Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Green Gang Is Back With A Bang (!)

(Stole this pictures from Debra and Ila teehee, should have brought my camera BOOHOO)
We had our Annual Sports Day today. [This was a draft from god knows when]

And I can't ask for anything better than for my rumah sukan to win. AWESOME WAY TO END HIGH SCHOOL KAN :)))))))))))))))))))))

So I had to wake up real early, courtesy of Tania. I now see no point in activating my alarm clock because Tania comes in 5 minutes later anyway and wakes me up by opening my door and switching the light, making me blind in the process. Got out of the house a bit before 630 and was there when everyone in perbarisan was about to leave. It was such a nice feeling to see everyone there in their baju rumah sukan and all made up in the spirit of hari sukan. :')

Rumah Biru was very very impressive with their make up and detailed costumes. Sarah, Jei See, Karen, Nikki and I went to the stadium via Puan Hazlin though a part of me wanted to join in with my fellow green house members on the bus but oh well. Once there, I went to the tempat perbarisan and helped a bit with whatever was to be helped. Hah. Though rumah biru was obviously going to win for best banner and stuff, I wasn't really bothered because I was damn semangat rumah hijau. Hahahahahaha. Tak kisah lah lawa ke tak, I thought we were okay enough :') There was nothing we could do anyway. I STILL ♥ RUMAH HIJAU

I went up again in time to see people marching. And the usual ho hum singing and stuff. I bought face paint the day earlier so I painted some people's face and one by one started coming up to me requesting for the streaks I had on. Soon, a majority of them had their face paint on. Whoever got their face painted, I apologize for the obvious tan line you have now on your cheek hahahahahahaha ! Mine is quite obvious and I'm trying to figure out ways to even out my skin tone -.- ZZ Ah, it was worth it anyway.

The events started and I screamed my lungs out because I really wanted my rumah hijau to get them all. If I could be on the track and support, I would, but the teachers only allowed the participants to be on the track, boo :( But it's alright, I cheered all the way from the back. Such an awesome feeling lah k. Rumah Biru was (past tense k hehehehehehehahahaha) our biggest contender and Sanju was an ass hahahahaha some of the rumah biru and rumah kuning and rumah merah were over at rumah hijau punya tempat and there were all like BOO HIJAU. Er. Dude, where are you now ?!?!?!?!?!?! I love competition and I got very competitive though I didn't compete. Huh, wha- ? K.

It was so much fun but DAMN HOT LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME. You could fry a damn egg on the track. The scouts and KRS performed. Awwwwwwwwwww I GOT TO SEE HANIF AND HARIS DANCED TEEHEE Those boys get me all the time. The KRS danced to Hindustan and Malay songs and Hanif even did some shuffling WHICH WAS THE CUTEST THING ALIVE. Should've recorded the thing, especially when Hanif did that hand thing, I don't know lah how to describe but it was too cute. Hahaha.

Thennnn more events, and is it me or Rumah Biru has the best runners ? They always got first place -.- I was doubting first place for us though but whatever, we never know. Then, it was time for announcing the winners and we all had to be on the field, wtf panas nak mampus sial. Like, at one point, I was shivering because the heat was getting on to me. Announcing the winners was tense though I thought rumah Hijau did quite well. Rightfully, Biru won for Best Banner. And Rumah Hijau won for best perbarisan. And this year, they did it terbalik, by announcing first place rather than announcing the last place.

WE WONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN !!!!!!!!!! SO ALL RUMAH HIJAU WERE JUMPING FOR JOY AND SCREAMED AND I was so happy. Though I didn't contribute anything, sports wise, I was overwhelmed and so gila babi punya seronok.

I love sports day and I'm so glad it ended with Rumah Hijau winning :')

I can go on and on but I forgot o.o hahahahahaha

Monday, April 26, 2010

Things happen

School has been so unproductive these past few days. I'm getting bored.

