Monday, March 30, 2009

Glitter Fools You

I just had a long phone call with Sarah. Dah lama tak buat tu wei ! Rindu sial.
HAHA, bestfriendssssss foreverszzz
Sorry for the not updating, internet went haywire and I have nothing to blog about. My day's have been dull. 

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's earth hour now. Ultra cool. 
Neighbours are being a great sport and they're doing their part too ( I admit to have doubts, yes )


49 minutes to go.
Have a great Earth Hour everybody.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Walk In The Park

Many birthdays in April, I just realised. 2 of my bestfriends will turn in the early days of April and I'm excited for that. [ I JUST REALISED THAT! Amongst us six kan, 2 in January (Sarah 14th and I, 19th), 2 in April (Dina, 3rd and Ila, 6th) and 2 in June (Suraya, 22nd and Najihah 30th). Semua nak dekat je haha. Woohoo ]
I miss buying things. The queen of the house turned 41 on March 25th. She refers herself being 'upgraded' than a year older. I agree. She doesn't look 41 which after me saying that, gave a broad smile and replied a 'humble', 'I KNOW RIGHT!?'
Had a modest dinner at OU because it was a school night and present is still M.I.A. Pardonnez moi, I'm undercashed. 
My understanding of additional mathematics is still not taken care of. I really should ditch Mod Maths more often and attend Puan Sharifah's class. She teaches at my speed - snail slow. 
In tuition, I'm at logorithm or however it's called and it's fun once you get the hang of it. Adelynn and I could answer the questions despite being absent in last week's class. (Sorry bangga sangat dapat jawab soalan add maths HAHAHA).

I got a lot in my mind and it's bitching about a choice. An uncalled one at that. Not that it matters but hell. Should I or shouldn't I? 
Homework is piling and I'm doing nothing.
Good job. More of this and failure's on your way!

Okay, will/shall/WILL turn optimistic over the weekend. Maybe even more productive.
No promises.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ok, it's like this.

I find it freakin' gross when a good friend of yours forgets you and chases after their new popular so-called 'bestfriends'. Macam hina sangat ke ah wei kalau tak gi lepak rasta semua tu? Hina sangat ke ah kalau tak dapat add maths 100 (no offence Dina, yous knows Is loves yous kans).
What? I'm not good enough for you? 
Please la, you look pathetic trying to morph yourself into the sticky mold of popularity. Just because (insertname) is popular and on the rise with the opposite gender, you want to hop on her/his bandwagon? Sumpah tu paling lame la kan. Tumpang orang nye fame. I say, get your own spotlight la kan.

Cuba rewind a few (tak boleh cakap time sebab nanti cam obvious gils) ago, you were with US! Sombong sial sekarang.
Sure, make time with your new friends. Kawan lama hampeh lupa ah.
Kawan apa benda ni ?



Monday, March 23, 2009

See Me

Macam tak tahan je tengok.

I know smoking is bad and all but he's too freakin' irresistible.

School began. Ho Hum.

Plain Who ?

I have a skirt similar to hers.
So, sekarang kena cari baju and cardigan macam dia punya HAHA

I'm learning French via French For Dummies Audio Set !

Sunday, March 22, 2009


This was during one of my sibling's birthday.

Nak blow balloon pun macam seksa HAHAHAHAHA

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I miss KL and my friends and my room and my wireless internet and my pillows (! HAHA) and my bed and school and OU.

I'm still in Penang -.- Was supposed to leave today but change of minds led us to an impromptu decision to leave tomorrow and besides, no one packed. 
Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm suffering and half to death of boredom, I love Penang. But macam wrong timing je datang. :/ It's alright.

Like always, bila balik esok, I'll be leaving with a heavy heart.
Sebab dekat sini, the food flow DOESN'T GODDAMN STOP. My grandmother spoils us too much with her willingness to cook anything and anytime.
You leave me here for a year or so, and I'll be overweight.
I no kid yous.

See you soon, lovers

The French

Toss that skirt of yours, pretty one.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


It has been ages since I last saw Gossip Girl and I can't wait to watch. 
Too bad Internet stopped airing GG illegally LOL
I can't stop looking at Leighton sial, she's so pretty you feel like slapping that gorgeous face of hers. 


