Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hoping Santa drops by and gets a whiff of my wishes (because I'm no good in baking chocolate chips).

1 Nine West black shoes
2 Corsetted black dress
3 Wide legged pants
4 Sequinned cardigan (the one I drooled over in Zara)
5 Bandeau or a paper bag skirt, can't decide which (and to save parents from sudden shock and attack of the heart, skirts will be donned along with muted tights)
6 Studded wide strip belt
7 Plain sheer tops (counted as basics)
8 An exaggerated satin bow headband like the one Blair wore in that episode where she and Serena went to the Yale interviewer's house.
9 A black boyfriend blazer.
10 Fringe Prada bag (or anything close)
11 Full leather ballet flats

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Santa

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