Tuesday, June 5, 2007


i was having a hard tiime thinking of a title so i looked at the time and it was 11.10 in the morning.
inspired you could say (:

soooooo, how are we today ?
oh, i'm fine.
nothing yg berfaedah was accomplished.
i actually am looking frwrd to schl.
fr a few reason;

-See friends again. I miss them BIG TIME.
-I want Athirah to make me laugh again with Sarah.
-I wanna work at the Koperasi again.
-I wanna ask the teachers how they liked my gifts fr teachers day.

and lastly,

-I wanna get my exam results.

it'll be a hell nervous day fr me.
i mean, it's the MID TERMS !
like, the 2nd important exam in a year.
first is the end of year.
but let's just push tht aside.
i dnt wnna ruin your moods fr the day.

so today i'm gng off to oneutama with shira and aina :D
i'm really happy abt tht cause i mean, like they're my best best friends.
ever since std 3.
so yeah, i mean lama x catch up with things.

and i need all the gossip fr now.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're watching pirates y'all.
i'm getting sick of ppl telling me how it's all awesome and all.
i mean, shuddup la kalau dah tahuu.
haiya -.-"
but nvm.

'Now it's raining more than ever, know tht we'll still have each other, you can stand under my umbrella, you can stand under my umbrella, ella ella eh eh eh under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh.'

hahaha, i gt nothing to do so yeah.
umbrella it is.
it's 11.18.
eight minutes has passed.
and i hvnt mandi lg.

anyway, i'm bored.
and if there's anyone there with the same situation i suggest you cmnt me on myspace and like tht, we BOTH won't get bored.
or or or, update your blogs cause honestly, i loooooove reading your blogs.
especially karen's and nikki's.
awesomely awesome.

Zainudiiiiin, OUT.

pfft, it sounded better with Seacrest, OUT.



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