Saturday, July 21, 2012


Back for the weekend and the first day of Ramadhan, alhamdulillah. So blessed to still be healthy and well and with the company of the loveliest people around me :) So glad to be spending the first day of Ramadhan and to sahur and berbuka in the comfort of my own home and in the company of my family with my Mama's home cookin' ! Can't ask for more, really.

So the first week back in college has been great ! The weather, first and foremost has been gorgeous ! Mendung for most days which made my free triple block now all the better to get back in the chalet and sleep soundly ! 

Classes have been good though it's more than obvious that I really have to start revising again because I can be so clueless in class. Have no idea what's going on in History which is fully my fault. I mean, I understand the gist of it and from the class discussions but I really need to get my head around it one way or another. Same goes for Econs. 

Gah. Sigh. Blegh. Ugh. Ick.

So the juniors are in college now ! Batch 15.0. My God, time has gone by so fast it's just so overwhelming. It's been a year since my batch went through the whole induction week and living in fear of the seniors. I miss it so much ! I kinda wish to be back in my first sem but a big part of me loves being a senior and loves the fact that insyaAllah if things go well for me and my friends, we'd be able to fly to the UK and be reunited with the seniors. It's all very exciting and makes me antsy thinking about it but I just love being in college now that I really just am trying to appreciate every college moment I have.

I got to be a faci this year so I, along with all my closest friends, got to be involved in the Induction Week. So many familiar faces which made it even harder for me to put on a stern mask for the week. There was the normal activities such as the Support and Trust and the Treasure Hunt (now called 'Bushido') and of course, Samurai. LOVED IT!

Upon receiving their Samurai form in which they had to go collect all the faci's names and signatures, they weren't all that impressive mainly because the first lunch after getting said form, none of them got up and asked !!! Which was really bizarre because I remembered very vividly that we went crazy in the dining hall begging for the faci's signature. Since I was involved with Bushido that evening, I took the opportunity to go to the Great Hall while the seniors were all there and took the mike and told them off. 

It worked.

During dinner time, chaos ensued ! Everyone went all over the place asking for our signatures which was hilarious lah. The things my friends would tell them to do in order to get signatures. And the things the juniors would DO.

During the first day of meeting the juniors, none of us could really keep a straight face because it's so kekok to be garang and stern. We're all so goofy and laughy laughy (not even a word) and it was very entertaining and surprising to how some of my friends could channel their inner 'Gamii and Syam'. I felt so bad for scolding the juniors for not i) being friendly enough ii) not getting our signatures. I told them just now though after our little water balloon fight. Yep, got drenched, thanks Fauzan and Hariez -.- zz

Whilst playing 'Circle Of Life' 

Baduan lol

Fauzan talking about his experience as leader for his group during the Hantu game.

Celebrities for a week hahahaha


Also, this whole week I channeled Rachel Zane and dressed up in shirts and pencil skirts. BECAUSE I FRIGGIN' LOVE SUITS ah best show ever

Zati looking way too cute for words. 

With that, I bid you all a very blessed Ramadhan insyaAllah and may God bless you during this beautiful, beautiful month. Bismillahhirrahmanilrahhim.


Thursday, July 19, 2012


Love these 2 shots !

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Going to watch an episode of Suits while I pack for college tomorrow.

And of course, I freaking ace at procrastination kan ? SO obviously there are so many things to be done and here I am on my bed ordering pizza for dinner online.

So are you SURE Wilkinson didn't agree to extend the holiday for another 3 weeks ? You sure ?


Had a great time spending my day with both of my best worlds; high school friends and college friends thanks to Diyana and Farhan's joint birthday celebration at Marmalade, Publika. Got a bit lost getting there and arrived about an hour and a half late. Talk about Malaysian timing. Gah.

Love birthday celebrations ! Hardly have that anymore because of college and how everyone is so busy with their own schedule. Miss dressing up, miss laughing and miss being loud and kecoh (like how I do at every party kedak sik nangga sidak lamak gilak!). College is officially starting tomorrow and I'm dreading ittttttttttt. I just wanna go back sebab of induction tapi other than that, malas gila baaaaaapak. Definitely coming home the next week because of puasa, probably will be home for the whole of Ramadhan because berbuka puasa at home is always and forever will be the best. Can't wait !

So yeah, today was a good day, good food, good company and good laughs with both groups of friends. Love them both to the tiniest bits and wouldn't trade anything for the lot.

... and yes, not even for a Prada.

Happy Birthday you guysssss ! God bless you both and wishing you nothing but happiness and love all around ! Amin :) xx 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Gah. Woke up with bed sores and it sucks. Slept most of the day because I felt ill. I can always tell because I'm constantly dehydrated and my throat itches and I just feel really stuffy. Before anything though, Mum shoved a Panadol down my throat becaaaaause "Prevention is better than cure!"

#nowlistening to Frank Ocean's 'Pink Matter' of his new album. So good.

Went out for a Sisters Day Out with my sisters because Iman has been bugging me about the karaoke session I promised her like months ago. They skipped school because I told them to. Lol, not really a good influence as you might suspect.

Didn't karaoke as long as we would have liked though because we got tickets for a movie at 530. As long as I got to sing my favourite song (cough One Sweet Day cough) (and Superbass), I was good to go.

Watched Andrew Garfield in spandex for the second time and it was still as 'amazing' as the first time I watched it. My sisters enjoyed it but I enjoyed it more when I steered my eyes away from the scenes yang macam terkejut and saw their priceless reactions instead. Highlarious.

#tvseriesi'mnowwatching Person Of Interest. Quite good though I'm like dying waiting for the 4th episode of Suits season 2. A 2 week hiatus from their last episode ?!?!?!?! Why. Why would they do that? Why.

