Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Walk In The Park

Many birthdays in April, I just realised. 2 of my bestfriends will turn in the early days of April and I'm excited for that. [ I JUST REALISED THAT! Amongst us six kan, 2 in January (Sarah 14th and I, 19th), 2 in April (Dina, 3rd and Ila, 6th) and 2 in June (Suraya, 22nd and Najihah 30th). Semua nak dekat je haha. Woohoo ]
I miss buying things. The queen of the house turned 41 on March 25th. She refers herself being 'upgraded' than a year older. I agree. She doesn't look 41 which after me saying that, gave a broad smile and replied a 'humble', 'I KNOW RIGHT!?'
Had a modest dinner at OU because it was a school night and present is still M.I.A. Pardonnez moi, I'm undercashed. 
My understanding of additional mathematics is still not taken care of. I really should ditch Mod Maths more often and attend Puan Sharifah's class. She teaches at my speed - snail slow. 
In tuition, I'm at logorithm or however it's called and it's fun once you get the hang of it. Adelynn and I could answer the questions despite being absent in last week's class. (Sorry bangga sangat dapat jawab soalan add maths HAHAHA).

I got a lot in my mind and it's bitching about a choice. An uncalled one at that. Not that it matters but hell. Should I or shouldn't I? 
Homework is piling and I'm doing nothing.
Good job. More of this and failure's on your way!

Okay, will/shall/WILL turn optimistic over the weekend. Maybe even more productive.
No promises.

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