Monday, April 5, 2010


I don't know if it's affirmative or not but I think I might have my study mojo back (which I lost after PMR ended. Hah!).

It feels good to answer questions. Correctly. I've been cooped up in my room studying for this stupid diagnostic. Motive for diagnostic exam.. ? Macam katak di bawah tempurung sikit.

Dahlah tak pergi tadi for Chemistry I & II ! WTFFFFF MY DAMN DRIVER. I was awake by 630 and was ready for school by 650 - 700. And we waited for my driver.. and waited.. and waited. We gave up at 8 am so we didn't go to school and it's not cause I didn't want to go to school k !! Not my fault. I really wanted to sit for Chem so I can get it over and done with (and I heard it was hell on paper).

Bila nak start dapat A's ni, Nadia ? Boleh tu boleh tapi malas gila sial.

Ok my new plan ;

1) Stick notes all over my room making my room look even more small and cramped. Ah, who cares. Imagine the awesome feeling when SPM is over and I can koyak koyak everything off the walls ! OOOH

2) Be awesome possum in every chapter and do all the exercise in the world sampai can vomit words and numbers !

3) Restrict outings to a minimum. This is actually quite achievable now that I'm getting sick of malls.

4) HEHEHE I'm guilty of skipping tuitions. So I'm going to push myself to get to tuition even if Mr Nathan hates it when I'm late. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER hohoho.

5) Sleep early can ?

I know it in my gut I can do this.


Physics tomorrow, studying like shit slow, I hate the jabatan of whothefreakcares for doing this to us SO GODDAMN EARLY IN THE YEAR. I know you have good intentions of making us study but I mean, can chilling milling take a pill or not ?

K bye back to Studyville ; Population : KL students.

I've always wanted to say that hahahahahahahahahahaha where's the humour in here I don't know you tell me malas to put fullstop k bye

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