Monday, October 27, 2014


This weekend my brother came to Bristol to visit his wonderful and lovely big sister (me). And it's always always nice to have family around. That and maybe he wants me to treat him lunches and dinners.......

I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he came all the way to visit lil ol' me.

So nice to have him around even just for the weekend because he's my brother and obviously I love him but also because he's one of the funniest guys I know so I had a lot of laughs with him and because we're family, I'm totally myself and chilled around him. LAHV IT!

Anyone can tell you that Zaim has always been the clown in the Zainudin household. He always makes my mum laugh even since young! He has this wit about him that Iman has slowly emulated and she's growing to be more and more like Zaim in her own manner. I love my siblings and I'm really really happy and proud to call them my adik-adik. Also, now that we've all grown older, we've become more close and we don't do petty fights anymore hahahah I'm happy that nowadays they tell me everything that's happening with them and I appreciate them allllll the time although sometimes want to slap and kick but always always want to hug and kiss !

Zaim was craving for burger so I brought him to GBK obviously because once you eat GBK you don't want to eat any other burger joints! And as expected he loved it! This is how I would describe how good GBK is, ok. The past summer, Tania came to London for a month and she is, as everyone who knows her would know well, a HUGE health freak. She finds comfort in eating fruits all the time and hasn't eaten oily or fried food in eons. Basically the opposite of me. I love fruits, don't get me wrong, I do. But she actively goes out to buy fruits and makes her own juices and all that lah. So much effort. So anyway, I heret her to a GBK in London because I was craving for it so after much persuasion, she ordered a burger and their famous famous famous skinny fries. And she loved it so much, we went there several times after that. And we tried to not go to the same eatery because we wanted to explore but she loves the skinny fries like crazy that the times after that it was HER who heret me to GBK. Guys, if that's not good enough of an indicator then I don't know what it.

Zaim loved it so much that we went there again for lunch today, thank God for their student discount and my beloved GBK app!

Walked around Clifton while waiting for Amir to come back to his place because Zaim wanted to watch the MU v Chelsea match at his place. Didn't get to the Clifton bridge though because we were short on time so we just went in to the Bristol Art Museum and that was my first time after being in Bristol for a year lolz I really should do more Bristolian things. The night before, we went to Brandon Hill and that was also my first time there! Not sure if I'm the one visiting or Zaim, really.

Was so much fun to have him over because I finally (!!) went out on a weekend night. Quite dodgy and don't know if I'd do it again willingly but definitely enjoyed the company.

Weekend passed by so fast eeeeeek time to face reality now! Hope you had a brilliant one too!


Friday, October 24, 2014


Anyahangseyo!!! Hahahahahaha my friends are so incredibly peeved that I say this now following my ridiculous obsession with watching Running Man as of late. They just roll their eyes and go all, "Nadia stay strong please you cannot succumb to K-Pop please!!!" hahahahaha I even have a How To Speak Korean app on my phone....... I promise this is just a phase okay guys relax there


This past week, I've watched 2 movies ; Love, Rosie & The Maze Runner. Love, Rosie was sooooo lovely to watch, but yes, I admit it is also very predictable and similar to any love story but I don't know what about it that was so sweet throughout the movie. Lily Collins is really THE most beautiful young actress at the moment. She is so stunning without being so in your face sexy. She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and the whole time she was on screen I would just mutter how beautiful this girl is!

The Maze Runner was also very good! Had the whole Hunger Games vibe which is what I love! There's a young actor in the movie who was so brilliant, man. Like, ridiculously good. I was so in awe of his acting.

I also got to meet my fellow hermit-like friend, Azam. We used to go out all the time but I live quite far from him so we hardly see each other now (buat gaya macam tak duduk sama city!) so it's always nice to see him even though just for a bit. I miss a lot of my friends actually and there's going to be a KYUEM Reunion in London soon and I was like the first 5 to hit the 'Join' button on Facebook ahahaha can't wait to be reunited with bestie budsssss from all over the UK.

Before that though, I was in Pull & Bear and found this olive green long coat. And absolutely fell in love. The previous time I was there I saw someone trying it on and there was no more in my sizes so I just passed on it. This time 'round I grabbed it and whizzed to the fitting room. It is ridiculous!!!! I rarely like something so much that I texted my mum straight away, of course I still have to ask her permission because it was quite pricey-ish according to me. I started the text by justifying that I've only had ONE coat to last me all of last year (this is true, guys) and that I think it's highly reasonable for me to get a new one to last me all of THIS year, I mean it makes perfect economical sense. My parents have always been kind and very very generous so even before sending the text out, I knew she would say yes to the coat because it's not like I have 15 other coats waiting to be worn. But I just felt that I should let her know and getting a proper 'Yes ok' before I could run back to the shop and snatch it from someone else if I had to!

