Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Be Generous

Can I still get presents despite not getting straight A's ?


OH and Happy New Year, hope you have an amazing celebration tonight.
Will blog later when I'm done saying my farewell to 2008.


09 for 09

01. 1 a.m: Listening to Demi Lovato on YouTube.
02. I love it when: I'm on my own, doing my own thing and no one to bug me
03. Karl Lagerfeld is: the only guy in this planet to pull of his platinum coloured hair into a ponytail.. and still look good.
04. Tomorrow: is 2009 !
05. I have to confess: that I like to lie. BUT I'm doing less of that now. Trying to, anyway
06. If I had one million dollars I would: Buy myself a plane ticket around the world with a bunch of friends and live large.
07. The future: is very tempting to see.
08. Maybe I should: get ready for tuition (!)
09. I am tagging: Ila, Sha, Karen.

Was tagged by Nisha


A spoiler for Agama. 

When Ustazah (my class teacher for 2 years) handed me my result, she looked disappointed and my heart just fell off my chest. But I didn't get it. I could see all A's. Was this just a joke ? Usually teacher's do that to you. 
But than of course, the last subject was Agama and there sat my B.
I had a mix of emotions. I was ecstatic that I managed to get A's for Science (ESPECIALLY!), Sejarah and Geography. Over the moon ecstatic because I was more than sure to get less than that. 
But at the same time, I was so crushed. B for Agamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ?!?!?!?!?!
So that was why Ustazah seemed upset. She kept apologising to me afterward claiming it was partially her fault which I don't understand at all. She's been nothing but fantastic these past 2 years. Will miss her dearly. 
Of course I cried. Cried so much and hugged my friends. I was so proud of them, regardless, because of how they've accomplished so much and worked so hard (seeeeee, Belinda and Brenda, told you dpt straight A's!). 
In a way, amongst all my friends, I felt left out because of not getting those 8A's. 
My good friends all achieved them. And I didn't. You know how that feels ? You can't join them and jump/skip joyously. OK FINE, JEALOUS NAK MATI.
But like I said, other than that one atom of jealousy (chyeah right!), I am entirely proud of them. So proud, I can cry (': (drama gila) Also, am so very grateful to them for everything they've tirelessly taught me (Especially Belinda for sitting behind me and tried to not get annoyed because I selalu pusing kerusi to you and ask for help in Geo, Maths and everything else). 
When my mum came, she smiled so broad, it could reach her ears, I swear. She then pulled me for a hug and in a way, I was surprised. I'd thought she'd be all, 'Ah, it's ok. There's still SPM!'.
But she was proud of the 7 I got and she called everyone telling so. Embarrassing but in her words, 'Why waste away good news? You did fantastic!'. 
I love her (':

My biggest thanks (tahu mcm receiving award HAHA) is to Pak Tok who called international to wish me a congratulations. Of course la kan, that just made my voice all choked up. 

All in all, er.. I'm good. 
I'm trying to cheer myself up. 
Will tell you how that goes.

Ciao Bella,

Monday, December 29, 2008

La Nouvelle Vague

Trying. To. Breathe.
Failing to do so.

I'd like to think that I did my part. Studying and all that. I've asked for God's help and wishing with all my might that my same, consistent prayer will be answered on a positive note regarding tomorrow's results. For one thing, I really hope it goes well. I'd hate to see that my trips to the library and sacrificing outings would have gone to waste. 

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Love Behati

It's 1614 on a Sunday and I haven't bathed. I have turned into.. disgusting. Thank God for school. That'll keep me up right. But even the mere thought of waking up at the ungodly hour of 6 in the morning is killing me.