Down We Go

I can't believe I'm 16. When I was 10, 16 was like a long way to go. And I'm here and I still remember my primary school years as clear as a diamond. Next year, I'll be able to drive but it was not a long time ago when I was in Legoland, Windsor and I had the best experience ever coming close to driving a car where there was this actual track complete with gas stations and kids got the chance to actually FREAKIN' drive with this lego car with a built in engine and yes, people, there was the whole kabaam, steering wheel, breaks and all. That was when I was 6. A decade ago.
As much as I love turning 16 (despite the upgrade in studies. Curse you Additional Mathematics), I wish I could have the power to turn back in time and start life again. I miss it too much. I remember wanting to be a teenager basically most of the time but funny isn't it how now that you're a teenager, all you want to do is curl up into a ball and hope time goes back where everything was a bit easier. 
I miss my childhood because I remembered laughing and smiling almost all the time. I actually thought something was wrong with me because I smiled too much. And I couldn't stop smiling when come face to face with people and the smile I gave was a sincere one. I liked people but I was too shy so I thought a smile would be a pretty good substitute for a conversation. A smile was my Hello. Now, I don't do that. Because people with their ego too big for this world who wouldn't smile back but instead glare. People these days know how to break hearts better than mending them. 
You have no idea how much I miss my primary school friends. I know SKBBSD2 wasn't as hip and happening as the others but it was the best. The friends I made were real and as forever as you can get. They're all in different schools, with 3/4 being in boarding schools so I don't get to see them as much. I remember playing Speed lepas habis exam sampai jerit jerit, gelak sampai tak ingat dunia. And UPSR was the best fun. Then, UPSR was like a do or die thing, bila tengok balik, macam senang kacang putih. Compared to Form 4 :( mcm baaaaaaabi.
My Standard 6 dinner was my best memory of the whole 4 years I was there. Best sial. Best sangat. The theme was Red, Black or White kan ? I wore, black ofcourse. Emo macam sekarang, tak tukar. And I remembered being so excited, the only food I ate was mushroom soup! And Kyrina sat in my place but I didn't mind because I won't be sitting for long anyway because all I wanted to do is take pictures and have fun. When I came back from that dinner, I immediately wrote a diary entry so that I won't forget what I did. It's still in my room. I take it 0ut once in a while to read what I've done in that year. Which never fails to make me happy.
AND THEN there was that Hari Kantin. AWWW SUMPAH BEST ! I was in charge of rumah hantu so when it first opened, the line built up and I got so kecoh because I remember only 5 at a time when the initial number of entry was 10. I asked some girls to replace me in the ticket counter so that I could see what was going on in there. Curiosity kills. So I ended up there longer than I should be. I also became one of the 'hantu' HAHAHAHAHA. And ada orang terkejut gila til I actually got hit ! *!^&^@&!)(*@ HAHAHAHAHA lawak sangat. And Ashraf was there and it was safe to say he was one of my best guy friends that year because he was in the middle of Sheryll and I. So we talked a lot. And Standard 6 was also a good year because I finally got the gut and courage to talk to guys, unlike previous years where I just kept quiet when my friends went up to talk to them. Rasa maju la bila jadi 12 tahun tu -.- HAHAHAHAHA
Anyway, Ashraf said something that I can still remember word by word til now ! Because it was the first time I felt good about myself coming from a boy. And I know this sounds really show off-y but there were a couple of boys who said the same thing and everytime they do, I remember Ashraf and what he said in the Rumah Hantu.
OH and they used to call me New Zealand because of my initials -.- One night, one of them actually rode a bike past my house and shouted New Zealand. Which was funny. 
That, I miss terribly.
When I was out paying the pizza delivery, they rode past me and Ashraf waved at me ! As stupid as it may sound, it was like I was 12 again. Which made my whole week !
We should have a 3 Cempaka, 4 Cempaka, 5 Cempaka, and 6 Cempaka reunion siot. In that case, boleh jumpa EMINA and NAMIRA again ! 

13 was a good year too. I made new bunch of friends. I refer them as my laughing gas because whatever they do, they can NEVER fail to make me laugh so hard. And going to Mira's after school, exercise kat atas treadmill bodoh gila sial ! HAHA, lepas tu nak makan je Froot Loops. And we watched House Of Wax ! Ingat lagi tau wei ! Aw, I miss them. I feel like going up (literally, it's atas bukit) to that school and say Hi to everyone again.

