Saturday, June 30, 2007


you should TOTALLY hear tht sng frm Michael Buble.
up to you to choose hw to pronounce his last name, Buble.
if 'bubble' is your pick, then 'Michael Bubble' it is.

SO yeah, am on msn with a cpl of friends.
asked some ppl to go watch TRANSFORMERS tmrw.
Shira's on th list.
Fatimah- a 'maybe'
Illi- also another, 'maybe'
Amal however can't. She gt some kenduri.

SO yeah, wtvr it is, we'll be going off to watch.
cause i'm desperate to watch movies.
HARRY POTTER 5TH is comiiiiiiiing and like, OMG i'm counting dwn the days.
12 more days people !!
12 more dayyyyys.
Tht's like less than 2 weeks.

I mean, c'mon.
Who doesnt want to see the return of Harry,Hermione and Ron.
I've seen the trailer like a kajillion times.
cause i can never bring myself to stop.
which is so bad.

anywayyyy, i didn't go to schl tday.
Malas la, besides, all i'll do is sit and wait and watch parents go off.
my mum is busy with her 5 Sigma so yeah.
One of the perks of having your mum as a teacher.

Gonna go off now.


Friday, June 29, 2007

whts down,

PFFT, as you all can see i am SO lame.
ok ok let's get strtd.
I came schl like, really late.
at abt 9 something.
THAT was nt on purpose ok.
mum had to go do something.
so yeah, lucky me tht time was pj.
so could 'blend'.
HAHA, omg.
somethings up with me weii.
cause i constantly talk stuffs tht doesnt make sense wtsoever.

So after schl, went off to KLCC to buy cousins bday pressie.
and bought some early birthday presents fr KAREN dear.
hope she'll like it though.

tmrw is gotongroyong/prefect'sconvention/hariterbuka all squashed together.
i'm nt going cause like, i'm lazy.
really really LAZY.

so yeah, am chatting with karen on msn.

the week went pretty well actually.
was happy with certain things.
i shan't say MORE.
so nah nah na boo boo.

so tht's abt it really.

oh wait, before it ends.
as we all knw, Harry Potter 5th is coming on the July 12th.
Less than 2 weeks weiiiii.
and and and, i'm going like bnyk bnyk kali.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007


in case, you wntd to knw, tht's the time i'm writing in this blog.

so HI people.
Had schl, boring as usual.
got AMALI.
and yeah, overall OK la.
nothing mind-blowing, earth-shattering amazing story to share.

OH, paris is free.
and damnit, me and sarah was supposed to tht dialogue about her.
SO lame wei.
Now tht she's free, it's kinda yesterdays news eh.

Pfft, so now, i'm doing nothing.
Am going to sleep early.
Cause i hv waking-up-in-the-morning problems.
I just cn't seem to wake up fr schl.
It's a sign, tht schl ain't fr me.
HAHA, tht was a joke bytheway.
Laugh people, LAUGH.

So yeah, just finished watching 'NeverBeenKissed'.
Call me disgusting but i thought the teacher was hot.
i'm a normal teenage girl with er.. *feelings* ?
oookay, i better end this before you sleep.


Sunday, June 24, 2007


T.R Knight (George O'Malley)

i hd the best dream ever.

ever ever ever ever ever EVER.

I was at Starbucks fr no apparent reason seeing how i don't like caffeine and well, it's a lot of cash to spending on some mocha.
So yeah, was with someone but totally frgt who.
Then, i saw this van pulling over somewhere nearby.

I was totally stunned when i saw Patrick Dempsey (yes, McDreamy) coming out of the van to throw rubbish in the bin.
Aww, so nice.
SO yeah, i dnt knw why but my notebook was conveniently at hands grasp.
And a pen magically appeared infront of me.
By thin air.

So i kinda rushed there cause was scared the van might just go off.

And then, my heart stopped due to the running cause i ain't tht active.
THAT, and also tht i found out tht the whole cast of Grey's Anatomy was in tht van.
Excluding Addison and Isaiah.
Only the interns and McDreamy (:
So yeah, i think i said, 'Hi!' a kabillion times cause Katherine Heigl gave me the weird out face.
SO yeah, asked fr autographs and there were cracking jokes and were really super duper nice eventhough it was just a dream.
I mean, like i LOVE Grey's Anatomy like, SO SO much.

So didn't want to wake up and was actually thinking it really DID happen.
But naw.

Now all i can do is hope and pray to God, tht one day i'll meet them and asked fr autographs just like i did in the dream.
But in the meantime, i shall obsess them even more.


Thursday, June 21, 2007


Lately, i'm having this uber bad cold.
It's like, the worst cold i've ever EVER had.
The worst in history of mankind.
OK, maybe nt THAT bad.
Just enough to keep me up all friggin night.

