Sunday, September 25, 2016

4th Vlog


I feel really annoyed at myself for not finding the time and energy to update both my blogs and my own personal diary. It's only been a week and there have been times when I used to not update this blog for much, much longer but it's not even that! I don't even try to draft a blogpost anymore. I used to that a lot - regardless if it makes it to the blog or not.

And I haven't gone out shopping which sounds very materialistic but still! Working from 10-7 does not really allow that. And I generally really dislike going out on weekends because of the crowd and the thought of having to find parking but that's kinda the only option right now for me. I find that I get sleepy wayyyyy early these days which is something new to me. I used to power through the night, sleeping at 5 like it's not a problem. But now I try to make sure I clock in 7 hours of sleep AT LEAST. And I don't go out to have drinks at the mamak so often now. Times like these I kinda miss being in school? Too soon to say I miss being a student? 

Also, Tania has left for the UK and she's right now, on her way to Nottingham to settle down. Haven't gotten the chance to speak to her yet but I'm so happy and excited for her and for my cousins who flew to the UK to study!! Feels also really odd that I'm still in Malaysia this late in September. I hope to go there sometime next year to visit! Should be really fun. But still, I miss my sister!! Wanted to shop yesterday and I was so determined to go out, but after getting ready I realised I didn't have anyone to go out with! I could bring Iman but she's been busy with studies and I didn't wanna get in her way. Sometimes I feel like the only child at home which isn't necessarily a bad thing but growing up with 3 other siblings, it gets a bit lonely and boring.  

On top of all that, my maid of 22 (!!) years left unexpectedly and we were quite saddened about it because I didn't really get to say my goodbye and my thanks (though I hope she knows this household is forever grateful for her help all these years) but we all wish her great health and happiness. Wished we took more photos with her - we only ever really took photos during raya but can't seem to find any. I'll post it up here when I do find a good one. It's a bit surreal to not have her around the house anymore. She's been with us since Zaim was born! We've all texted her personally and we genuinely hope she comes back when she feels like it. Love you, Kakak!! 

I'll update later on the second day of my Seoul trip (I'm only on my second day????) but here's the vlog for our fourth day! Editing and uploading takes a lot longer than you think. We both thought we took a lot of videos but evidently, we didn't!! Hmmm.... looks like we would just have to go to Seoul again.........


Sunday, September 18, 2016

3rd Vlog

This is a bit longer than our previous 2 days but I hope it doesn't get too boring! 

Since this was our second time in Seoul, we didn't really explore new places (we skipped being tourist-y and just focused on being... shoppers.....) so I apologise if it gets repetitive in our vlogs. 

Enjoy! We'll see how long the next one will take hahaha


Sunday, September 11, 2016

2nd vlog

How do daily vloggers do it? The consistency, the time management, the editing, everything! 

Here's our second day! Now that I'm working and Tania's busy doing errands for her move to the UK, it's been a bit hectic and we never really have time to sit down and edit together. 

The third one is being edited as this is being posted so I hope that'll be up pretty soon!! 


Friday, September 9, 2016

Seoul Day 1

Ok so I'm obviously trying to prolong my vacation high by blogging about it! Realised my vlog was way too short and I wanted to immortalise some memories and photos of the trip anyway so here's day 1!


Day 1 

So day 1. We got on a night flight so we arrived in the morning at about 6:30? It's a 6 hour flight from KLIA to Incheon Airport. Tania and I, because we bought tickets at different times, travelled on different airlines! Both on the same night, and I left 15 minutes earlier. I got on Korean Air and she on MAS. We arrived within 30 minutes of each other but eventually reunited at baggage carousel.

We had to wait around in the airport for about 4 hours before leaving for our accommodation. I highly, highly recommend an AirBnb for your accommodation rather than a hotel because Airbnb's in Seoul are incredibly well located and are all over the place. They are also really nicely decorated and really well-kept. Not that other Airbnb's aren't but the other day I was looking around for Airbnb's in Japan (for funs sake) and it was so... dodgy! See the difference for yourself and you'll agree with me that Airbnb's in Seoul are so much nicer and so much more convenient in terms of location.

We stayed in Hongdae because I personally really really really love Hongdae and we wanted to be near it. Though I will say it's so far from Gangnam and Myeong-Dong and became quite a chore to go back and forth. But Hongdae is just so convenient because the AREX (the airport train express) gets you from Incheon Airport to Hongdae straightaway. You don't have to change trains and all that. Which is probably our main reason of choosing Hongdae. We had bags with us and didn't fancy the idea of lugging them around the city.

