Saturday, June 2, 2007


so i was woken up by sister Iman who was already fully dressed to be off to Pangkor.
and i went dwnstair where the 'party' was.
everyone was there.
so it was really kecoh and noisy.
and then like 5 minutes later, they were already gone.
and you could totally tell the tht it was much much much more peaceful.
thnk god.
but i have to admit, if the house is REALLY quiet.
no siblings around.
it gets kinda boring.
so i was really omg bored.
ask everyone i complained to.

and then abt 1 we went to kota dsara to cut my hair.
and i did.
and i like it (:
2 inches off.
it feels really thin now.
otherwise last time, like tebal gl.
and frizzy.
now it's less frizzy.
and the amount of hair tht he cut was disturbingly a lot.
but nvm.
so first2 right.
they shampoo their hair.
and then they massage.
i wntd to scream stop tau.
sakiiiiiiit nak mati.
dhla lama.
and then the hairstylist ask 'How do you want me to blowdry your hair? Straight or with curls ?'
and i replied 'curls, please.'
because honestly, right nw.
i love curls.
last time i rmmbr totally hating it.
but my mum was like, 'Nadia.Do you knw there's so many ppl out there who wants to have curly hair like you? They will actually pay a LOT fr curls. You, on the other hand, are blessed alreadyyy.'
and yeah.
i can tell.
cause like, now only ppl come up and say i have nice hair.
ThankGod i inherit mama's curls.
hahahaha :D

so then went off to OneUtama.
ate at MsRead.
Chocolate cake nvr upsets me.
ada this group of teenagers celebrating someone's birthday.
i thought it was totally cute tht teenagers would go and blow a cake THERE.
i mean, nowadays it's all abt Fridays, Itallianies (NIKKI !), Chillies and bnyk la lg.
went to Zara fr a bit.
nothing there.
went to MPH.
bought a book.
to keep me company fr the weekend ):

i wnt so badly to go topshop again.
i need tht bag.
cpt la one utama !
so slow they open.
somewhere near June or July.
haiya -.-"

i'm gng to penang on wednesday.
then i wnt to go QUEENSBAY.
atleast over there got topshop.
and then i wnt to go PASAR MALAM !!
omg, there is like wht onlyy.
best weiii.

so i'm off.
i need to do something else.
this is gettng borinng.


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