Ok over but don't underestimate a girl who wants what she wants.

I super looooove it and it's so cool and understated and so wearable despite it being green. My faithful one is from Topshop and it's just a plain black one that I'm sure the whole of UK has seen me in because I wear it all the time.

I was also deciding if I should get this cape from Pull & Bear. I LOVE IT LIKE CRAZY and some people might hate it or love it but I don't know why I like it so much! It's not going to keep me warm at all but it's soooooooo nice I love it. It's been a current trend these winter to wear a cape. I saw a lady wearing one at Paddington the other day and she looked so effortless. It's kinda like an outfit rescuer. Wear a boring jumper underneath and this cape and you look like you took so much effort to dress that day hahaha this cape pretty much useful lah like how it's useful to Superman...... what idk what I'm rambling on about.

I'm telling you it's so cute but so useless hahahahaha doesn't even have proper sleeves. But it has a hood........ which I don't have.............. 

The more reasonable and more sensible part of me would say no but the impulsive shopper part of me says it's really cute and YOLO.

My bruva is coming to Bristol tomorrow and wants to go winter shopping so yay more reasons to go window shopping again. Mum, being mum, texted me saying to take photos with Zaim and send them to her. Haih, mum just say you miss us k! 

Hope you have an eventful weekend, everyone! 


Saturday, October 18, 2014


Weather has been up and down kinda like me on that week of the month. It has been cold and rainy these past few days but today was warm and sun was out shining saying "ok ok fine nah, y'all deserved it".

The weather has been pretty unpredictable but I mean, we shouldn't complain. We did, after all, work tirelessly to get where we are so it'll be pretty ironic for us to complain. Just remind yourself that you're in this country to pursue your studies and you're doing what you've always dreamt on doing.


Although yes, the weather can be quite tiring, you just have to keep yourself in check and be thankful that we are amongst the fortunate to be able to further our studies abroad. Not many people are able to do what we're doing (although many many of them would LOVE to) so what's a little rain and a lot of shivering, eh?

EDIT : I'm typing this out the day after this post was published but I woke up and opened my Instagram to see a junior of mine, Izzat, writing a really long caption on Instagram with a photo of him in Malaysia on his new university venture. He said that he shut off from social media because he unfortunately was not able to continue with his studies in the UK even though he made the grade [just not to his sponsor's par, which is the worst innit] and he explained how miserable he felt and geez, I can't begin to imagine what a horrible time he went through knowing that he wasn't able to live out his dream of studying abroad.

Which just made me appreciate studying and living here more and more. I still sometimes can't believe that I am in the UK after years and years of dreaming of being here. I count my blessings all the time and I'm sure most of my friends here do too.

So maybe we can live without complaining about the weather sebab bila lagi kita nak experience 4 musim.

Maybe we can live without complaining being so homesick ALL THE TIME. Bila lagi kita nak experience living alone in a foreign country and learn how to stand on your own two feet? Rindu tu of course akan sentiasa rindu tapi cheer up, you have been given this huge opportunity and chance to live the life many other students can only dream of.

Basically, all I'm saying is that we should be very thankful and grateful that we are in this enviable position to be studying abroad and learn as much as we can, not just from books but take in everything and learn everything around you.

I don't think some of us understand that and take it for advantage which is seriously very frustrating to see.

SO, don't complain, be humble and appreciate everyday you're here, rain or shine!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mr Ed Sheeran, ladies and gents

Guess what, guys.

I went for the Ed Sheeran concert........ AHHHHHH still so hyped over it!!! It was an amazing gig! And that's the best part about the whole thing, it was more of a 'gig' than a 'concert'. Beyoncé's was a real concert; with dancers and a whole band and costume changes, all that jazz. But Ed Sheeran was so chilled, he got on stage with no impressive huge headlights or any countdown or anything of the sort. He just sorta walked on stage, grabbed his guitar and started singing. How amazing, right?? Ahh I was in awe of such talent!!

I practically jived and danced and sang along to most of his songs. He was incredibly interactive with his audience and we sang so much of his songs, it looked like we were part of a massive gospel choir!  Really, if you are anywhere NEAR a fan of his, you should go for his concert if ever he comes to wherever you live because that man can perform his heart out and he really looks like he's into it 100% for every show he does. I think coming from such a difficult background makes you more appreciative of what you have kan so I thought that's how he has his mind set to. Damn brilliant, blew me away!