OK, this trip down memory lane is fun but I gotta snap back to reality because there's food outside and Mak Tok is on her umpteenth attempt to make me fat which I must say, is becoming successful much to my despair.

Aiman, gym jom wei.

Sumpah rindu nak mampus ok.
You can never beat old friends.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pay No Attention To The World

There are more embarrassing ones and they will never be shown.

With My Lot

Ok, I'll update now.

It's 6 am and on a HOLIDAY, I'm already awake and not an ounce of tiredness. I can't sleep with this period pain of mine. Grr. 

Ok, basically, after horrendous planning (sikit Tuesday, pastu Monday, pastu Tuesday, pastu Monday), WE FINALLY WENT OUT. Of course meeting Suraya was the highlight sebab dah lama sangat tak jumpa dia tu :') So, the 5 of us proceeded to eat at our usual place, Sushi Groove. And ordered the same ol' Rock & Roll, Popcorn Calamari and some others (tak tahu nama, order guna number dia tu je HAHA). We had so much fun updating each other on things. Everyone took their turn to talk and so all in all there were a lot of untold stories. Fun sangat ! The talk didn't simmer down even when the food arrived. Banyak sangat ah. Met up with Marc, Johann, Marwan and their friends and gave Jo his belated birthday present. WHICH HE PICKED EARLIER. 

After spending a good 5 minutes on paying the bill, we headed out (only after asking the waiter for pictures which is like a main huge part in our freakin' routine) and walked around. Entered shops but I just had to painfully watch as Sarah bought things :'( ahahahaha, takpe. Duit bukan ada pun sekarang.
Lepas tu, Dina nak sangat ambik gambar dengan camera bapak dia so we hunted for a place to go and take pictures. After Zara, (this time around, killer shoes sial) Sarah took us downstairs, a place totally foreign to me since I go down through that escalator rarely. Went into that new Garden restaurant (ke GardenS?) and memang jakun gila la kan. It was such a pretty place. That made me happy. Took pictures with the flowers (DAH CAKAP, JAKUN GILA, it was so funny) and when we finally went in, the waiter (His name is Halim) was fun enough to take pictures of us sitting at the bench just outside of the restaurant. He was also hilarious with the remarks he had. Maybe, secretly he yearns to be a photographer sebab cara dia ambik gambar to enthusiastic gila. You know how you ask a waiter/passerby to take a picture, they just take one and you're not happy with it but for the sake of menjaga-ing perasaan you just say it's nice and take off ? Hahahaha, Halim ni, dia ambik dari semua angle la kan kalau boleh. Boleh lagi cakap, 'WOW!'. There some pictures with us laughing, tu memang betul betul punya gelak ok. Bukan konon candid. It was serious shit funny. (': Best la wei.

And then kan, bila nak masuk tu pun, ambik gambar lagi berderet. We sat in the little dainty hut (?) and made it like the world was ours. Gelak macam tak ingat dunia. It was so much fun and it has been awhile since we did all that so that made the day more memorable. After eating unnecessary dessert (tapi sebab dah suruh waiter ambik gambar berjuta, kena la kan makan sikit HEHE) and we picked some tarts and cakes. Sarah and Ila's drink sedap gila babi but I forgot what it's called. AGAIN, berborak lama gila. Suraya shared more detailed stories on her short but ongoing experience in her boarding school. There were parts that were so cool macam bendera naik sama dengan Malaysian flag tu and the dorm names yang cool gila baaaaaaabi punya cool. But the rules were too strict for my liking and ada some stories that Suraya shared that changed my mind completely. Took more pictures when leaving. Tengok tengok balik kan, macam family potrait je yang kat piano putih tu. Lawak tapi lawa :') 

I was the first to go back, HOHUM. Best sangat la, rasa macam tak nak balik rumah HAHA.
Got back and uploaded (but failed) pictures and because the internet was so goddamned slow, I gave up. Papa FORCED me to eat when I was already full and seriously I have no idea why I just typed that out but whatever. Suraya came at 9 and about 10 minutes later, we left for Jan's. 
Masuk masuk je rumah, dah paksa makan. I ate too much yesterday. Tapi takpe. CUTI.
After that, ambik lagi banyak gambar using the built in camera on my laptop and with banyak jenis camera hahaha
But I couldn't sleep because I just couldn't because of bad cramps. HEH. So I slept for just a bit and here I am.

