Sunday, July 8, 2012

Harvey Spectacles

Introduced my parents to Suits and they're hooked as hooked can be. My dad especially ! He was never a big fan of TV shows and usually shakes his head whenever my Mum and I would watch Grey's in the room and say "Ehhhh anatomy anatomy ni" in which most of the times we would ignore because Dempsey is on the screen. My dad could watch shows like Prison Break and 24 and that was about it. Now, he's just as obsessed as I am! He came out of the shower one day with his hair all slicked back, reminding one of a certain character in the show.

"Look, Harvey Spector!"
"Harvey Spectacle more like"

- Mum when dad got out of the bathroom with perfectly combed hair. Quite amusing, my parents.

Had a great day today with the gang at Fatin's gorgeous home. Beautiful place to call home lah. Would love to have a family in a house like that. As Tariq said "Kalau ni rumah I, memang tak ah nak keluar!"


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