Wednesday, December 31, 2008

09 for 09

01. 1 a.m: Listening to Demi Lovato on YouTube.
02. I love it when: I'm on my own, doing my own thing and no one to bug me
03. Karl Lagerfeld is: the only guy in this planet to pull of his platinum coloured hair into a ponytail.. and still look good.
04. Tomorrow: is 2009 !
05. I have to confess: that I like to lie. BUT I'm doing less of that now. Trying to, anyway
06. If I had one million dollars I would: Buy myself a plane ticket around the world with a bunch of friends and live large.
07. The future: is very tempting to see.
08. Maybe I should: get ready for tuition (!)
09. I am tagging: Ila, Sha, Karen.

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