Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1 Finished New Moon. Eclipse up next to be devoured.

2 Tuition classes for next year are starting soon. A part of me can't wait. But then again, a part of me is delusional.

3 My plan to correct my deprived sleep is still in the works. Will fix that for the sake of well.. breakfast.

4 It's already December 4th. Results (much dreaded) are on it's way. Slowly creeping onto me.

5 Missing friends. Thank God for KFC.

6 Saving is harder done than said. A lot harder.

7 Fashion related blogs have been my source of reading as of late. Especially ones with mouth-watering shoes. YSL's 'Hero' is by far, the most painful shoe I've seen. With only a single line of brass arch to support the feet. Ouch.

8 Books have been a fairly well company to me these days. Forgotten how to escape reality. Thank God for novels, how I've missed reading them.

9 A game of 'Should I or Shouldn't I' have been playing in my mind for days.

10 3D movies have become a fascination for me. HAHA.

11 Thank you Stephanie Meyer for existing an Edward Cullen into our lives (holy dramatic!). Planted the seed of belief in me that chivalry does exist, even if it's in only just in books.

12 I want to swim again. It's been a while.

13 My closet is so depressing.

14 My hair is taking it's own sweet time to grow. I swear, it's getting to be rebellious. IF that's nearly possible.

15 Parents are in the talks for a lavish holiday next year. Not putting my hopes up but it'll be pretty awesome if it were true. Crossed fingers.

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