  • Been watching back my Grey's Anatomy and it's STILL addictive.
  • School's mediocre with half of the class gone most of the time. I don't remember the last time the class was full.
  • 2oo something days to SPM. Er..
  • I may be semi obsessed with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Lawa gila TAHAP TAK FAIR TO US ALLLLLLLL
  • Spent the Sunday in KL with Mama and Tania. Went to this place opposite Sogo. I don't know what it's called but basically it's a whole building dedicated to saree and stuff. Got mine ! Hahaha I'm stoked already
  • I am craving for my pavlova and tapas :( I can't wait to drive lah. So if I feel like it, I can just drive to eat without waiting for the weekends. :(
  • I have the weirdest mood swings.
  • Watched Dear John and I still think The Notebook nabs the title OF THE BEST MOVIE EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  • I'm done. I should go back to studying now.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I answered my add maths correctly yesterday and it made my day. Hahahahaha. Puan Ooi told me "Nadia, I know you have been studying. I can tell." and it hit me. She is the first grown up to ever tell me that. Which is refreshing because at least SOMEONE notices I've been doing some revision. My parents don't. Which is, I think, universal. All parents don't believe their children when they tell them they've studied. And I don't know why. It's actually quite frustrating.

I'm in my room. Laptop abandoned in the corner. Actually understanding Chemistry and when I do my work, my answers are actually right. I make notes. I actually MAKE them. Coloured pens and highlighters and markers and the works. I have several exercise books which when I get stumped at a question, I have 2 reference books at standby and I read every word to make sure I didn't miss anything. I have several work books at once so I do them together so I get familiar with the questions. And if I get an answer wrong, I'll go 'OHHHHHHHHHH!' and then write the new information in my notes. I actually do that.

But then, of course, when I decide to step out of my room to watch some television (which I feel like I haven't done in 6 years), my dad will be "TV je satu hari, tak nampak pun baca buku!". Or if I go out on weekends (FYI, weekends = 2 days. Weekdays where I go to school and for tuition classes and study = 5 days. Last time I checked, weekdays are painfully longer than weekends), it feels like a sin to get out of the house because I've been accused of not studying. Maybe they should install a camera in my room. K no, that'd be so wrong on so many levels.

I'm hungry now.
I want this. Like, really really want this.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It is, actually. I'm not a huge shopper like how some people are. I used to have that irritating feeling of 'I HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING FOR THE SAKE OF BUYING SOMETHING'. It got tiring after many years. And now I shop very little. I haven't had a decent pair of shoes since Raya and the last baju I bought was.. ok, quite recent. And it was nice too. But it's an awesome feeling, isn't it. Especially if you're like me when you find faults in everything right down to the zipper and stitch. And when you finally get that one thing that gets you ticking in all the boxes in that mental checklist you have in mind. But then, there's the fitting of your choice. Which pisses me off half the time I find something I'm in love with only to find it either i) WTF THIS SIZE SUCKS ii) WTF THIS COLOUR MAKES ME LOOK NEON iii) WTF I'LL HAVE TO OWE YOU MY LIFE LAH LIKE THIS SO EXPENSIVE !!

But hey ho. Things happen for a reason. I stick by a rule. I'll only buy it if it's something I really really really really want and I can't live with it and for the next 24 hours I'll be thinking of it and only it. Which happens seriously as rare as seeing me running.. for fun o_____o
Ok not funny ha ha.

HMM. I feel like going shopping. I feel like spending money.. what's left of it anyway. I NEED A BREAK.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Everybody Knows

The jacket is amazing.

Anyway, hi. I've been spending my days cooped up in my room, attempting a go at studying. It's not bad (maybe cause baru chapter yang first first hahaha).

I can't wait for SPM to be over but it's only April and I actually want SPM to be lama lagi because I still have a million and one things to study for. But, people ! How awesome possum would it be to not wake up at 6 every freaking morning !! :') And I can be able to go out on weekdays again ! Hahahaha. And of course there's driving. But I'm having a crisis (?). Should I or shouldn't I start learning how to drive ? I want to start because I can't wait to get behind the wheel. But I don't want to because i) I'm actually quite terrified with the idea that I'm going to drive around a machine and big cars scare me ii) It'll mean I'd have to sacrifice my studying time to study for driving kan ? And all those classes and I should be more concerned about tuition classes and school as opposed to going for the bengkel and whatnot kan ? And my dad doesn't seem to be fond of the idea of me driving just yet. So it's a bit of a waste if I do go for classes now sebab bukannya boleh drive pun kalau dapat license kan. HO HUM.