Of course, when he crooned to Thinking Out Loud (one of my favourite songs to ever exist ever in all of history), I was stunned. My favourite song to be performed live??!?!?!?! YES EVERYDAY PLEASE! Singing along with the crowd to Ed Sheeran playing right in front of my eyes was really something. Chills all over!

But of course, what is London without it's chaos?

The concert was a last minute thing for me because up til that weekend, I couldn't get hold of tickets at all. They were all sold out and the resells were so expensive! Finally on Twickets, someone offered 2x standing tickets for the Monday show. Booked my bus ticket and right after my morning class, I headed straight to London.

What is Bristol without its persistent rain? Waited at the Megabus stop by UWE for half an hour in the freezing cold and the rain was ridiculous. The bus was so late that I even managed to send out a tweet to them and ask where the hell was their London-bound bus. When I finally got on the bus, I didn't think it was going to be a 3 and a half hour journey because there was some accident and it stalled us like crazy! I was already getting so anxious because I kinda wanted to get to O2 relatively early to get decent standing spots. So frustrated. AND it was raining and I had this heavy bag lugging around with me. Of course in true Nadia manner, I somehow got on the wrong tube and I was already late as it is!!!!! And when I did get on the right tube, that tube stalled for 10 minutes?!?!??!?! WHAT????? WHEN DOES THAT HAPPEN??? Went to Diy's house, plopped my things there and rushed out the door with her to O2. Ridiculous. I felt so sorry for Zain who had to wait for us for so long and he was so patient about it! Blessss him.

We did get decent spots in the end and I can't help my height (or lack thereof) so I still had to stand on my tippy toes to see Ed. But that's the thing though about his shows, you could be all the way up and blindfolded and still have a damn good time! I wasn't complaining at all (maybe 'cept for the annoyingly mushy couple in front of me who blocked my view!) because I was too busy singing along and dancing and screaming with Diy to be peeved about my whole day leading towards the concert.

Thanks for the gorgeous night, Ed Sheeran!!! Now time for me to stay in Bristol and be a good girl hahaha xx

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Was in London for the weekend to see my brother who just got to the UK the past week.

My parents, as much as they say they trust us to be the independent kids they've taught us to be all our lives, are still parents. And parents, regardless of anything, are worrywarts! I admit I was also worried because I'm the eldest in the family so I've always assumed the role of the gelabah sister and I always keep check of my siblings once in a while to know how they're doing and what they're doing and where they are. Sometimes, I act as a liaison between them and my parents as I assure them (my parents) that for the millionth time, they're (Z, T and I) alright.

But yeah, so when he came, he didn't have his sim card for a UK number yet so he had to heavily rely on readily available WiFi and I've been there before so I understand how frustrating it is to not be able to contact anyone. When I first got to the UK, I was still on my Blackberry. GUYS, if you only can understand the difficulty in that alone. My Blackberry that died every 3 seconds. I was trying my ultimate best to be a Blackberry advocate but it got too hard on me so I ditched it and hopped on the iPhone wagon not too long after that. But thankfully, I traveled to Bristol with Azam and his very very kind father so I had help the whole time. Zaim didn't so lagi lah kan. And I had an iPad so I carried that everywhere I went and stealing WiFi from cafes and iMessaging everyone. Basically, it was difficult and annoying.

Contacting Zaim to ask where he is and how he's doing was so troublesome! That boy doesn't have his Whatsapp last seen feature (he chooses not to let people know when he's on Whatsapp or not) (whatever) so it was difficult for us to know his whereabouts. Alhamdulillah syukur, he was fine and dandy and managed everything on his own. Proud sister right here! I'm actually really proud lah that Zaim and I managed registering university all on our own considering I have some friends who have their parents with them the first 2 weeks they're in uni.

But yeah, all that got me thinking. How did my parents manage without the use of phones or emails or FaceTime or Skype and all that! I remembered Facetiming my parents ALL the time during my first few months in Bristol hahahaha and to think all they could do was write back home.

My mum told me she would write to my grandparents every fortnight just to let them know she was doing alright. And now we can do it in less than 10 seconds via Whatsapp. Times have changed, and all for the better, I must say!

Before flying off, my dad confided in me and told me that he risau a bit with Zaim flying alone to the UK and handling everything on his own and went on to say during last Summer when Tania was here for a month, he didn't have a SINGLE worry with his 2 girls off to Europe alone. He was more than confident that we could more than manage ourselves. We did. But that just goes to show the difference between boys and girls, I guess. Of course, this is me broadly generalising but in my family, Tania is the most independent followed by me and then Iman and surprise surprise, Zaim comes last. LOL.

But phew, my brother now has a sim card and I can Whatsapp and call him as much and as often as I want. However, I'm a cool sister so I'm not going to do all that. He still doesn't have his Whatsapp last seen feature switched on but all is right in the world again, alhamdulillah.

