Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Internship and Being Sick

So I've just decided to stop watching the Lee Chong Wei finals because I don't like seeing people losing. I hope he decides to pull a magic trick at the end and win this second set. 

But anyway.

I'm currently down with a fever. And you might or might not know this, but alhamdulillah, I don't fall sick easily. I'd like to take pride with my immune system; it's doing alright all my life. But when I do fall sick, it gets pretty bad. Like I'm almost bedridden that few days. It started with a cold and a cough and then I kinda know when I get sick because I get ridiculously thirsty all the time. All. The. Time. No matter the amount of water I drink. Sigh, no fun being sick. Makes you appreciate the times you're not!! 

In other news, I'm now working! Hahahaha only been 2 days in but still, working. My first working gig ever in my life! So to start things off, I'm doing an internship now with Nelissa Hilman. If you don't know her, then > here < you go. Having no experience in working, I thought I'd start it with an internship to get me used to the idea of working first. As part of the internship, I have to be stationed at retail stores first to understand the customer base and the target market. So if you want to find me on a weekday, I'll be at the pop-up store in BVII! The best part about it all is to be quite honest, meeting Nelissa like it's no big deal. I always find it so cool to meet the actual designer. She's so sweet and so accommodating to me. I've always wanted to work in a small-ish company where I can learn and experience things. So to experience working under a designer who actively helps me out with things is really fun. Also, always an added bonus to be helping out a local designer as much as I can. A lot of people who come in the store are asking if this is a local brand and if it's locally made. It is and it is. Come support! The shoes are also v v v v v comfortable and v v v v affordable! 

Just kinda wanted to give a life update.

Also just found out that Lee Chong Wei won the silver and although a lot of people are upset and sad that he didn't get the gold, we should all also be cheering him on for winning the silver! That's a feat in itself and shouldn't be looked at as a defeat. Especially when he played so damn well??? Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Olympics and to more and more and more victories in future events!!!! We're fantastic at what we do and we should be proud of it! Also what a beautiful sight seeing Malaysians come together to support the athletes in Rio. More of this please, Malaysians!! We need it! 


P/S : Also next week I'll be vlogging for my graduation trip which I'm SUPER stoked for! I'll post it here and on my Youtube channel when it's up and running! Never vlogged before so this should be fun... 

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  1. BESTNYA!!! Currently wearing her Rafa sandals and omg fav sandals ever