Thursday, March 19, 2009

Down We Go

I can't believe I'm 16. When I was 10, 16 was like a long way to go. And I'm here and I still remember my primary school years as clear as a diamond. Next year, I'll be able to drive but it was not a long time ago when I was in Legoland, Windsor and I had the best experience ever coming close to driving a car where there was this actual track complete with gas stations and kids got the chance to actually FREAKIN' drive with this lego car with a built in engine and yes, people, there was the whole kabaam, steering wheel, breaks and all. That was when I was 6. A decade ago.
As much as I love turning 16 (despite the upgrade in studies. Curse you Additional Mathematics), I wish I could have the power to turn back in time and start life again. I miss it too much. I remember wanting to be a teenager basically most of the time but funny isn't it how now that you're a teenager, all you want to do is curl up into a ball and hope time goes back where everything was a bit easier. 
I miss my childhood because I remembered laughing and smiling almost all the time. I actually thought something was wrong with me because I smiled too much. And I couldn't stop smiling when come face to face with people and the smile I gave was a sincere one. I liked people but I was too shy so I thought a smile would be a pretty good substitute for a conversation. A smile was my Hello. Now, I don't do that. Because people with their ego too big for this world who wouldn't smile back but instead glare. People these days know how to break hearts better than mending them. 
You have no idea how much I miss my primary school friends. I know SKBBSD2 wasn't as hip and happening as the others but it was the best. The friends I made were real and as forever as you can get. They're all in different schools, with 3/4 being in boarding schools so I don't get to see them as much. I remember playing Speed lepas habis exam sampai jerit jerit, gelak sampai tak ingat dunia. And UPSR was the best fun. Then, UPSR was like a do or die thing, bila tengok balik, macam senang kacang putih. Compared to Form 4 :( mcm baaaaaaabi.
My Standard 6 dinner was my best memory of the whole 4 years I was there. Best sial. Best sangat. The theme was Red, Black or White kan ? I wore, black ofcourse. Emo macam sekarang, tak tukar. And I remembered being so excited, the only food I ate was mushroom soup! And Kyrina sat in my place but I didn't mind because I won't be sitting for long anyway because all I wanted to do is take pictures and have fun. When I came back from that dinner, I immediately wrote a diary entry so that I won't forget what I did. It's still in my room. I take it 0ut once in a while to read what I've done in that year. Which never fails to make me happy.
AND THEN there was that Hari Kantin. AWWW SUMPAH BEST ! I was in charge of rumah hantu so when it first opened, the line built up and I got so kecoh because I remember only 5 at a time when the initial number of entry was 10. I asked some girls to replace me in the ticket counter so that I could see what was going on in there. Curiosity kills. So I ended up there longer than I should be. I also became one of the 'hantu' HAHAHAHAHA. And ada orang terkejut gila til I actually got hit ! *!^&^@&!)(*@ HAHAHAHAHA lawak sangat. And Ashraf was there and it was safe to say he was one of my best guy friends that year because he was in the middle of Sheryll and I. So we talked a lot. And Standard 6 was also a good year because I finally got the gut and courage to talk to guys, unlike previous years where I just kept quiet when my friends went up to talk to them. Rasa maju la bila jadi 12 tahun tu -.- HAHAHAHAHA
Anyway, Ashraf said something that I can still remember word by word til now ! Because it was the first time I felt good about myself coming from a boy. And I know this sounds really show off-y but there were a couple of boys who said the same thing and everytime they do, I remember Ashraf and what he said in the Rumah Hantu.
OH and they used to call me New Zealand because of my initials -.- One night, one of them actually rode a bike past my house and shouted New Zealand. Which was funny. 
That, I miss terribly.
When I was out paying the pizza delivery, they rode past me and Ashraf waved at me ! As stupid as it may sound, it was like I was 12 again. Which made my whole week !
We should have a 3 Cempaka, 4 Cempaka, 5 Cempaka, and 6 Cempaka reunion siot. In that case, boleh jumpa EMINA and NAMIRA again ! 

13 was a good year too. I made new bunch of friends. I refer them as my laughing gas because whatever they do, they can NEVER fail to make me laugh so hard. And going to Mira's after school, exercise kat atas treadmill bodoh gila sial ! HAHA, lepas tu nak makan je Froot Loops. And we watched House Of Wax ! Ingat lagi tau wei ! Aw, I miss them. I feel like going up (literally, it's atas bukit) to that school and say Hi to everyone again.

OK, this trip down memory lane is fun but I gotta snap back to reality because there's food outside and Mak Tok is on her umpteenth attempt to make me fat which I must say, is becoming successful much to my despair.

Aiman, gym jom wei.

Sumpah rindu nak mampus ok.
You can never beat old friends.

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