Talk about having no originality. Just because everyone's doing it, doesn't mean you have to. All of the sudden, this big interest in editorials? It's not called minat, it's called being a copycat. I have the utter respect for fashion bloggers who know the A-Z's of Alber Elbaz (and his physique LOL), that shows natural passion and interest. You're just doing it because you have this need to be popular and known. Please don't think that I'm writing this as an evident of the alter ego of a huge most people assume I possess. It's not, believe me. It's just so disgusting to see people faking their interest mainly just because to fit in. Come on. Talking about fashion and it's many criteria doesn't mean you're dressed as good or better as the next wannabe. I'm not saying I'm good or adventurous when it comes to donning outfits, but I am very enthusiastic about fashion and would consider a career in it. It's just so ridiculous to see other people 'loving' fashion and Louis Vuitton (just because it's the only brand people all over the world recognizes in a second) just to fit in and be 'cool' (ugh).

Like how people claim they 'LOVE' fashion but for the wrong reason. They claim that because they have the money to buy Topshop and Zara garments and have no problem flaunting their expensive clothes. They don't read Vogue and religiously go to fashion blogs (bukan setakat nak copy paste gambar pastu letak kat blog ok) and be wowed by Christopher Decarnin's hardwork for Balmain. That's not called being a fashion enthusiast, that just means you have money (!).

Sorry for that. 

Results are creeping near. I'm scared out of my mind. 
Picture above; Taylor Tomasi

Hunk A Cheese

Say hi to the lad in glasses.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Eclipse and Breaking Dawn has arriveddddddddddddddddddd !
And my plan of starting a Fashion Journal has started. I'm so proud of myself. (HEHE)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas !

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Valentine Fillol Cordier is indeed the boss

Favourite item as of late ; My leather bound diary. It's black with the tip of pages dipped in platinum silver. Still trying to figure out the content. KLCC for Christmas, will invest in an A4 wide blank book for a fashion journal that I have always wanted to do. Yay me for being productive.


Escaped to Telawi for some bargain hunting. Only managed to get a light blue buttoned down top scribbled with hearts from Mooie. Twas a hot day, hence the perspiring. Not a pretty sight, I assure you. Stuffed myself with nasi daun pisang earlier, also not a pretty sight. Basically, just keep your distance with me. I was very tempted to buy fringed boots from Moca but comfort is crucial when it comes to shoes and I doubt that with the boots.

And as a Christmas present, my sister bought me Eclipse eventhough I have ordered online. She must have known how badly I wanted to read them. I've begun but I'm trying with all my will power to slow down and not read too fast. I want to savor the writing and the excitement (whatever that means). Though Tania can be a menacing ass at times, she's still a darling. LOVE HER.

Tomorrow's Christmas.
Christmas presentnya di mana ?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Robert Pattinson has cut his hair.
Deep breath in.
Deep breath out.
He is ridiculously good looking, he should sue.
(people who disagree, I bid you farewell. People who however shares the same interest in lusting over this Brit, OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG !)
Relax. He's just a boy.
We be chilled.

Nails are now decked in a dark deep shade of purple. Black if seen from afar.
Favourite buy today is a gold snake ring, something you'd see from the frail fingers of Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe. It compliments my freshly manicured nails well.

And my grandparents hailing from Medina or Mecca, am not entirely certain, for their pilgrimage have sent me a text (no people, that does not mean it is all well in my world of communication. It was via Mum's phone) concerning my results in which I replied that I haven't received them and promise to inform them as soon as I do. My grandfather then told me that 8 is just a number and that I will grow up to be a wise, beautiful lady with penuh Iman and that is the best result in life.

Cheers to that.

It's Like Before

Yesterday, I spent the day with my mum. Nothing pleases me more. We went to Cineleisure and watched Australia in Platinum Class. It is so luxurious, best gila. It really feels like you're at home only you're not.
Australia anyway, was good. Though in the beginning macam ntahpape but it got real good later. Very heartwarming. I'm not a good movie reviewer so please bare with me!
Plus I really like Nicole Kidman so maybe I'm just biased.
Dinner was next, at Tony Roma's. Again, stuffed myself with food. This time with chicken wings. Holy mother of calories.

Dad got back from Jakarta today and brought a dozen and more Indonesian albums. Niiiiiiiice (!) Have been listening to them in the car. Finally, a soothing sound!

