu which is great for people who like to have options (aka me) and it's also pretty tasty! We didn't get to eat the bingsu because we were super full by the end of our meal. For next time! 

But I mean, the place is just soooo decked out, it really felt super cosy! Marissa and I went to check out different rooms and the different floors. Their top floor was a party space and even had a karaoke (well... more like a screen with Youtube up and a stand-up mic. And there was a piano also...) place. I foresee the place to be really popular with people who are into Korean pop. It was actually really spacious, literally the whole floor would be yours if you rented it out! They even had a surau which I thought was a thoughtful move by the owner. 


I thought this was so funny but sooo cool! So cute how the owner probably went out of his way to find costumes and the poster and props for his customers to play around with! Just thought I'd share this for any DOTS fan who'd like to play out their inner Dr Kang Mo Yeon and Yoo Shi Jin. 

And then we moved to Pavilion because Marissa and I wanted to check out Innisfree. I haven't been to Pavilion since I got back so it was all in good timing because I was running out of face masks and Innisfree have the cheapest ones in the market. 

This was probably the major reason of our outing; Marissa and I needed to stock up our skincare necessities. And Korean skincare is the way to go duh??? We then went around to Etude House and The Face Shop. I'm pretty pleased with how there have been increasing numbers of Korean skincare stores around in Malaysia. Much much easier for us to get our hands on the newest and the latest without having to resort to an online option. 

This store is actually not Korean-based; it's Japanese. And OMG I think I'm in love. Look at how beautiful everything looks!!! Price also was beautiful lah kan, it's definitely within the higher price point. Maybe something to spoil yourself every once in a while but sighhh can't stop thinking of the beautiful glitter pigments!! And the palette the shadows came in was just lush. Just everything about this store was so beautiful. Packaging, interior, product! 

I have to look into reviews on their skincare because it's so expensive! And given how cheap Korean skincare is, it's difficult for me to justify making the switch but knowing me I'm already saving for Three products. Oh yes, it's called Three. If my memory serves me right, it's right opposite Innisfree. Check it out! And don't cry when you leave.

I posted some Snaps of this chocolate ball thing and I got asked a lot on where this was. It's at Quivo in Pavilion; it's the Kate Spade cafe. They've unfortunately closed the outside area due to some construction work but apparently according to the waiter, it'll be up again in a months time. But the interior is very pretty anyway. 

We ordered this chocolate ball thing, the one that breaks from the middle after being poured the chocolate sauce. It's SUPER filling, guys. Marissa and I got really muak after digging into it half way through. It's alot. There's cake, mousse, ice-cream, the works! If you have a sweet tooth then maybe this is for you but I personally am not so although this was sedap first few bites in, it started getting a bit... bleh. But that's just me and all desserts! By all means, have a go at it! 

We then went around some more looking at make-up and clothes. Found a pretty off-shoulder top at ZARA and super tempted to get it but it's so pricey and I'm off somewhere really soon so I'm trying to save up for that trip! But so pretty :( Maybe I'll get it... maybe not.... ok stay tuned!

And then we decided to get dinner together. And we cheated a bit, we opted for Japanese in Publika. Azam joined us and the dinner was really good even if I have to say so myself. So ok fine I only had eel nigiri's but it was really sedap!

ALSO BTW Publika looked like a freeze frame. A good 89% stood still swiping their phones up. Pokémon Go, what else! I'm not against it, I actually find it really really fascinating. I'm not playing it btw because I was never really into Pokémon's as a kid so I don't have the same passion as some people are (my cousins and siblings for example). But by all means, I'm not against it! I just hope everyone plays it safely! Tania told me yesterday, she saw a car got pulled over by the police because he was driving really slow and it was because he was on his phone playing Pokémon Go! That was a bit ridiculous. Don't be stupid and endanger your life just to get Pokémon's!!! Don't Pokémon and drive!! 

After that, Azam sent me home and so concluded our Sambutan Hari Korea. Always such a fun day with Marissa, we're always completely ourselves and she's my bestfriend so she understands me and my ways a lot a lot so there's nothing that I hide from her. Love the girl; will miss her loads once she leaves again to Dublin!!!!!!! 

We both had a zit around our mouth area so this was more of a strategic pose than it was natural. Hahaha


Saturday, August 6, 2016

July Favourites

I only have two things to talk about this month so I'm going to dive right in.


1. Uncontrollably Fond

I ~ L O V E ~ THIS DRAMA. Remember how much I loved Reply 1988? I won't go as far as saying this beats that but it comes a close second. 

