Sunday, December 28, 2008

Talk about having no originality. Just because everyone's doing it, doesn't mean you have to. All of the sudden, this big interest in editorials? It's not called minat, it's called being a copycat. I have the utter respect for fashion bloggers who know the A-Z's of Alber Elbaz (and his physique LOL), that shows natural passion and interest. You're just doing it because you have this need to be popular and known. Please don't think that I'm writing this as an evident of the alter ego of a huge most people assume I possess. It's not, believe me. It's just so disgusting to see people faking their interest mainly just because to fit in. Come on. Talking about fashion and it's many criteria doesn't mean you're dressed as good or better as the next wannabe. I'm not saying I'm good or adventurous when it comes to donning outfits, but I am very enthusiastic about fashion and would consider a career in it. It's just so ridiculous to see other people 'loving' fashion and Louis Vuitton (just because it's the only brand people all over the world recognizes in a second) just to fit in and be 'cool' (ugh).

Like how people claim they 'LOVE' fashion but for the wrong reason. They claim that because they have the money to buy Topshop and Zara garments and have no problem flaunting their expensive clothes. They don't read Vogue and religiously go to fashion blogs (bukan setakat nak copy paste gambar pastu letak kat blog ok) and be wowed by Christopher Decarnin's hardwork for Balmain. That's not called being a fashion enthusiast, that just means you have money (!).

Sorry for that. 

Results are creeping near. I'm scared out of my mind. 
Picture above; Taylor Tomasi

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