Couple more days to college. Shit lah damn bosannnnnnn damn fasssssttttttt whyyyyyyyyyyyyy nuuuuuuuu should take more time out on my bed and take full advantage of hot water and air conditioning. But ugh the thought of going back to college and getting back to the boring routine is just tak sedap punya feeling.

Planning on a Baby Food Challenge soon with my sisters. Sounds gross right ? I should film our reactions. That'd be pretty epic.

God bless and may you have a great day ahead wherever you are.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Harvey Spectacles

Introduced my parents to Suits and they're hooked as hooked can be. My dad especially ! He was never a big fan of TV shows and usually shakes his head whenever my Mum and I would watch Grey's in the room and say "Ehhhh anatomy anatomy ni" in which most of the times we would ignore because Dempsey is on the screen. My dad could watch shows like Prison Break and 24 and that was about it. Now, he's just as obsessed as I am! He came out of the shower one day with his hair all slicked back, reminding one of a certain character in the show.

"Look, Harvey Spector!"
"Harvey Spectacle more like"

- Mum when dad got out of the bathroom with perfectly combed hair. Quite amusing, my parents.

Had a great day today with the gang at Fatin's gorgeous home. Beautiful place to call home lah. Would love to have a family in a house like that. As Tariq said "Kalau ni rumah I, memang tak ah nak keluar!"



Phew. Tiring day.

Got up at 9 because my damn alarm clock on my phone is deafening and drove me up the wall. Even after I switched it off. Got ready and drove the car to OU (yep, achievement unlocked!) to get it repaired. Went around with Tania while waiting for lunch. I tell ya, times when your mum isn't around walking with you from shop to shop, there are an ABUNDANT of nice things lying around waiting to be bought. Sad, really. Sad. When she decides to tag along, suddenly everything looks so unappealing and rather dull.

Why am I boring you with this.

ANYWAY. After all that, I went for Fain's surprise lunch at Alexis with Sarah. Another success surprise !! Credits to Zati of course for planning the whole hoorah.

Tried Zati's pizza and it was delish. I think I'll have that now I know how it tastes. I'm always clueless when I'm ordering in Alexis besides the compulsory pavlova that I love and will forever find great comfort in eating. 

Then we made a move to Pavilion to ronda. My feet hurt from walking around in heels. Need to make a mental note to always bring spare flats around in case I feel a toe being squashed to its slow death. Let's hope it doesn't come to that lah but in case lah, IN CASE.

Been having several good days with my friends. But the thought of going back to college is quite.. bosan. Oh well, looking on the bright side, I'm going to be a faci for the 15.0 juniors ! Fun times, fun times.

#nowlistening Boyfriend by Ashlee Simpson simply 'cause I haven't heard this song in 3 billion years and it's very reminiscing of my Myspace days lolol 

#nowstreaming Suits because this is the only show I can watch again and again.

Friday, July 6, 2012


My huge obnoxious Ikea lip pillow.

Also, my mum thinks Rachel and Harvey is a better match than Rachel and Mike is.

UMMMMMMMMMMM nope. Don't think so.

Kuda Emas

Just got back from a 3 day trip with Sarah and Alysha for a little retreat Sarah invited us to. Stayed at The Palace of The Golden Horses... and yep, it was literally that. It was a palace.. with golden horses adorned EVERYWHERE. It was borderline creepy. But the room was so lush and spacious. Didn't really like the horses legs as the legs for the table though, that was eery.

But had a great time chilling in the room and watching reruns of everything on Starworld. The next day, we went to Mines and it was my first time so didn't know the place at all. Zati and Marissa came over to join us on our spa trip. Wasn't the whole body massage thing though, it was the jacuzzi/steam room/sauna thing. My first time in the steam room. All 5 of us went in and well, the steam was overwhelming and half a minute in, I wanted out. Sarah pulled me in. We got all red and hot after 5 minutes in which we all decided we could not bear the heat and left for the jacuzzi.

Walked around and ate at Tony Roma's for late lunch. Excuse our hair and faces. Steam room will do that to 'ya!

But being a lazy bum that I am (and take immense pride in), I loved just staying in the hotel room and pigging out. Watched countless reruns and Sha waterfall braided my hurrrr. 

Thanks Sarah and Aunty Nik for treating us to the getaway I needed :')

OH AND I TOTALLY JUST WATCHED THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN IN CINEMAS TADI PETANG. Daaaaaaaamn son, Andrew Garfield, you can climb into my room anytime you want, babe.


Monday, July 2, 2012


So with Spain's sweep of goals this morning, it notes the end of UEFA Euro '12.


Someone please remind me to not support the Germans, the Dutch and the Italians next time ? I seem to be really bad at supporting. Sux

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pain > Fashion

My brother is finally going to college ! After a near 7 month hiatus, he is finally going to learn something! It's not a day college though, so like me, he'll be back home during weekends leaving the home to my younger sisters. This household is growing up!

This might be quite trivial to the male readers (if any) (doubt it!), but I finally went to the new flagship Forever 21 store in Mid Valley. Didn't even know they were opening there. But it's hella big and hella new and hella organized. So tempted to get the whole store but alas, my financial status is not having any of it !

This week is coming to an end and it has been a pretty chilled and laidback one. Managed to get my whole room emptied out and painted. That was the hard part. The furniture buying part is the easy part. I'm so excited! Should I just change my career course right here right now? Lol. Jokes. Maybe.

We'll see.

Looking forward to the events next week and the week after ! Can't wait to be reunited with my friends again.

P/S : Also, please tell me I'm not the only one to stick up a tissue up my nose when I get too lazy to layan it? No ? Just me ? Ok.