Friday, September 2, 2016

Bye Seoul!

Back hooooome!!! 

Was in Seoul for only a week but felt shorter than that!! I already miss it. Sigh if anyone wants a buddy to teman go Seoul, you know who to roger at (Hint : Me). But good to be home. I always love traveling but I also really love being home so it's always the case of, "Alaaaa why am I flying away?" when I'm about to head to the airport and it's always the case of, "Alaaaa I don't wanna go home!" when I'm heading to the airport for my flight back home to Malaysia.

But Seoul is just one of my favourite places ever in the world! Not that I've travelled an awful amount of countries anyway but Seoul is right up there with London. Sigh, I love that place. Seeing how it was our second time there, it became a bit familiar, we know a bit more about the places and didn't have to rely terribly on the map. There were times we got lost but it was all in good fun. I actually enjoy walking around being in ridiculously unfamiliar territory. Makes for great adventures. 

I know I said I'll update my vlogs but everytime Tania and I get back from a day out, we're just so so so so tired that we just don't do it. We'll definitely upload the rest of our stay there but let us catch our breath first! I've not walked that much distance (and that many stairs) in so long so it was a pretty exhausting trip. Enjoyable definitely but also SO exhausting. We pretty much kong out after lights out. Matter of fact, I'm actually going for a massage tomorrow because my body aches like nobody's business!!! Next time I'm going to allocate one day to just staying in the apartment and eat crisps and watch dramas. I think we should all have that one day as part of our vacation. 

Also thank you to the people who have said nice things about the first vlog we uploaded! It was nothing serious at all as you can probably already tell but we just wanted to do it for the fun of it! 


P/S : Photos in next post. Promise! 

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