Thursday, August 30, 2012

KYUEM Beraya

So a week's worth of Raya holidays flew and before you know it, college is here. 

Had transport problems so I went to school just in time for my Econs and History classes. So my first day back was kinda laid back. 

Tuesday was the KY raya celebration and it was, as usual, fun because I had all my friends all dolled up for the occasion in their best raya attire. It's always nice to see the boys in their baju melayu, songkok and all. 

But most importantly..........

............ the food was soooooooooooooooooo ace lah serious the kambing was really nice though everyone could only get one serving. And the ketupat and sate were all sedap sedap, needless to say my kebaya's buttons started to come undone because I ate a lot. Hwaaa raya does this to everyone.

And Hariez performed !!! I have the video but have no idea how to upload here without the site crashing. So lazy to upload it on Youtube. And Danial Iman made a video of the boys lip-synching to Suasana Hari Raya and it's too cute lah. Click here to watch it ! 

The hilarious bunch of girls I'd walk from my chalet to the apartments for.

See how cute everyone is pakai baju Melayu despite their race. LOVE how they took the effort to be dressed for Raya :""") That's KY for you.

More open houses and beraya-ing this weekend ! Have a blessed weekend ahead ! :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Home far away from home

Ever since I could remember, waving Bye to my grandparents as we leave the Penang porch to head back to KL has always ALWAYS been such a tearful one. I remember holding it in when I was a kid because I have always LOVED Penang. It is no doubt my second home; always look forward to 'balik kampung' although it's not really a kampung when it's a bungalow huh.

My siblings and I would take such a long break from the end year holidays and go off to Penang and we would have the time of our lives ! With Mak Tok's cooking and Pak Tok's ever willingness to play around games with us and our cousins later joining us; it was a very lively house 24/7.

I love Raya basically because we all get to gather in Penang and eat and sleep together like a big slumber party with my cousins.

This year, we spent a week in Penang. Most days were occupied with eating and watching Pawn Stars (I don't know why my younger cousins LOVE this show but it's actually quite good now that I've watched several episodes. Very factual!) and our nights are always us kids (Yes i still consider myself a kid) playing card games and Pictionary. I'd bust a gut from laughing so hard playing the games; especially Pictionary ! I miss it all already !

All in all, I had a splendid raya and a great time with my family the whole week; cannot imagine spending my Raya elsewhere :")

Also, on the 24th we celebrated Papa's birthday so happy happy happy birthday to my hero and to everyone's funny man ! Love you til the end of day and so lucky to have you as my father.

My grandfather's love for golf has influenced Papa and Zaim and now they're hooked ! 

Pak Tok and his prized possession - his garden.

This was our 'Pictionary Finale' played last night but this time we featured the adults. Good to know that they were as kecoh as us. SO much fun. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all! God bless you and your family and wherever you may be, wishing everyone a safe journey back home (or to kampung).

Day #1 of Raya

As per usual, Mum aggressively woke everyone up and by aggressive, I mean by switching the aircond off, switching on all of the lights and strip us of our duvets. Eventually got up, showered and donned my 1st day baju kurung; my mum's from when she was 19. She, then, celebrated her Raya's in the UK because she went right after high school to study in Warwick. I LOVED this baju kurung. I had to send it for alterations though because prior to what it is now, it was SO 80s k. With puffed huge sleeves and all. So I went to get that out of the way because I tried it on and...

... nope, not workin' it at all!

I love this batik; can't find it anywhere these days!

Had a very late start for our routine morning breakfast (with Mak Tok's new plates. We only get to see these plates on Raya morning hahaha) because the boys got back from masjid late.

Guests had already started arriving so we had to hold off our beraya-ing til later. Salam bersalaman with the adults and each other and got our PAY DAY. Hahaha k maybe not. 

And then we ate and ate and ate. There's always kuih everywhere so we all succumb to Raya temptations and eat all the time. Grateful!

Went to Taiping to beraya with my dad's side and spent a few hours there. Ate some more. I swear I've just been doing nothing much but salam and makan. I can almost feel the pounds adding up...

OH and you know you're getting older when you don't get as much duit raya as you would've when you were 12. Hwaaaaaa can I not be 19 for raya hahaha

Some of my favourite photos of the day

Look at the bright colours and Pak Tok's grey. Can I go all Literature now and say how youthful the colours are mirroring the youth in the kids and how grey symbolizes age and wisdom therefore symbolizes my grandfather ?!?!?! Winning

All the boys in blue

And the girls in (sorta) pink.

I can't get over how much I love that pink batik k ppl

The patriarch ! 

Tania and I look really weird here but Iman's pout too cute to not put it up here!

Anak favourite

My goofy Dad.

"Ok, because you dah masuk college, more duit raya!" 
"No fair!!!!!!" says the smaller kids (aka everyone else)

According to height. After me, everyone is 13 and under. Sad.

According to age. 

and then we have the second day of Raya where we had our annual 'photoshoot' and we all pose for the camera for my Mak Tok's keepsake. She's been piling 'em up since ever I can remember!

Our theme this year was to be dressed in block colours so I chose emerald green. Kaveetha noted that we were the powerpuff girls lol

The colours so preets

My brother should have dressed in yellow and you'd get the complete rainbow lah