Monday, May 23, 2011

Brights !

I love these colourssssss

I am soooo bored right now and it's 11:46 pm. SO bored. I slept like twice today. As in, naps. I had two naps. How and what the fruck ?

This will be a pointless post because really, when you're that bored, you don't go out that often and nothing much happens everyday.

ALTHOUGH I did get an offer letter from KYUEM. I've always wanted to get into that college ever since I first heard about it and that was probably when I was 15. So last Monday, Mama and I went to Lembah Beringin and went to meet the headmaster (I had already made an appointment with him beforehand) who is such a nice man. We were talking and blablabla and turns out that his old friend is like my mum's really good friend from the Warwick days and so they were chatting away like bestfriends and I was like, "Er.."

Nevertheless, it was a good meeting but I was still really anxious and nervous about whether I got in or not. And people say if you have the means to get in, you most probably will. I don't think so though because it IS KYUEM, they don't let anybody just get in the college. It has a reputation to maintain and so I was anxious about it. The headmaster (who is a Mr. Neil, I should really just refer to him as that as opposed to 'the headmaster' like he's from Hogwarts or something) told me he'd have to go and discuss with his fellow board of governors about me and well, I got in. Got an offer letter about 2 days ago and I was so happy. Lulz :)))))))

But as of now, I'm just bored. I've probably watched every beauty and fashion videos on Facebook as well as renditions and covers of like every song out there. I'm going partially insane.

I cannot wait to do something productive..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Sydney Experience !

HI everyone (lol, what everyone??) ! I just got back from my 2 week stay in Sydney. LOVE THE WHOLE TRIP.

My flight to Sydney was at 9 in the morning so that's pretty early but I woke up from sleep pretty easy and with no fuss. It's usually like that when I'm anxious or excited. It happens during major exams (UPSR, PMR, SPM). Got to the airport and met Ayesha ! Also, when I checked in, my bag was 18.5 kg and maximum was 25. ZZZZZZ.

Boarded the flight and sat next to a very very lovely Australian lady decked in an Indian-esque outfit. Before taxiing, I caught her actually crying. And I kinda contemplated on asking whether she's okay or not. But I didn't because what if she was really mean or embarrassed if I did ? Then I'll be stuck with an awkward seat neighbour for the next 8 hours. But we took off and she stopped crying and she turned out to be so lovely !! She was even so nice to show me how the movie on flight all worked since I had no idea (this trip was my first overseas one since 2004). She even said 'If you want to sleep on my shoulder, it is perfectly alright!' lol so nice luv her ! The flight took 8 hours and I had no motion sickness at all which is pretty amazing. Had nasi lemak on the flight and it was horrible ! Ugh. Watched some movies and TV shows to pass time. Finally arrived and it was about 640 by then.

Tak arrive pun and it has been quite a paragraph. This calls for POINT FORM
  • Cheng Lye's (Ayesha's brother) friend was at the airport pick up and he so kindly brought us home seeing how cab fare can be quite expensive. We ate at an Indonesian restaurant called IndoRasa which is super good. Ate quite a lot because I didn't much on the flight.
  • Ayesha had a few days of holidays due to the Easter break so we went to Westfield Chatswood. My first day of shopping so I went a bit rambang mata. Bought some stuffs. Ok fine, a lot of stuffs.
*I'm not going to remember EVERY thing that happened, I mean, it WAS 2 weeks so I'm just going to highlight some things k

  • Myers and David Jones is everywhere.
  • Proudest moment was when I actually got on a bus, went all the way to Circular Quay. Walked to where Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge was. Took photos and asked kind strangers to take ones of me (tourist-y of me). And went on to find the sightseeing bus by a bus station. Got myself a ticket and hopped on. Went around the city and saw some cool buildings. Sydney is beautiful !
  • Hopped off at the Australian Musuem. After that, I walked across Hyde Park (which is also equally so lovely to walk around) and found myself back smack in the city.
  • Walked around but didn't bring much cash so before it got dark, I went to get myself a bus ticket and got on and went home. Like, dude, I don't dare get on a bus here in my very own country.
  • Have I told you how gracious the people are there ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! My god, the sales assistants are like crazy nice. I don't want to bash my country but we Malaysians should learn something from them !!!!! Gawd.
  • The boys are so handsome but they don't even look at cha. And I'm like, bumping into them and I'll go 'Oh, I'm sorry !' and they're like 'Neah, it's alright' and I'm all like, 'OMG?!?!?!?!?' ...........
  • It got cold on some days though when I arrived, it wasn't as cold as I had made it up to be. I don't remember if I've mentioned this before or not...... ignore ! (This whole entire post is a draft from god knows when. Got lazy at times to continue so I'd save this into draft and continue days later so I don't remember what I've written)
  • Bought quite a number of things though I did bring back some cash with me so I couldn't have spent THAT much......
Hi Ayesha, if you're reading this, I'd like to say thank you thank you thank you for letting me stay 2 weeks with you !!!! And to your brother as well for bringing us here and there as well as footing the bill on most occasions hehe :)

If you want to have a look at my photos, they're up on my Facebook.