Tuesday, June 5, 2007

pirates arrr,

haha, yeah babyyyyy :D

i went to ou just nw at abt 1.45 to 2.
did nothing.
totally frgt to go and collect my jeans at Za Altera.
but wtvr.
went to MPH cause it's the safest place to be.
no harm there.
wntd to buy tht 'Fashion Now' book.
but naw.

shira came at abt 3.
so then went off somewhere near TGV.
the movie strtd at 4.
so we waited fr the other 2, Aina and Ky.
Kyyyyyyyy !
i was at the ticket counter to order tau and she was like 'Naaaad ! are you inside already ?'
and i'm like 'er.. no. i'm catching the 4 o'clock show la, why ? you wnt to come ke ?'
then , 'ok ok la.'
tht manage to put a huge smile on my face cause tht pretty much means all my bestest best friends were gng to be there.
and we're all from different schls now.
good times (:

wait, where was i ?

oh yeah, so me and shira went to sit somewhere.
and blab and talked.
and talked.
besttttt cause we haven't seen each other from late last year.
with the exception of tht day when i went to her place to give her her TeenVogue .

then Aina came at like 3.50.
being the punctuality freak i am, i was already 'Daaaaamn where's Ky? The movie's abt to strt.'
so we bought popcorn and drinks.
and we went inside and gave ky's ticket to Aina's mum so tht when Ky dh dtg, she can just come in.
but i felt bad when she called cause we didn't wait fr her and all.
so i went out and saw her.
and took the ticket, and we went it.

The movie strtd and i could tell the guys inside were pissed.
cause we bising.
but like, practically empty the friggin' cinema.
but all the better cause we could goof.

hahahha, so the ads and all took almost frever.
and we were laughing cause we were watching the trailer fr Surf's Up.
y'knw tht ridiculous story abt a penguin.
i mean, hel-lo?
the penguins were at the beach.
the BEACH.
i thought they'd died cause panas and all.

but but, it took me a while to kinda understand the friggin' movie.
but it's really good.
i mean, the effects were fantastic.
and orlando.
oooooooh, tht hunk *sigh*
seriously, keira is so freakin' lucky to like, spend months doing the movie WITH HIM !
he will and always be my pirate :D
hahaha, tht is so corny.

so then after th movie and laughs in the cinema itself, we left with popcorn all over.
then we went to DREAMWORLD where dreams come true.
so like, we took pictures and a lot lot lot lot of laughs.
seriously. the machine is dumbo.
take at the most unexpected times but i mean, those imgs i love so much.
but i potong so cacaaaaaaaaaaaat. ):
senget and my face is gone.
nvm nvm nvm, nnt when harry potter comes out, we'll do it again.
all over again.


i love you Orlando Blooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom. <3

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