Thursday, June 21, 2007


Lately, i'm having this uber bad cold.
It's like, the worst cold i've ever EVER had.
The worst in history of mankind.
OK, maybe nt THAT bad.
Just enough to keep me up all friggin night.

Anyway, today was schl.
Spent like, almost the WHOLE day at the Makmal Cyber with Puan Zaheera dearest.
She's awesome, yeah maybe a lil bit (too) loud.
But whthell. She's still the best.
So yeah, some bruneians came y'knw to like, chck on our schl.
Look see and all.
So we all had to do some stupid presentation.
Pfft, so bdluck tau my tablet/comp.
Always hanged.
Ish, so multiple times kena off.
So wht only.
But yeah, in the end Sarah's was picked to be fr commensalism.
And she was like, begging me to go with her.
So, last minute as it is, we did.
Literally, last minute, no practice, no nothing.
Nervous like shit cause SO many people looking at wht you're gonna do.
Mengacau, much.

So we blabbed and some mistakes here and there but hey, me and mistakes are like, peanut and butter.
Puan Zaheera was really grateful to us and so was Sarah to me.
But, hell.
Awesome day.
THEN, came music.
Pucked up the courage to go personally to Puan Tan abt how friggin' difficult it is fr me to be in music class since i dnt hv tht much music bckground and i didn't spend my form 1 year there so very blur abt completely everything in the music world.
So, i THINK, just THINK, i'm out of music and campak-ed into arts.
Joy -.-'
but hey, out of music, so i'm aight.
Now, all i hv to do is to go to tht arts teacher and give my name.
Who says high schl is easy breezy ?
Lemme give you a punch or two.

So tht's it, i think.
Back to comment-ing ppl on Myspace.
They love me, they really do love me.
Har de HAR HAR.


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