Wednesday, March 31, 2010


K, then how does one become 'passionately curious' ? Hmmmmmmmm

So hi.
My diagnostic can be blamed for my non updates. And I have nothing to update pun. So bosan lah k ! :( April is nearing in (T minus 3 hours and 25 minutes) and I feel like I haven't done anything pun ! Scary. But I keep telling 'ALA SPM LAMA LAGI' so that I won't get freaked when yes, I do know in fact that I am freaked that SPM is this year !!!

I have so many plans after SPM and I can't wait for it to finish but at the same time, nak SPM lamaaaa lagi so I can get my act together and do it well. But ho hum. I have Chemistry and Biology III tomorrow and instead of reading up on experiments, I'm here. My priorities are as messed up as Tiger Woods.

I've been gila ultra lazy. I'm even lazy to go out which is quite bizarre. I don't usually turn down an outing (though I did go to KLCC last weekend). But I rather stay in my room. Which is slowly morphing into a dump. The books have not only conquered the study table, but it has now moved onto my bed and bedside table. K actually tak lah, my bedside table got a lot of magazines hahahaha. My bed lah basically. But I'm too lazy to clean up ! My masalah is timbun-ing.

Wha- ?

I'm done with my Tasawwur, BM, English, Maths, Agama and Biology Paper I and II. Which is 12 papers down.
Which leaves 11 more. Ick.

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  1. Haha! Wow! Poor Nadia! I'm going to miss you when SPM is over. However, that's a long way to go! For now, let's enjoy taking diagnostic. And besides, you don't have to be sad! You always have me! :)