I LOVED PMR like actually liking the times I studied and the times I would go to the library to study. Which is odd. So I'm praying my mojo to study returns. Because God forbid I fail my SPM. I'm actually quite desperate to get A's now. Desperate kalahkan Teri Hatcher on Desperate Housewives. Ha ha, laugh, people, laugh !!

K bodohnya k bye


I want !

Friday, April 16, 2010


I miss 2009, a certain boy, La Bodega, Raya, my hair, Glee (THOUGH I JUST WATCHED THE NEW EPISODEE HEHEHEHEHE), holidays, being excited, dressing up, buying things, eating pizza with Aina at her place, That's So Raven, Alexis' pavlova cake, Barbie, my old crushes (hahahaha sebab macam dah lama tak jumpa), studying Geography in Form 3, normal sleeping time like when I was 7 where 930 was the latest you can go, reading.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"He who is not jealous, is not in love"

I've lost a friend. Maybe I haven't, but I feel like I have. I don't understand why it's so hard to talk now. And I'm trying to figure out what went wrong but nothing comes up. And don't you dare say I'm making it awkward. I very well remember when I went up to you and began a conversation only to be shrugged off and I'm left standing there, feeling like a freaking fool and stumped.

And I hate the fact that no matter how much I study, results don't budge. WTF ATLEAST AN IMPROVEMENT SIKIT MANA PUN TAK BOLEH KE ? :'((((((((( Bloody frustrating sial. And I don't know why some of you have the nerve to be damn inconsiderate and kononnya complain about your marks padahal tinggi je ? Just shut up and be grateful can ? ORANG BELAJAR KAU TAHU TAK, BELAJAR SAMPAI MALAM MALAM TAK TIDUR, and I'm still back at square one.

Can I just stop.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Retro Metro

Phew ! Ila's birthday was awesome possum ! Was one of the earliest so borak borak jap and the table collapsed. Slowly, the party people arrived. MALAYSIAN TIMING WHAAAAAAT
Kaveetha menepati tema ! Retro metro dirty fellow k ! Hahahaha. Everyone else looked stellar as always ♥

  • As per usual, dancing was the main agenda. Lights were switched off completely and everyone danced. 'Cept for me and a few good others. Amy, Li May, Kaveetha and Lian as well as the birthday girl herself, danced like maniacs ! Party animalssssss xoxo hahaha
  • Kept going in and out for drinks because it was hot but it's alright, it's okay sebab lagi best macam tu. Baru nampak macam dalam club o______o
  • The birthday cake which was this Chanel handbag in pink was brought out by Aiman and everyone sang Happy Birthday. Kuat gila pulak tu awwww so sweet lah can die like that ! HEHEHE.
  • And then there was the opening of the birthday presents time. Ila was so cute bila bukak birthday presents dia !! Hahahahaha, excited gila bukak semua presents :') AND DAMN NASIB BAIK GILA TAK BELI THAT CHAINED BACKPACK FOR HER SEBAB YAHI DAH BELI ! :( But it's all good, I hope you liked mine (and Tania's) anyway !
  • Apa lagi ehhhhhh. OH YAH, took a lot of pictures, of course. And I brought my camera so lagi lah banyak. I posted them on facebook and turned out all of em were small, hati patah berkecai ribuan keping (?). So I had to upload a brand new batch. They're like 369 photos but I only uploaded 199 haha. Penat lah k.


