Friday, June 29, 2007

whts down,

PFFT, as you all can see i am SO lame.
ok ok let's get strtd.
I came schl like, really late.
at abt 9 something.
THAT was nt on purpose ok.
mum had to go do something.
so yeah, lucky me tht time was pj.
so could 'blend'.
HAHA, omg.
somethings up with me weii.
cause i constantly talk stuffs tht doesnt make sense wtsoever.

So after schl, went off to KLCC to buy cousins bday pressie.
and bought some early birthday presents fr KAREN dear.
hope she'll like it though.

tmrw is gotongroyong/prefect'sconvention/hariterbuka all squashed together.
i'm nt going cause like, i'm lazy.
really really LAZY.

so yeah, am chatting with karen on msn.

the week went pretty well actually.
was happy with certain things.
i shan't say MORE.
so nah nah na boo boo.

so tht's abt it really.

oh wait, before it ends.
as we all knw, Harry Potter 5th is coming on the July 12th.
Less than 2 weeks weiiiii.
and and and, i'm going like bnyk bnyk kali.


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