Completely forgot to take photos of our accommodation but you can kind of see it through our vlogs. It was really, really nice. Small but really homey. Tania and I got our own queen sized bed, there was a couch, a TV, a kitchenette and all sorts of handy facilities (like a hair straightener... forgot how much I loved having one). Most (although not all) Airbnb's in Korea also provide a WiFi egg that you can bring around so you're good with Internet wherever you go. Super super handy and saves you from buying data. Sigh should I just go on and on and on about how I love going to Korea???

So after arriving our accommodation, guess what we did?


Yep. We slept! We were basically dozing off whilst waiting at the airport and we were just so so so mengantuk. I hardly got any sleep on the plane and I could feel my body and soul calling out for the massive bed. We both took a nap before than heading to one of our favourite places in Seoul - Myeong-Dong!

Myeong-Dong is a beauty haven. Just shops after shops after shops of beauty and skincare. If you're a big fan of Korean make-up and skincare then having Myeong-Dong as your first stop isn't really a great idea considering how you'd just spend ALL your money there. We didn't because we knew we were going to go again next time. We were there to see the nightlife - soooooo busy! So many food stalls and it was so lively. Lights from store fronts and different kinds of smells from the different food. It was so fun but ridiculously crowded.

Whilst walking around, we saw a big poster about an Indian restaurant so we decided why not? Indian food anywhere is always a great idea, right?

Right. Because we had the best tikka chicken ever in life. Duuuuudezz, better than Khan's any day and I LOVE Khan's. SO good! I took the first bite out of the chicken and if animation was real, I'd have heart eyes 5x the size of my own eyes. SO good and I was so perplexed how they could make such great chicken tikka. But so sedap lah ok, please go if you can!! Halal options are also available there. It's called The Masala and it's located on the 6th floor of this mall (I ***think*** it's called Noon Plaza or something like that) in Myeongdong. I'm the worst when it comes to giving directions, sorry babes. But if you're up to eat really traditional Korean food, there's aplenty! You just have to navigate yourself around some of its alleys and you'll find everything you want and need. 

And then we went on around shopping. Aland is one of our favourite place to shop cause it exudes really cool and quirky vibes all around. It's also one of the only places you can find COSRX products in Seoul. Some of the pieces can be quite pricey but if you're determined to find a good bargain, then you totally can. I found a pair of black pants for 18,000 W (so $18 USD) which I think is so affordable. Even after converting to MYR, it was still really cheap.

After all that and walking around, we went back home. Sigh. I love Myeong-Dong, brings out the inner shopper in you. It was pretty inevitable to spend a bomb whenever I was in Myeong-Dong. Had a sales assistant who literally pulled me in. LITERALLY. Grabbed me by my arms and dragged me in. I mean, gotta admire the persistence.

Food, skincare, make-up, clothes, K-Pop (there's 2 shops at Exit 6 that dedicates everything in store to K-Pop... *heart eyed emoji*), everything! The colourful shop signage and the really cute store exterior adds to the charm of Myeong-Dong. Koreans themselves don't really like to go to MD because it can get pretty intense with the influx of tourist but hey, I am a tourist so I love it hahaha

See you in day 2's post!


Friday, September 2, 2016

Bye Seoul!

Back hooooome!!! 

Was in Seoul for only a week but felt shorter than that!! I already miss it. Sigh if anyone wants a buddy to teman go Seoul, you know who to roger at (Hint : Me). But good to be home. I always love traveling but I also really love being home so it's always the case of, "Alaaaa why am I flying away?" when I'm about to head to the airport and it's always the case of, "Alaaaa I don't wanna go home!" when I'm heading to the airport for my flight back home to Malaysia.

But Seoul is just one of my favourite places ever in the world! Not that I've travelled an awful amount of countries anyway but Seoul is right up there with London. Sigh, I love that place. Seeing how it was our second time there, it became a bit familiar, we know a bit more about the places and didn't have to rely terribly on the map. There were times we got lost but it was all in good fun. I actually enjoy walking around being in ridiculously unfamiliar territory. Makes for great adventures. 

I know I said I'll update my vlogs but everytime Tania and I get back from a day out, we're just so so so so tired that we just don't do it. We'll definitely upload the rest of our stay there but let us catch our breath first! I've not walked that much distance (and that many stairs) in so long so it was a pretty exhausting trip. Enjoyable definitely but also SO exhausting. We pretty much kong out after lights out. Matter of fact, I'm actually going for a massage tomorrow because my body aches like nobody's business!!! Next time I'm going to allocate one day to just staying in the apartment and eat crisps and watch dramas. I think we should all have that one day as part of our vacation. 

Also thank you to the people who have said nice things about the first vlog we uploaded! It was nothing serious at all as you can probably already tell but we just wanted to do it for the fun of it! 


P/S : Photos in next post. Promise!