For dinner, we went to Chillies. Had my Mushroom Swiss, a huge portion ain't it. But considering I skipped lunch, I thought I could need the extra consumption. My mum has gone on a diet. According to her, it's a apple and chicken only diet. So far, she's been eating apples and nothing much. Not very sure where or how the chicken plays a part in this diet of hers. I have suggested gym enrollment. For a quick second, I swear I could see some determination in her but the laziness got the best of her. Neh, it's not like I could survive the treadmill anyway.

I can finally get a manicure ! Yes to buffered crimson coloured nails ! And no to period pains and sleepless nights.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Prada, Steven Meisel, applause please.

Look Here

Ok cam ni

When a girl expresses her joy/anger/whatever, she tends to gush and probably curse. Laki boleh tak jangan suruh chill ? Bukan laki je actually. Perempuan pun. Let the girl display her enthusiasm. Why rain on her parade by saying, 'Ek eleh, chillllllllll la'. Kau tak pernah happy ke nak suruh orang lain emo, bodoh ? Masalah


ok, i got nothing.

I'm watching Amazing Race (the American version that is) and I'm so amused with all the kekecohan going on. I have always wanted to participate and if given a chance, still would. It's a laugh for most but it just looks like intense fun (however that seems to work) and requires one to be on the go all the time. I've always liked competition and this show is the epitome of that. 
I didn't know why I just talked about Amazing Race but I'm so bored and I just finished eating 2 packs of nasi lemak. 

I shall enroll in a gym..


Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hoping Santa drops by and gets a whiff of my wishes (because I'm no good in baking chocolate chips).

1 Nine West black shoes
2 Corsetted black dress
3 Wide legged pants
4 Sequinned cardigan (the one I drooled over in Zara)
5 Bandeau or a paper bag skirt, can't decide which (and to save parents from sudden shock and attack of the heart, skirts will be donned along with muted tights)
6 Studded wide strip belt
7 Plain sheer tops (counted as basics)
8 An exaggerated satin bow headband like the one Blair wore in that episode where she and Serena went to the Yale interviewer's house.
9 A black boyfriend blazer.
10 Fringe Prada bag (or anything close)
11 Full leather ballet flats

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Santa

Friday, December 19, 2008

How's everyone ? I'll write when I have better (OR ANY!) material.
Til then.
Have a great day!


P/S: If you're not having a great one, please feel free to write your discontent in my c-box and we can rant together. Thank you.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Listen Up

I couldn't agree more. The chances of me voicing out an opinion has become very rare. I always had to watch what I say, fearing that people would object it (which happens quite often with the friends I have, sorry). Most of the time, if not all, I just agree with what people has to say and act as if it's the right way to go. It's very irritating for me to not have a say in a discussion. Which is why I'm very determined to be my own boss when I grow up. I never got to lead. But that's what I'm hoping for in the future.

(Picture courtesy of PostSecret)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

At Ease

My phone's being an ass and refuses to charge and I have given up all tiny bit of hope with it. It has succumb to it's death, sadly enough.

Mum has given her green light to allow me to buy a new phone but I'm still on the edge of doubt. New phone usually means ".. no more buying anything for the next 6 years!". Now you know where I get my exaggeration expertise from. My mum told me to hunt for phones online and I just glanced once and was bored. They all look the same ! Let's look at the pros and cons of owning a cell phone.. for my sake. You can exit your way if you have anything better to do, like, say, sleeping.

1 I'll be able to communicate with the world once more.
2 I'll get to enjoy what I couldn't like having more than 1 (I KNOW!) song and a bigger memory capacity (my current phone is so lame, you can only have one song and messages can only reach til a total of 100.)
3 It'll be a new change of sight.

1 I'll be able to communicate with the world once more
2 I won't be able to buy anything for atleast the next 6 months.
3 It won't make me any happier

I won't be able to be reached via phone.
There's always Myspace and that Chat box on the right.

Astalavista, BABY!

