Friday, July 6, 2012

Kuda Emas

Just got back from a 3 day trip with Sarah and Alysha for a little retreat Sarah invited us to. Stayed at The Palace of The Golden Horses... and yep, it was literally that. It was a palace.. with golden horses adorned EVERYWHERE. It was borderline creepy. But the room was so lush and spacious. Didn't really like the horses legs as the legs for the table though, that was eery.

But had a great time chilling in the room and watching reruns of everything on Starworld. The next day, we went to Mines and it was my first time so didn't know the place at all. Zati and Marissa came over to join us on our spa trip. Wasn't the whole body massage thing though, it was the jacuzzi/steam room/sauna thing. My first time in the steam room. All 5 of us went in and well, the steam was overwhelming and half a minute in, I wanted out. Sarah pulled me in. We got all red and hot after 5 minutes in which we all decided we could not bear the heat and left for the jacuzzi.

Walked around and ate at Tony Roma's for late lunch. Excuse our hair and faces. Steam room will do that to 'ya!

But being a lazy bum that I am (and take immense pride in), I loved just staying in the hotel room and pigging out. Watched countless reruns and Sha waterfall braided my hurrrr. 

Thanks Sarah and Aunty Nik for treating us to the getaway I needed :')

OH AND I TOTALLY JUST WATCHED THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN IN CINEMAS TADI PETANG. Daaaaaaaamn son, Andrew Garfield, you can climb into my room anytime you want, babe.


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