Anyway, today was schl.
Spent like, almost the WHOLE day at the Makmal Cyber with Puan Zaheera dearest.
She's awesome, yeah maybe a lil bit (too) loud.
But whthell. She's still the best.
So yeah, some bruneians came y'knw to like, chck on our schl.
Look see and all.
So we all had to do some stupid presentation.
Pfft, so bdluck tau my tablet/comp.
Always hanged.
Ish, so multiple times kena off.
So wht only.
But yeah, in the end Sarah's was picked to be fr commensalism.
And she was like, begging me to go with her.
So, last minute as it is, we did.
Literally, last minute, no practice, no nothing.
Nervous like shit cause SO many people looking at wht you're gonna do.
Mengacau, much.

So we blabbed and some mistakes here and there but hey, me and mistakes are like, peanut and butter.
Puan Zaheera was really grateful to us and so was Sarah to me.
But, hell.
Awesome day.
THEN, came music.
Pucked up the courage to go personally to Puan Tan abt how friggin' difficult it is fr me to be in music class since i dnt hv tht much music bckground and i didn't spend my form 1 year there so very blur abt completely everything in the music world.
So, i THINK, just THINK, i'm out of music and campak-ed into arts.
Joy -.-'
but hey, out of music, so i'm aight.
Now, all i hv to do is to go to tht arts teacher and give my name.
Who says high schl is easy breezy ?
Lemme give you a punch or two.

So tht's it, i think.
Back to comment-ing ppl on Myspace.
They love me, they really do love me.
Har de HAR HAR.


Monday, June 18, 2007


HELLO citizens.
How are we todaaaaay ?

Today, we don't have any schl.
But i'm nt going tomorrow as well.
HA, awesome much.

Mama is awayy.
And I miss her ):
It's only for a day but yeah.
So tak independant.
Anyway, let me strt.

I woke up at abt 9.44.
Went downstairs to see no one except fr the maid.
So yeah, watched some E! (a perfect way to kick start your day)
and sms-ed mama fr breakfast.
Sausage McMuffin, hel-lo.
SO drove thru and munched happily.
Went and follow ma to do some errands.
Well SHE did all the errands.
I just stayed in the car, listening to the radio while eating.
HAHA, slob.

SO anyways, watched Oprah, bla bla bla.
Seriously, nothing much.
I seriously need a friggin' mannequin to strt doing some designs laaaaa.
and a sewing machine.
and i'm off.
i already got some fabric.
Really pretty too .
Butterfly motives with bright colours.
it'll make an awesome sundress.

Oh, and fr fashion enthusiastics like moi, you should totally check out Oscar De La Renta.
Really awesome designer.

oh dang.
cnt seem to put in photos.
geez, whatever BLOGSPOT.


Saturday, June 16, 2007


and i'm still up.
cause yeah, i slept in the afternoon and yeah, tht didnt work out so good.
Moving on.
Today i went to schl.
Bla Bla Bla.
Nothing extraordinary happened.
Oh yeah, first time with our science teacher.
One word, dude.
Omg, she can't teach.
I don't blame her fr being all new and fresh.
No wait, i DO blame her fr being new and fresh.
I mean, look at our geo teach.
He's doing fine. A bit annoying but chyeah.
Ugh, our science teacher NOW is NOTHING like our previous one.
OOOOOOOH, Miss Anniza rocks.
She rules Edisoners.
And like, you friggin understand wht she teaches.
Oh and BTW, this science teacher of ours has handwriting of a four year old.
No joke.

I came bck home, slept like a pig, cause i'm having bad sleeping schedule as you may call it.
Seriously la wei.
It's like, i'm jetlag and get this.
Speaking of which, my grandmother is going to London next Saturday.
She JUST told us.
OMG, so x fair.
i was like this, -.-"
I mean, c'mon.
What about us ?
Oh so in particular ME.
So sad.
I went to England twice.
But when i was small.
When Barbie and Spicegirls are like all the rage.
And i still rmmbr going crazy when i saw the very pink aisle kat Hamleys.
The hugest toyshop like, ever.
oh oh, AND did you knw, tht's also the home of Topshop, H&M, and Marks&Spencer.
i mean, for Gods sake, a whole friggin building is dedicated to topshop.
unfair, much?

So, yeah.
I'll go do this elsewhere.
Blurt my misery outloud i mean.


