Sunday, July 8, 2012


Phew. Tiring day.

Got up at 9 because my damn alarm clock on my phone is deafening and drove me up the wall. Even after I switched it off. Got ready and drove the car to OU (yep, achievement unlocked!) to get it repaired. Went around with Tania while waiting for lunch. I tell ya, times when your mum isn't around walking with you from shop to shop, there are an ABUNDANT of nice things lying around waiting to be bought. Sad, really. Sad. When she decides to tag along, suddenly everything looks so unappealing and rather dull.

Why am I boring you with this.

ANYWAY. After all that, I went for Fain's surprise lunch at Alexis with Sarah. Another success surprise !! Credits to Zati of course for planning the whole hoorah.

Tried Zati's pizza and it was delish. I think I'll have that now I know how it tastes. I'm always clueless when I'm ordering in Alexis besides the compulsory pavlova that I love and will forever find great comfort in eating. 

Then we made a move to Pavilion to ronda. My feet hurt from walking around in heels. Need to make a mental note to always bring spare flats around in case I feel a toe being squashed to its slow death. Let's hope it doesn't come to that lah but in case lah, IN CASE.

Been having several good days with my friends. But the thought of going back to college is quite.. bosan. Oh well, looking on the bright side, I'm going to be a faci for the 15.0 juniors ! Fun times, fun times.

#nowlistening Boyfriend by Ashlee Simpson simply 'cause I haven't heard this song in 3 billion years and it's very reminiscing of my Myspace days lolol 

#nowstreaming Suits because this is the only show I can watch again and again.

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