Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fool Me Once, Shame On You. Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

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School today was fun (because teachers were busy running around for the SPM results).
Had a good time laughing my ass when playing Silent Killer. Darren took the rules of the game WAY too seriously. I'm glad he did that though, because it has been a while since I laughed that hard. (': 

We didn't expect Puan Sia to come in class since someone said she left work for us to do (often disregarded). But she did. And she explained some things about particles, and once again, left us in a wide eyed state and a blank mind. But she's so cute, I like her. Kaveetha, Sanju, Rachael and Kristin were in our class (they're Beta but what to do, they love us Alpharians, sigh) and they wanted to confuse Puan Sia since she teaches Beta too.

Sanju : Teacher, you're in Beta!
Puan Sia : Huh ? Is this Alpha or Beta ? PLEASE TELL ME !

She looked so distressed and confused, it was freakin' hilarious. 

She taught but the marker for the white board went for a hike but she kept writing on the board, insisting there's tiny bits of ink left (when in fact, there's none) and everyone laughed. Macam Ila cakap, 'Dia tulis macam imaginary je!' LOL LOL LOL
After some time, she gave up on writing sweet nothings on the board and say, "Ok, I shall stop here" but kept on talking about somethings related to Magnesium and Oxygen when JOHANN found a marker and gave it to her.
It was so hilarious because the people were like, 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' because the REASON she stopped teaching was because she couldn't proof her theory on her board making it difficult for us to understand but now she got her hands on the marker, she'll continue.
She took off the cap of the marker and everyone anticipated (WHICH AGAIN WAS DOWNRIGHT LOL WORTHY) and as she was about to write (to see if the marker had any ink), someone let a shriek out and she turned behind to give us a look (again.. fun-ny) and when she wrote and the ink was like, freakin' loaded with ink, everyone groaned, echoed by laughs.
That was a funny scene.

SPM results was today. And we spent a whole period (or two) sitting on the table and facing the enclosed hall. The bunch of us kept screaming names to ask who got who. It was like a freakin' drama. People coming out and screaming. People coming out and crying. 
It actually made ME nervous and made me want to study my ass off.
Maybe I shall do just that.
Tapi nantilah. Cuti dah sampaaaaaaaaaaaaaai.


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