Saturday, October 18, 2014


Weather has been up and down kinda like me on that week of the month. It has been cold and rainy these past few days but today was warm and sun was out shining saying "ok ok fine nah, y'all deserved it".

The weather has been pretty unpredictable but I mean, we shouldn't complain. We did, after all, work tirelessly to get where we are so it'll be pretty ironic for us to complain. Just remind yourself that you're in this country to pursue your studies and you're doing what you've always dreamt on doing.


Although yes, the weather can be quite tiring, you just have to keep yourself in check and be thankful that we are amongst the fortunate to be able to further our studies abroad. Not many people are able to do what we're doing (although many many of them would LOVE to) so what's a little rain and a lot of shivering, eh?

EDIT : I'm typing this out the day after this post was published but I woke up and opened my Instagram to see a junior of mine, Izzat, writing a really long caption on Instagram with a photo of him in Malaysia on his new university venture. He said that he shut off from social media because he unfortunately was not able to continue with his studies in the UK even though he made the grade [just not to his sponsor's par, which is the worst innit] and he explained how miserable he felt and geez, I can't begin to imagine what a horrible time he went through knowing that he wasn't able to live out his dream of studying abroad.

Which just made me appreciate studying and living here more and more. I still sometimes can't believe that I am in the UK after years and years of dreaming of being here. I count my blessings all the time and I'm sure most of my friends here do too.

So maybe we can live without complaining about the weather sebab bila lagi kita nak experience 4 musim.

Maybe we can live without complaining being so homesick ALL THE TIME. Bila lagi kita nak experience living alone in a foreign country and learn how to stand on your own two feet? Rindu tu of course akan sentiasa rindu tapi cheer up, you have been given this huge opportunity and chance to live the life many other students can only dream of.

Basically, all I'm saying is that we should be very thankful and grateful that we are in this enviable position to be studying abroad and learn as much as we can, not just from books but take in everything and learn everything around you.

I don't think some of us understand that and take it for advantage which is seriously very frustrating to see.

SO, don't complain, be humble and appreciate everyday you're here, rain or shine!


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