Monday, December 8, 2008

Planes and Anything That Flys

I don't like to pack, did you know that ? Well, now you do. I don't like it. It's so annoying, the process I mean. And I hate planes, I get air sick so quick. I can't stand the smell of the plane and the seats are so up right, messes up my body posture. Turbulence takes top winner in my list of reasons of why I despise airplanes and everything related.
But, I love LOVE LOVE the airport. It's so cool and so futuristic (I'm talking about KLIA, mind you) and the smell of the airport makes me all giddy and excited. And the occasional TING TONG PESAWAT PESAWAT 74829347293, SILA KE GATE 823719038.
It actually excites me how ridiculous that may sound.
And though, I LOVEEEEEEEE airplane fooooooooood.
HI SURAYA AND DINA ! (saja je nak mention nama kat blog HEHE)

I really need to start packing.


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