Monday, June 11, 2007

grey's anatomy,

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg,
i abso-friggin-lutely love this show.
i doooooo, zomg.
seriously, it's like the best ever tv show made in history.
well, besides prison break but still.
greyy's anatomyyyyy.
my love.
wait, scrtch tht.
my obsession.
next to shopping.
but see, shopping needs cash.
wherelse, grey's you dnt hv to.
just get your arse on the sofa and pop it in the dvd player and voila !
you'll be hooked, i promise.
because i did.
i've already watched the WHOLE of season 3.
and people, i lived to tell abt it.
the greatest loss fr those who doesnt watch.
the biggest loss in their whole friggin lives.

i shouldnt tell you.
i really shouldnt cause you'll hate me fr tht.
and besides, i dnt wanna ruin it fr you.
you have to watch it.
you have to watch it.
see, i'm repeating.
why ?
because i want you to just sit down.
grab some Starbucks or wtvr.
and watch.
i couldnt get off the sofa cause well, first and foremost, i didnt want to cause it's live every 2 minutes, something really unexpected comes on and you dnt want to miss tht cause like, tht's also a big huge humongous loss.
AND, secondly, er..
secondlyyyyyyy, because hell, if you're hooked with grey's anatomy, you're HOOKED.
i cnt stop gushing.

i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove (you'll prolly hate me fr this) Gizzie.
i love them.
i didnt thiink tht would make a good cpl but lately like, they're the couple i love the most.
i love them, i love them, i love them.
see i'm gushing.
yet again.
i think i'll stop, or else i'll tell more secrets and spoilers abt Grey's Anatomy.
*covers mouth*

wht should i talk abt.
oh yeah, schl strtd today much to my disappointment.
but the day went pretty fast la.
before we knew it, it's 1.10 dh.
oh and puan tan is bck.
my music teacher.
i think i'm the only one who's like dead scared of her.
ugh, i'll fail my friggin' music FOR SURE.
no doubts.
i'm SURE.

ok, i'm off.
my parents are bck.
AND i'm abt to tell my mum all abt grey's.
whether she likes it or NOT.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

2 days til schl,

yes and damnit.

seriously, dnt get me wrong.
i'm actually looking frwrd fr schl.
cause y'knw like the reasons i gave in my earlier posts.
so yeah.
but but, can the holidays extend a tad bit more longerrrrrrr ?
huh huh huh ?!
but alwells.
see, tht's nt even a word.
i made tht up.
geez, you see the long list of words tht are unexplainable silly.
like babush fr instance.
dnt ask.

i just came bck from penang today.
tired oh.
but i stayed fr like only 2 nights which is byfar my shortest stay.
cause i love love love love penang.
my 2nd home.
and will miss MakTok and PakTok terribly.

but nvm tht.
2 days til schl and i think i misplaced my NEW class timetable which means i'll be all kecoh tmrw asking almost everyone.
hahaha, NOT.

i think i'll stop here.
i'm off to watch GREY'S ANATOMY ppl !
ha, the season only I have watched.
so emm, haha to youuuuuuuuuuu.


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

pirates arrr,

haha, yeah babyyyyy :D

i went to ou just nw at abt 1.45 to 2.
did nothing.
totally frgt to go and collect my jeans at Za Altera.
but wtvr.
went to MPH cause it's the safest place to be.
no harm there.
wntd to buy tht 'Fashion Now' book.
but naw.

shira came at abt 3.
so then went off somewhere near TGV.
the movie strtd at 4.
so we waited fr the other 2, Aina and Ky.
Kyyyyyyyy !
i was at the ticket counter to order tau and she was like 'Naaaad ! are you inside already ?'
and i'm like 'er.. no. i'm catching the 4 o'clock show la, why ? you wnt to come ke ?'
then , 'ok ok la.'
tht manage to put a huge smile on my face cause tht pretty much means all my bestest best friends were gng to be there.
and we're all from different schls now.
good times (:

wait, where was i ?

oh yeah, so me and shira went to sit somewhere.
and blab and talked.
and talked.
besttttt cause we haven't seen each other from late last year.
with the exception of tht day when i went to her place to give her her TeenVogue .

then Aina came at like 3.50.
being the punctuality freak i am, i was already 'Daaaaamn where's Ky? The movie's abt to strt.'
so we bought popcorn and drinks.
and we went inside and gave ky's ticket to Aina's mum so tht when Ky dh dtg, she can just come in.
but i felt bad when she called cause we didn't wait fr her and all.
so i went out and saw her.
and took the ticket, and we went it.

The movie strtd and i could tell the guys inside were pissed.
cause we bising.
but like, practically empty the friggin' cinema.
but all the better cause we could goof.

hahahha, so the ads and all took almost frever.
and we were laughing cause we were watching the trailer fr Surf's Up.
y'knw tht ridiculous story abt a penguin.
i mean, hel-lo?
the penguins were at the beach.
the BEACH.
i thought they'd died cause panas and all.

but but, it took me a while to kinda understand the friggin' movie.
but it's really good.
i mean, the effects were fantastic.
and orlando.
oooooooh, tht hunk *sigh*
seriously, keira is so freakin' lucky to like, spend months doing the movie WITH HIM !
he will and always be my pirate :D
hahaha, tht is so corny.