AND IT'S 721 AM.

I'm going to Penang on Wednesday which saddens me because I'll only be back by Saturday and that's like basically the whole week ok :'( Nak keluaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.

Ok, bye.

P/s : Pictures of March 16th outings are at Facebook, takes up too much time if I were to upload it here. I love you, sweetiepies !

Monday, March 16, 2009

I know you hate me for not uploading pictures but tadi la internet macam sial gila so I upload and then dah nak habis kan (macam 99 percent) pastu tiba tiba error. Bengang tak ? Bengang.

Soooo, tomorrow la I upload gambar and about our dayyyyyyyyyyyyy ok !

Love youuuuuuuus

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ok I want that pair.

Who wants to go with me ? :D
I'm a kid at heart and it's about time for me to embrace that. It has been awhile since I feasted on some Disney Princesses action. 

Mum must felt guilty for stealing away my holidays starting from Wednesday next week so she brought Tania and I to KLCC. Surprisingly, parking wasn't as hard as it usually would be. That basically made my Mum happy -.-'
What made me happy was that I managed to find a pair of cotton tapered pants. AND IT WAS IN BEIGE. Happiness. And it reminded me of Kate Lanphear so now, all I need left is that killer bracelet she wears religiously. Having said that, I'm short on cash right now so spending a bomb (HEL-LO ECONOMIC CRISIS IS AFFECTING ME AS WELL) on a whole bunch of bracelets is not on my current agenda. 
Ok, I'm not making that good of a statement so er.. ignore!
I ALSO SUCCEEDED TO PERSUADE DEAR MOTHER TO BUY ME THAT DOGTOOTH PATTERNED LUGGAGE. <- Sorry for using caps, HAHA, I'm just very happy and satisfied ! 
LOL Bila nak pakai pun tak tahu ? -.-'

Also, an unnecessary buy of a Jordi Labanda notebook. Which I have already abit too much. Ofcourse, said purchase was hid from mum because if she knew I bought another one she'll burn all the ones in my room (You do not want to know the amount I keep in my room). 

And she's usually serious.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Which sucks more ? Being the dumper or the dumpee ?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fool Me Once, Shame On You. Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

Currently engrossed in The City

School today was fun (because teachers were busy running around for the SPM results).
Had a good time laughing my ass when playing Silent Killer. Darren took the rules of the game WAY too seriously. I'm glad he did that though, because it has been a while since I laughed that hard. (': 

We didn't expect Puan Sia to come in class since someone said she left work for us to do (often disregarded). But she did. And she explained some things about particles, and once again, left us in a wide eyed state and a blank mind. But she's so cute, I like her. Kaveetha, Sanju, Rachael and Kristin were in our class (they're Beta but what to do, they love us Alpharians, sigh) and they wanted to confuse Puan Sia since she teaches Beta too.

Sanju : Teacher, you're in Beta!
Puan Sia : Huh ? Is this Alpha or Beta ? PLEASE TELL ME !

She looked so distressed and confused, it was freakin' hilarious. 

She taught but the marker for the white board went for a hike but she kept writing on the board, insisting there's tiny bits of ink left (when in fact, there's none) and everyone laughed. Macam Ila cakap, 'Dia tulis macam imaginary je!' LOL LOL LOL
After some time, she gave up on writing sweet nothings on the board and say, "Ok, I shall stop here" but kept on talking about somethings related to Magnesium and Oxygen when JOHANN found a marker and gave it to her.
It was so hilarious because the people were like, 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' because the REASON she stopped teaching was because she couldn't proof her theory on her board making it difficult for us to understand but now she got her hands on the marker, she'll continue.
She took off the cap of the marker and everyone anticipated (WHICH AGAIN WAS DOWNRIGHT LOL WORTHY) and as she was about to write (to see if the marker had any ink), someone let a shriek out and she turned behind to give us a look (again.. fun-ny) and when she wrote and the ink was like, freakin' loaded with ink, everyone groaned, echoed by laughs.
That was a funny scene.