This is me and him on Raya Haji in Hyde Park with the beautiful sun glowing on us. Our Raya getup is so happening, right guys?????



I think I should start doing this Current favourite things every month so that over the months and years, I can see how much I've changed or not.

(also 'cause I got nothing else to blog about!)


Justin Timberlake's 'Cabaret' from his second 20/20 album. SO good! I loved the first album like crazy and had it on repeat for weeks but I didn't really get the same vibe from his second album. Til I discovered this song! SO good! 

And I was in Izmal's room the other day and he had this song played on his Spotify and I thought it was so gangster that I had to have it on my own Spotify. It's 'Gangsta' by Kat Dahlia (lol) and it's damn good! And of course, I'm still on my Ariana Grande kick (Break Your Heart Right Back and My Everything are my favourites!) so sue me.


Ahhhhhh all my favourite TV shows are BACK! So that basically means two je; Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. Obsessed! And if that was not already enough for TV goddess, Shonda Rhimes, she just HAD to come up with a new one - How To Get Away With Murder. It's only been 2 episodes in but my God, it is AMAZING! Sooooooo good, really really! Go watch! 

And how can I forget? Guys, please believe me when I say I'm not a K-Pop fan but the other day, I texted my good friend Olan and he told me he's been watching Running Man and I just so happened to be on my laptop with nothing to do so I Googled it and got on the first link that came up (that's, guys!) and I. Have. Not. Stopped. For. A. Second. It's the MOST hilarious game/variety show ever. I can have it on for 2 minutes and already laughing like a mad person. On occasions, I even have to give myself a break from laughing so much! It is soooooo entertaining! WATCH!!!!!!! You can watch pretty much any random episodes because it goes by themes so all episodes are different. You'll get used to their game style and the main leads of the show (#teamKwangSoo) by the 5th episode. And trust me, after watching one, you WILL be watching more.


What's new? I haven't been catching up with any movies lately. I think the last movie I went to the cinemas for was The Fault In Our Stars (in which I cried ridiculous amount of gross tears and snot) and that was pretty much it. I really wanna watch The Maze Runner and The Judge though! So off-putting lah the cinemas here what with it being so expensive. It's okay, more reasons to stay home and watch Running Man (no, guys, seriously, go watch, I am not kidding)

Fashion x Shopping

It had been a pretty frustrating weekend so I decided to channel that same frustration into my shopping. I bought a pair of shoes which seems and looks very inconvenient now with the UK showing its true colours (temperature dropped like don't know how to chill like that and it rains allll the time!) but there were so pretty and cool that I had to get it. I also took advantage of the 20% student discount hehe peace peace kacang peas. I bought a new jacket also because I was in need of something light and water proof. Also, it was pretty. 

This is not me btw, I wish it was. She looks so effortless cool and so put together even with the ripped boyfriend jeans and button all undone. So sexy but still so cool and chilled. Dream.

P/S : I'VE JUST DISCOVERED THE AMAZINGNESS THAT IS HIGH WAISTED JEANS. Covers your protruding belly from lunch and dinner and is so flattering throughout the day. I bought my first pair the other day because figured I could use some change in my life hahahahahaha sad

Tumblr Favourites

So this is basically the part where I show you some of my favourite current quotes and photos on Tumblr.

There's still a 6 year old Barbie obsessed girl rooted deep in me and so I thought this was the cutest thing alive! The Tumblr caption that came with it was "The revolution of selfie" hehe how cute Barbie love you xx

I saw a quote on Tumblr, 

"Treat her like you're still trying to win her, and that's how you'll never lose her"

And I agree so so much on this! I think sometimes boys can think they should just put in all the effort when he's trying to date the girl and lose it gradually when they've become a couple. You shouldn't. What's a bouquet of flowers here and then and what's going on surprise romantic dates on a Wednesday evening? It's always fun to keep things new and fresh and not act like an old couple. 

But, I also feel like it should be the effort of both the guy and the girl; guys shouldn't be the only ones trying, the girls should also equally be a part of it and should also treat the boy like how you guys were even before courting. It's the 21st century girls, show your man some love every once in a while and shower him with hugs and kisses and gifts and surprises every now and then. He'll be reminded of why he fell for you in the first place.

Ok so that's my current favourites as of October 7th 2014. I'll **try** to be good with this and keep it a monthly thing. Let's hope I don't forget! 

Hope you have a lovely week ahead of you! And if it hasn't been a good one so far, go get yourself something really good to eat and stay in bed and watch Running Man. I swear, laughing is the best medicine. It was and still is, for me.