so then after th movie and laughs in the cinema itself, we left with popcorn all over.
then we went to DREAMWORLD where dreams come true.
so like, we took pictures and a lot lot lot lot of laughs.
seriously. the machine is dumbo.
take at the most unexpected times but i mean, those imgs i love so much.
but i potong so cacaaaaaaaaaaaat. ):
senget and my face is gone.
nvm nvm nvm, nnt when harry potter comes out, we'll do it again.
all over again.


i love you Orlando Blooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom. <3


i was having a hard tiime thinking of a title so i looked at the time and it was 11.10 in the morning.
inspired you could say (:

soooooo, how are we today ?
oh, i'm fine.
nothing yg berfaedah was accomplished.
i actually am looking frwrd to schl.
fr a few reason;

-See friends again. I miss them BIG TIME.
-I want Athirah to make me laugh again with Sarah.
-I wanna work at the Koperasi again.
-I wanna ask the teachers how they liked my gifts fr teachers day.

and lastly,

-I wanna get my exam results.

it'll be a hell nervous day fr me.
i mean, it's the MID TERMS !
like, the 2nd important exam in a year.
first is the end of year.
but let's just push tht aside.
i dnt wnna ruin your moods fr the day.

so today i'm gng off to oneutama with shira and aina :D
i'm really happy abt tht cause i mean, like they're my best best friends.
ever since std 3.
so yeah, i mean lama x catch up with things.

and i need all the gossip fr now.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're watching pirates y'all.
i'm getting sick of ppl telling me how it's all awesome and all.
i mean, shuddup la kalau dah tahuu.
haiya -.-"
but nvm.

'Now it's raining more than ever, know tht we'll still have each other, you can stand under my umbrella, you can stand under my umbrella, ella ella eh eh eh under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh.'

hahaha, i gt nothing to do so yeah.
umbrella it is.
it's 11.18.
eight minutes has passed.
and i hvnt mandi lg.

anyway, i'm bored.
and if there's anyone there with the same situation i suggest you cmnt me on myspace and like tht, we BOTH won't get bored.
or or or, update your blogs cause honestly, i loooooove reading your blogs.
especially karen's and nikki's.
awesomely awesome.

Zainudiiiiin, OUT.

pfft, it sounded better with Seacrest, OUT.



Saturday, June 2, 2007

beyonce knowles,

i have to admit.
her latest album, 'Bday' is a wreck.
i hate it.
the songs tend to be crazyy.
but there's one song, Flaws and All.
the video awesome wei.
she doesnt say a word in tht song.
all she does is do funny faces.
cool la.
chck it out on

the rest like, Freakum Dress, Kitty Kat, Green Light and the others are down right weird.



so i was woken up by sister Iman who was already fully dressed to be off to Pangkor.
and i went dwnstair where the 'party' was.
everyone was there.
so it was really kecoh and noisy.
and then like 5 minutes later, they were already gone.
and you could totally tell the tht it was much much much more peaceful.
thnk god.
but i have to admit, if the house is REALLY quiet.
no siblings around.
it gets kinda boring.
so i was really omg bored.
ask everyone i complained to.

and then abt 1 we went to kota dsara to cut my hair.
and i did.
and i like it (:
2 inches off.
it feels really thin now.
otherwise last time, like tebal gl.
and frizzy.
now it's less frizzy.
and the amount of hair tht he cut was disturbingly a lot.
but nvm.
so first2 right.
they shampoo their hair.
and then they massage.
i wntd to scream stop tau.
sakiiiiiiit nak mati.
dhla lama.
and then the hairstylist ask 'How do you want me to blowdry your hair? Straight or with curls ?'
and i replied 'curls, please.'
because honestly, right nw.
i love curls.
last time i rmmbr totally hating it.
but my mum was like, 'Nadia.Do you knw there's so many ppl out there who wants to have curly hair like you? They will actually pay a LOT fr curls. You, on the other hand, are blessed alreadyyy.'
and yeah.
i can tell.
cause like, now only ppl come up and say i have nice hair.
ThankGod i inherit mama's curls.
hahahaha :D

so then went off to OneUtama.
ate at MsRead.
Chocolate cake nvr upsets me.
ada this group of teenagers celebrating someone's birthday.
i thought it was totally cute tht teenagers would go and blow a cake THERE.
i mean, nowadays it's all abt Fridays, Itallianies (NIKKI !), Chillies and bnyk la lg.
went to Zara fr a bit.
nothing there.
went to MPH.
bought a book.
to keep me company fr the weekend ):

i wnt so badly to go topshop again.
i need tht bag.
cpt la one utama !
so slow they open.
somewhere near June or July.
haiya -.-"

i'm gng to penang on wednesday.
then i wnt to go QUEENSBAY.
atleast over there got topshop.
and then i wnt to go PASAR MALAM !!
omg, there is like wht onlyy.
best weiii.

so i'm off.
i need to do something else.
this is gettng borinng.