My left eye is sore. And itchy. Sounds like the beginning of a wonderful day. Yesterday though, bought the Instax Mini that I've wanted for so long. Used my sister's achieved glory (5A's) as an excuse to buy it. Technically, it's hers, but I plan to claim half ownership. A cardigan from ZARA caught my eye (that's a first in a long time) that reminded me of a Burberry garment. If I weren't so financially depressed, would have bought it there and then.

I have ordered my Eclipse and Breaking Dawn online.. ONLY TO REALISE THEY'RE ARRIVING AT AN ESTIMATED DATE OF JANUARY 13TH. !@#$%^&
Patience is key. But then again, patience and me never mix. Never. Ever.

I'll be 16 in a month ! That's something to look forward to. I think.

I swear I'm a magnet for calories and fats. I've been eating a lot these days. Doesn't bother me but I can't help but wonder why now ?

Speak of the devil, my maid has just announced (half true, she just stands and screams, "COME MAKAN!" and everyone would come down) lunch and I'm off.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holy Macaroni

My definition of the perfect destruction.

There was Fashion TV in Bandung. Made the trip even better. I only get to see stills from the fashion show and it's nothing like the real thing. With the models sashaying their skinny ass, donning what may be the designer's best kept secret for the season. I'd like to be there witnessing the parade put on by the models. I'd also like to give a big hug to Jean Paul Gautier for being irresistibly French (!)

Hey Behati !

I have always loved Behati Prinsloo. And her many cute ways.
Gila babi masalah nak pergi compare orang lawa ngan orang tak seberapa.
Tengok diri kau tu dula la, bangang. Ingat handsome sangat ?

Told Ya So..

It's called being smart, milady

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Foot Fetish

I've grown to love shoes more and more. It used to be the item I dread shopping for. Actually, it still is. WHAT THE HELL AM I TALKING ABOUT ? The reason I hate shopping for shoes is because it's so hard to find one that I really like. So shoe shopping is usually done when my previous pair is in pieces (literally) and is on the edge of moulding (if possible). Ew.
AAAAANYWAY. The ones that I DO like are either A) Too ridiculously expensive B) Not available in Malaysia or C) My size is unavailable which happens quite a number of times.
Below covers A and B. And BECAUSE of that, C is not needed.

4 : YSL

Better Place

I have always thought the blacks had a better voice and rhythm than the whites. This just enforces my statement.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Hey, I'm back


1 Hotel staff were fantastic. Extremely polite. Made the trip worth while.

2 Hotel FOOD was beyond amazing. In general, indonesian food is really good. Ate at this place and had a bit of a laugh because
we didn't really get the chance to order. They brought the rice and like 10 or more dishes and placed it infront of us. We had to push aside which dish we didn't want. Kinda awesome.

3 Shopping was mediocre. Didn't buy much. But looking at the big picture, for most people, it's shopping heaven. There's Gap for mere 6 bucks. It can't get any better. But I was real picky so I didn't get to buy a lot.

4 The traffic is mad. Everyone drives slow and they don't depend on a traffic light. They depend on a traffic man . My mum was itching to drive and accelerate like she does here. They drive at like less than 40km/h. It's ridiculous. Bumper to bumper crawl all the way to EVERYWHERE.

5 Based on number 4, to burn time in the car, I read the ads there. So amusing how they have 'Ngapa'in?' or something like that. I only thought they said that in TV, didn't expect them to have it on ads. Reading them can make you appear like a real indonesian. I TRIED to avoid anyone coming up to me to ask/tell/converse in Indonesian, fearing I'd look like a moron gawking at them, trying at my very best to interpret them in an understandable language but such things are unavoidable so I'd usually motion them to my mum (and end up looking like a moron, anyway) and she'll take over.

In all, Bandung was just o-kay. Nothing fantastic or in words of dear friends, 'BEST GILAAAAA!'. Truth be told, the food and the hotel were the big winner. Not so much on shopping.

But hey, it's just my opinion.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Salam Sore

Greetings from Bandung !

