Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear Dato' Lee Chong Wei

Dear Dato' Lee Chong Wei,

I don't know if you'll ever read this post but I'm going to just wing it and write to you here.

Tonight, my friends and I gathered for buka puasa together and during all that, we had the television on the whole time anticipating for your game with Lin Dan. We cheered and we roared and we loved every second that you were there playing for Malaysia. Every mamak was filled and every family was stuck on their televisions, rooting for you. Not one Malaysian went about without wanting you to win and I guess that's a lot of pressure huh ? I can't imagine the weight of 28 million people depending on you to bring home the gold.

We've supported you and we've cheered on for you and we've been behind you ever since you became the nation's ticket to international recognition.

So when you got that silver medal, please know that everyone back home still clapped and still saluted you and was still very proud of you, Dato'. Your 'I'm Sorry' tweet was really unnecessary because you have nothing to be sorry for. You have just united a whole nation. You have just made 28 million gather around and put everything else aside and don our Malaysian pride on. We may not always be happy with this country due to its politics and dramas and issues everywhere but every time you're out there representing this humble country, everyone comes together and we become true Malaysians despite our race, religion, and background. The fact that your only disappointment was that you weren't able to have 'Negaraku' play for the first time in Wembley is admirable and just goes to show what a national hero you are.

We are so overjoyed that you have put Malaysia on the map and so please, you didn't have to bring back any gold because you are our gold.

You've moved the whole nation with your spirit and you have brought us together. Thank you for being the best you can ever be.

 The whole of Malaysia is proud of you, Dato' Lee Chong Wei.




  1. "You are our gold" Love that! It's true nonetheless. He put our quaint little country on the map and that's something by itself.

  2. Yes, he did ! So proud of him regardless. Really wishing he can pull through for the next Olympics.