SPM results was today. And we spent a whole period (or two) sitting on the table and facing the enclosed hall. The bunch of us kept screaming names to ask who got who. It was like a freakin' drama. People coming out and screaming. People coming out and crying. 
It actually made ME nervous and made me want to study my ass off.
Maybe I shall do just that.
Tapi nantilah. Cuti dah sampaaaaaaaaaaaaaai.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm tired and frustrated.

Monday, March 9, 2009

You Know You Want To

School begins tomorrow.
The glory of Additional Mathematics will haunt us again.
Sense my enthusiasm.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Total coincidence that I installed Skype yesterday night.
It came to great use when Suraya called about 20 minutes ago and asked if I have Skype.

Dina, Ila, Sarah and Najihah, if you're reading this, install Skype !
We can have a conference call and be cool like that.

Anyway, whoever (who I'm friends with and ISN'T random strangers) has Skype, give me a holler.
I need atleast someone else than my DAD and Suraya to be the only ones on my contact list, not that I don't love both of you.

Heh, dah merepek

Miss Balmain

I can't wait for the holidays to arrive.
I'm currently in my parent's room, LOCKED, and watching a total marathon of Brothers And Sisters. Talk about being unproductive.
Yesterday was fun, Li May and Nicholas planned a surprise party for Debra for her 16th. 
Before that, went present hunting for the birthday girl at One Utama and met Marc and Johann. Later, Aidit joined. Had some drinks at the Jetty and I flew solo after that because the boys needed to get ready for the party (ie cook).

I am currently coughing my guts out (please, not literally) and a headache which is probably due to the not-eating-lunch-and-breakfast thing. 

Favourite fashion week show is freakin' Balmain, serious crap. I would actually wear the whole thing right down to the MC Hammer-gone-fantastic pants. Any replicas for a HUMANE price for the sharp shoulder jacket or better yet, that studded mother load of a skirt ? Not that I'd have any guts to wear that. But they are pretty stellar. I love you Christopher Decarnin, always have, always will.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Missing and Misses

I am going crazy looking for my missing watch. It's somewhere in the house, that's for sure but where the hell is it ?
I hate losing things because of the consequences faced later. 
Dahla it's my watch ! It's basically with me all the time. Like, really, ALL the time. I can't lose it :'(
Emotional over a watch.

OR.. maybe it's in the car !
But can't be. Cause I swear I saw it last night.
This is heartbreaking

I'm trying to narrow down the places but knowing me, it'll probably be in the last place I'll ever check (ie : Kitchen, down the toilet, washing machine (happened before), underwear drawer (also, happened before), FRIDGE!).

On a happier and not so depressing note, Anoop and Matt is in. Yezzzaaaaaah.
I freakin' missed the Wild Card show, thank God for Youtube, man.

Enjoy your 3 day weekend, people.
But if you don't, there's always next week to look forward to !
HOORAH FOR ONE WEEK OFF SCHOOL (and the depressions it brings us all).

Arrividerci, lovers

Friday, March 6, 2009

Golly Gee

Is what I want.

I can smell the weekend. And with Monday being a public holiday, total blessing in disguise.
I should learn to sleep early, it ain't good for the health.
ALSO, gym enrollment for them thighs. Must convince Mum to take part. 

Tatiana is a horrid choice, I mean, really ? 
Thank God, Matt Giraud and Anoop are in.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Neon You

Add maths failure, hmm. Can I add anything to that ? Maybe not. But I'm getting there. I'll do better next time, I promise.

I hope.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unexpected Joy

Today was spent at Redbox, celebrating Athirah's Sweet Sixteen. Twas fun though I was an hour late. 
Tapi fun sial. 

Bestfriends, I'll fill you in tomorrow.


That's Nothing

Dear Amy,

You have nothing to feel inferior about, love. We're just like you. You're just like us. There's nothing to feel insecure and ashamed about. We (Ila and I) write about shoes and all because that's our main passion (besides Add maths HEH [total freakin sarcasm]). You can't force yourself to like any of the things that WE like. Believe me, if it's different you're talking about, I'm like the walking ambassador for the Being Different association. I hope you don't feel like you should be like the rest of the girls. If you want to be the same like everyone else, than that will just make you blend in as opposed to stand out, right ? I say, be different. You are probably one out of the very few friends I know who have high confidence level and self-esteem and that's something I envy because I don't possess both of them as well as you. 
It's just shoes, anyway. They fade. A bright and fun person like you is more treasured. I hope you know that.