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Planes and Anything That Flys

I don't like to pack, did you know that ? Well, now you do. I don't like it. It's so annoying, the process I mean. And I hate planes, I get air sick so quick. I can't stand the smell of the plane and the seats are so up right, messes up my body posture. Turbulence takes top winner in my list of reasons of why I despise airplanes and everything related.
But, I love LOVE LOVE the airport. It's so cool and so futuristic (I'm talking about KLIA, mind you) and the smell of the airport makes me all giddy and excited. And the occasional TING TONG PESAWAT PESAWAT 74829347293, SILA KE GATE 823719038.
It actually excites me how ridiculous that may sound.
And though, I LOVEEEEEEEE airplane fooooooooood.
HI SURAYA AND DINA ! (saja je nak mention nama kat blog HEHE)

I really need to start packing.


Just The Two

They're so good looking. Being a female, my affection leans more towards Robert Pattinson (and the idea of Edward Cullen, holy moly macaroni) but Kristin is really pretty though shy. Robert Pattinson's main purpose to try out and audition was because he loved Kristin in Into The Wild and even said she's the best actress of this generation which I thought is probably one of the nicest things to say about another actor. Nothing pleases them more than a compliment that great. BESIDES I FREAKIN' LOVE VANITY FAIR.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Ran Out Of Titles

Spot the similarities

How's everyone doing ?
Good ? Yeah ?


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1 Finished New Moon. Eclipse up next to be devoured.

2 Tuition classes for next year are starting soon. A part of me can't wait. But then again, a part of me is delusional.

3 My plan to correct my deprived sleep is still in the works. Will fix that for the sake of well.. breakfast.

4 It's already December 4th. Results (much dreaded) are on it's way. Slowly creeping onto me.

5 Missing friends. Thank God for KFC.

6 Saving is harder done than said. A lot harder.

7 Fashion related blogs have been my source of reading as of late. Especially ones with mouth-watering shoes. YSL's 'Hero' is by far, the most painful shoe I've seen. With only a single line of brass arch to support the feet. Ouch.

8 Books have been a fairly well company to me these days. Forgotten how to escape reality. Thank God for novels, how I've missed reading them.

9 A game of 'Should I or Shouldn't I' have been playing in my mind for days.

10 3D movies have become a fascination for me. HAHA.

11 Thank you Stephanie Meyer for existing an Edward Cullen into our lives (holy dramatic!). Planted the seed of belief in me that chivalry does exist, even if it's in only just in books.

12 I want to swim again. It's been a while.

13 My closet is so depressing.

14 My hair is taking it's own sweet time to grow. I swear, it's getting to be rebellious. IF that's nearly possible.

15 Parents are in the talks for a lavish holiday next year. Not putting my hopes up but it'll be pretty awesome if it were true. Crossed fingers.

Look Right

They have something in common : Crazily messy hair

I'm bored and currently watching Mary Kate and Ashley on Oprah while sipping Pepsi. OH the excitement.

Yesterday was uneventful. Watched Twilight (again and get this; for all the 3 times I've watched, I got the same seat in the same cinema. Rad) and halfway through, made my way out with Iman to catch Bolt 3D. Back to back movies doesn't do the back any good. Got Nando's short after. And THAT was my day. At night, I reread Twilight and paid good attention to my favourite parts. Even writing down the pages ! Currently waiting patiently (maybe not) for New Moon. Been bugging my mum to head to Ikano or Curve for their bookstores. I'm also (STILL) wanting Influence, written by famed duo, Mary Kate and Ashley. GAH. My list of wantings have increased after browsing a million plus one fashion blogs. Shoes, especially. YSL Tribute is absolute love. Hunting for a look alike. If only money wasn't such a problem and if saving wasn't such a hard thing to do.
Some days are spent locked up in my room, listening to whatever music there is on my iPod and writing my fantasies and dreams in my notebook. No, I am not kidding. I'm really THAT bored. I should stock up my books again so that, I won't have to wait (like what i'm doing at this very moment) for another book. I'm impatient like that.

I ran out of things to say 20 minutes ago. Saja gatal nak blog.

Til whenever,