  • Woke up to a phone call -.-
  • Got ready for Ikea.
  • Ate my meatballs. And got carried away with chicken wings too.
  • Went to the Market Place and also got carried away with unneccesarry things like say, PRETTY LOOKING STRAWS AND PAPER PLATES !! Hahahahahaha. I also don't know why. Everytime I go to Ikea, lagi nak ada rumah sendiri so that I can buy everything in Ikea :B
  • Bought a new pillow and wrapping paper cause the wrapping paper at Ikea rocks your socks.
  • Spotted a bookshelf that I want sangat sangat. Cannot describe because I'm no good at describing.
  • Mum says she'll get it by the end of the month along with a new bed and a make up table which I'm desperate for because I've been doing my eyeliner by squatting down on the floor because the mirror is too short. K WTF NVM
  • And my room clearly needs some storage space, you seriously can find Neverland under my bed. Ok no lah but you get what I meant.
  • My mum dropped me off at OU and headed to meet up with the twins, Grace, Ashley, Hakim and Hafiz. Skipped on waffles and opted for a very masam ice lemon tea. I don't know why I always order ice lemon tea. Bukan lah sedap mana.
  • Went up to the futsal thingy for a while. Then came down because Brenda Belinda wanted to do some shopping.
  • Got a new top :B Liked the skirt but my mum is going to scream if I got another one seeing I leave my other skirts at home, unattended and collecting dust. BAH
  • Walked around aimlessly with the twins and Karen later and went to O'Briens for a bit.
  • Cotton On to meet with the others.
  • And left for Delicious for early dinner with my mum and Tania.
  • KENYANG, thanks ah spicy seafood spaghetti, serious thanks.
  • Went up to Nike cause my mum wanted to inquire about shorts for my dad (!?) And my feet started to hurt thanks to those wedges I had to wear today. Dahlah jalan banyak gila. And I haven't worn those in a long time, asyik pakai flats je, so it was hard. So I changed shoes with the new ones I bought from Cotton On HEHE
  • Grocery shopped at Cold Storage and back at home we were.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hari Jadi Ila

This is Ila on her sixteenth birthday.

You're awesome possum lah k ! I'm glad you masuk 3 Edison and glad that you sat beside me in form 4 and in form 5 :) Eh, form 3 pun kan ? 3 tahun berturut turut ! Hahahahaha. Thank you for hearing me out masa form 3 boleh ingat lagi yang kita borak kat corridor tu hahahaha and in form 4, it was the best year sebab I can't remember being serious in anything because of Hafeez and Hafiz sitting behind us. Asyik gelak je kerja, patutlah add maths fail :( Hahahahaha. You're the life of the party.. every party lah basically ! Hehehehe. Thanks for everything, me love. God bless and I hope you get pretty pretty presents and I hope you had a stellar birthday ! Kita dah 17 lah Ila :') More years of friendship to come, I promise you !


Monday, April 5, 2010


I don't know if it's affirmative or not but I think I might have my study mojo back (which I lost after PMR ended. Hah!).

It feels good to answer questions. Correctly. I've been cooped up in my room studying for this stupid diagnostic. Motive for diagnostic exam.. ? Macam katak di bawah tempurung sikit.

Dahlah tak pergi tadi for Chemistry I & II ! WTFFFFF MY DAMN DRIVER. I was awake by 630 and was ready for school by 650 - 700. And we waited for my driver.. and waited.. and waited. We gave up at 8 am so we didn't go to school and it's not cause I didn't want to go to school k !! Not my fault. I really wanted to sit for Chem so I can get it over and done with (and I heard it was hell on paper).

Bila nak start dapat A's ni, Nadia ? Boleh tu boleh tapi malas gila sial.

Ok my new plan ;

1) Stick notes all over my room making my room look even more small and cramped. Ah, who cares. Imagine the awesome feeling when SPM is over and I can koyak koyak everything off the walls ! OOOH

2) Be awesome possum in every chapter and do all the exercise in the world sampai can vomit words and numbers !

3) Restrict outings to a minimum. This is actually quite achievable now that I'm getting sick of malls.

4) HEHEHE I'm guilty of skipping tuitions. So I'm going to push myself to get to tuition even if Mr Nathan hates it when I'm late. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER hohoho.

5) Sleep early can ?

I know it in my gut I can do this.


Physics tomorrow, studying like shit slow, I hate the jabatan of whothefreakcares for doing this to us SO GODDAMN EARLY IN THE YEAR. I know you have good intentions of making us study but I mean, can chilling milling take a pill or not ?

K bye back to Studyville ; Population : KL students.

I've always wanted to say that hahahahahahahahahahaha where's the humour in here I don't know you tell me malas to put fullstop k bye