Thursday, August 30, 2012

KYUEM Beraya

So a week's worth of Raya holidays flew and before you know it, college is here. 

Had transport problems so I went to school just in time for my Econs and History classes. So my first day back was kinda laid back. 

Tuesday was the KY raya celebration and it was, as usual, fun because I had all my friends all dolled up for the occasion in their best raya attire. It's always nice to see the boys in their baju melayu, songkok and all. 

But most importantly..........

............ the food was soooooooooooooooooo ace lah serious the kambing was really nice though everyone could only get one serving. And the ketupat and sate were all sedap sedap, needless to say my kebaya's buttons started to come undone because I ate a lot. Hwaaa raya does this to everyone.

And Hariez performed !!! I have the video but have no idea how to upload here without the site crashing. So lazy to upload it on Youtube. And Danial Iman made a video of the boys lip-synching to Suasana Hari Raya and it's too cute lah. Click here to watch it ! 

The hilarious bunch of girls I'd walk from my chalet to the apartments for.

See how cute everyone is pakai baju Melayu despite their race. LOVE how they took the effort to be dressed for Raya :""") That's KY for you.

More open houses and beraya-ing this weekend ! Have a blessed weekend ahead ! :)

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