Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Apa ni, semua orang ? Can take a chill pill or not ? Can kan ? SO TAKE LAH !

I've dropped Add Maths officially. I feel like the huge weight lifted off my shoulder. I went to Puan Ooi and said 'Teacher, I need to talk to you' in which she took a seat HAHA and then I broke the news 'I don't mean to offend you in anyway but I think I'm going to drop add maths' and she (surprisingly) said 'Don't worry, you go ahead. Don't feel bad about me. Whatever's best for you, you go ahead. If you can't cope, then don't bother and concentrate on the ones you can score. Don't feel bad about me, Nadia' DALAM TONE YANG MACAM BAIK GILA MACAM ALAMAK KESIANNYA I FEEL SO BAD NOW !! And then bila nak keluar staff room tu, I said to her 'You sure it's okay?' then she actually stood up and said 'Haiyaaa Nadia, it's alright! Really, it's fine!' and she hugged me tau takkkkkk ! Hahahahahaha macam so tiba tiba tapi macam ala baiknya, nak ambik lah add maths balik sebab Puan Ooi baik sangat ! :')

Hahahahahahaha so that was it. People, I should know what I'm capable of doing and what I'm not capable of doing so please don't go around saying I shouldn't drop add maths and doubting my decision because it IS my decision and I know in my gut and soul that the most I can get for add maths won't reach 50 -.- Kira kalau dapat 30-40 pun macam bagus gila and I shouldn't be saying that kan. Ni bukan PMR, ni SPM SIAAAAAAL. Gila ke nak settle for Cs and Ds ? So yeah, don't give me that look !

Ok nak belajar Physics now now nowww k bye

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