Sunday, July 15, 2012


Had a great time spending my day with both of my best worlds; high school friends and college friends thanks to Diyana and Farhan's joint birthday celebration at Marmalade, Publika. Got a bit lost getting there and arrived about an hour and a half late. Talk about Malaysian timing. Gah.

Love birthday celebrations ! Hardly have that anymore because of college and how everyone is so busy with their own schedule. Miss dressing up, miss laughing and miss being loud and kecoh (like how I do at every party kedak sik nangga sidak lamak gilak!). College is officially starting tomorrow and I'm dreading ittttttttttt. I just wanna go back sebab of induction tapi other than that, malas gila baaaaaapak. Definitely coming home the next week because of puasa, probably will be home for the whole of Ramadhan because berbuka puasa at home is always and forever will be the best. Can't wait !

So yeah, today was a good day, good food, good company and good laughs with both groups of friends. Love them both to the tiniest bits and wouldn't trade anything for the lot.

... and yes, not even for a Prada.

Happy Birthday you guysssss ! God bless you both and wishing you nothing but happiness and love all around ! Amin :) xx 

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