I'm not a big fan of bright, cheery, predictable dramas. I like ones that dig deeper into the characters, their backgrounds and the overall themes of the show. This one is dark and twisty (ahh... I miss my Grey's Anatomy) and is a lot more than just what the trailer shows. It has a lot more substance and it's just very very emotional. I suck at describing a show but this feels a lot different than your average drama which is something I definitely appreciate. I trust Woo Bin and Suzy to be picky in their projects so I'm super glad they chose a great one... together. And it's so emotional (episode 10 KILLED ME!) and you should know how much I love emotional dramas. The more crying scenes, the better! 

A drama, for me, is as good as its two leads. And I really really really love the two leads; Woo Bin and Suzy. Their chemistry in this drama hits the spot for me. I knew it from the get go that I'll love them. If I don't feel a drama's main couple, then I won't watch (like with how Lucky Romance, as much as I loved Jun Yeol, I couldn't watch the drama because I could not get over how ingenuine their romance felt). This one, sighhhhhhhh, it's bringing me back to my Taemin/Naeun feels where I shrieked and smiled like an idiot at every scene. Also want to just tell the world how much I love the acting in this drama. I'm so sooooo impressed by Suzy (this is my first time watching her act) and even more taken by Woo Bin whom I've always regarded as an incredible actor. I'm just so into this drama, guys, I won't shut up about it! Right now it's 10 episodes in so I have 3 weeks to bask in this well-made, well-written drama. I love the script also please ugh I CANNOT deal with a great script. 

I don't want to say much because I don't want to spoil the good stuff but it's currently the one drama that I ridiculously look forward to watch every week. Like count the days and hours kinda thing. I've stopped watching Doctors because the whole teacher/student relationship was a little too strange for me to comprehend (and like). I'll probably try to finish it one day but not now I don't think.

Also another Korean drama that I am loving is 38 Task Squad. This is not a romance. It's about a bunch of con guys who are trying to do good by being bad. It's essentially about these guys trying to con the bad guys to pay their taxes and it's just an overall entertaining drama to watch. This is my second non-romance drama after Signal (which btw if I've not already raved about it on this blog, was ~ amazing ~) and I reallllyyyyyy like it. It's a bit underrated I think because of how they have Doctors, W and Uncontrollably Fond as rivals on prime time TV. But nevertheless, really really good. I'm still so pleasantly surprised with the quality these Korean dramas offer to audiences. Something Malaysian dramas need to learn a thing or two about. Ok, I was being nice, I mean for them to learn a LOT about.

If you're a Korean drama fan, I highly recommend this drama. Even if it's to see Woo Bin and Suzy act. So much emotions flying around like nothing else and it's so refreshing to see an odd and strange dynamics in a couple relationship. But I love it gimme some of that Woo Bin lovin' any day any time.

2. Hoop earrings

I've always had a soft spot for earrings; I think it's my favourite accessory. It just makes an outfit better even when you're feeling super lazy. Which is what I am - lazy. All the time. My favourite go-to is a pair of hoop earrings. So simple but yet kinda flashy? Not too quaint like a pair of studs nor is it too out there like a pair of door knocker earrings. Was out karaoke-ing the other day with Tania and must've danced way too hard that I lost my left hoop earring........ note to self : don't wear your good pair when out dancing. 


I met my dad's friend just now whilst having dinner and he asked me what my plans are now that I've graduated. Which is a question I get all. the. time. 

Not that I'm annoyed by it but it's just having to answer, "I don't know" which sounds pretty demotivating the more times I say it. And then questions that follow are pretty much, 

"Have you started looking for work?" 
"You're not going to do your Masters?" 
"But like, what do you wanna do?"

I wished I had a plan but I also am pleased that I don't. I have some friends who are bonded with a company for x number of years and I personally think it's great because that means they have a path they know they're getting themselves on. They might look at it as something they're tied to with not much choice, at least not for a few years, but I think it's ok to have a safety net like that. Especially when finding work can be quite tough these days. But I'm glad I don't because that just means I get to try my hand out at as many things as I like. And be fun with it. I'm going into this whole working thing with a try-all mindset. I just want to do a lot of things and challenge myself at as many things as I can. Because when else do I have this kind of freedom, right? 

Seeing how traditional some parents can be, when this uncle asked and I replied, "I don't know", I was expecting him to either i) recommend someone/somewhere or ii) say, "But you should know...". 

To my surprise, he said

"Take a year off and just chill, go travel or whatever, but just take a year off! You're young, just be young"

I'm not going to do the drastic and take a whole year off and travel. I don't have the money (which was what I replied with and he said, "Who cares!!! You have parents who do!!!"). I like him. Hahaha. But on a serious note, I get that people are curious or at least pretending to be, of what I'll be off doing next but I just need to have a stable and normal sleeping pattern first before even thinking of employment. I feel that makes me sound really really lazy but I do wanna work but I wanna have just chill time first before I do, does that make sense?? 

I don't know lah, we'll see what happens. I'll try to make things happen but the universe has to also work its ways so we'll see. 

Also, I was thinking of changing my blog to a dot com. 

Should I?