Sunday, March 1, 2009

That's Nothing

Dear Amy,

You have nothing to feel inferior about, love. We're just like you. You're just like us. There's nothing to feel insecure and ashamed about. We (Ila and I) write about shoes and all because that's our main passion (besides Add maths HEH [total freakin sarcasm]). You can't force yourself to like any of the things that WE like. Believe me, if it's different you're talking about, I'm like the walking ambassador for the Being Different association. I hope you don't feel like you should be like the rest of the girls. If you want to be the same like everyone else, than that will just make you blend in as opposed to stand out, right ? I say, be different. You are probably one out of the very few friends I know who have high confidence level and self-esteem and that's something I envy because I don't possess both of them as well as you. 
It's just shoes, anyway. They fade. A bright and fun person like you is more treasured. I hope you know that.


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