Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ok, it's like this.

I find it freakin' gross when a good friend of yours forgets you and chases after their new popular so-called 'bestfriends'. Macam hina sangat ke ah wei kalau tak gi lepak rasta semua tu? Hina sangat ke ah kalau tak dapat add maths 100 (no offence Dina, yous knows Is loves yous kans).
What? I'm not good enough for you? 
Please la, you look pathetic trying to morph yourself into the sticky mold of popularity. Just because (insertname) is popular and on the rise with the opposite gender, you want to hop on her/his bandwagon? Sumpah tu paling lame la kan. Tumpang orang nye fame. I say, get your own spotlight la kan.

Cuba rewind a few (tak boleh cakap time sebab nanti cam obvious gils) ago, you were with US! Sombong sial sekarang.
Sure, make time with your new friends. Kawan lama hampeh lupa ah.
Kawan apa benda ni ?


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