Sunday, June 24, 2007


T.R Knight (George O'Malley)

i hd the best dream ever.

ever ever ever ever ever EVER.

I was at Starbucks fr no apparent reason seeing how i don't like caffeine and well, it's a lot of cash to spending on some mocha.
So yeah, was with someone but totally frgt who.
Then, i saw this van pulling over somewhere nearby.

I was totally stunned when i saw Patrick Dempsey (yes, McDreamy) coming out of the van to throw rubbish in the bin.
Aww, so nice.
SO yeah, i dnt knw why but my notebook was conveniently at hands grasp.
And a pen magically appeared infront of me.
By thin air.

So i kinda rushed there cause was scared the van might just go off.

And then, my heart stopped due to the running cause i ain't tht active.
THAT, and also tht i found out tht the whole cast of Grey's Anatomy was in tht van.
Excluding Addison and Isaiah.
Only the interns and McDreamy (:
So yeah, i think i said, 'Hi!' a kabillion times cause Katherine Heigl gave me the weird out face.
SO yeah, asked fr autographs and there were cracking jokes and were really super duper nice eventhough it was just a dream.
I mean, like i LOVE Grey's Anatomy like, SO SO much.

So didn't want to wake up and was actually thinking it really DID happen.
But naw.

Now all i can do is hope and pray to God, tht one day i'll meet them and asked fr autographs just like i did in the dream.
But in the meantime, i shall obsess them even more.


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