Sunday, September 30, 2018

Been a while!

It's already October tomorrow. Is it still appropriate to say/tweet "Wake me up when September ends" or did that joke die in 2008? 

So glad to be blogging again! I've been meaning to write in an entry for a bit now but never got around doing it because workload spiked in recent weeks so I'm always quite drained. And the drive back home is really what kills it. I hate traffic jam. It's the worst. You kinda just wanna be home literally right after work but even thinking about going through shit traffic kills your vibe!! I much prefer getting on the train to and fro. 

I don't have major news to update but I'll blog about what I've done in recent weeks.

So weddings! We'll start with weddings first. I love myself a wedding. I have personal reservations on weddings but it's a night out with friends in really pretty clothing so I love it anyhow.

So cool how as you grow older you realise the world is just really very tiny. Aina (middle) is my friend from when I was 9 and she went to high school with Sherry (on your left). And Sherry went to KY with me. Best part is we all live literally 4 minutes within one another. And I have NEVER met them anywhere around my place. Like not even at the local mart or at McD or at a petrol station.

With the bridesmaids. Also very loud and kecoh group of girls. So, so, so fun regardless!

This one's at Rongge's wedding. Really beautiful set-up and all of his friends were seated at the back of the hall... for very good reason. We were too loud and definitely not as calm and collected as all the adults in the room haha. Was really cool seeing everyone dress up for this.

Finally got to wear my lace kebaya. Lace is from Jakarta and this is wholly inspired by Bunga Citra Lestari's red get-up for Yuna's wedding.

With my Bristolian bebe.

So before I got into Taman Tun, I was in a high school that was walking distance from my place. I was only there for a year before moving to Taman Tun but I had the BEST company there. It was so fun because the girls that I spent my days with were so so so so so so funny and so sweet and they really made my whole year there. We lost contact after I got into a new school because they too went on to different schools. One of the girls I got really close to (she lives few roads down from me so we used to study together all the time too!) was Fatimah. People call her Mia but I'm old school and am probably the few who call her that. Anyway, she got married to her longtime boyfriend and she invited me to her wedding which was so so sweet given that we've not spoken/met in AGES! She glowed and my heart's so full for her. She's really incredibly lovely and I ask for nothing but happy days for her and her new husband. 


Spent our Malaysia Day weekend at Riuh! This would be my second time in a row spending it at Riuh. Last year I was helping out with Nelissa's booth but this time was solely spent with my sister. It was Riuh's first time at a brand new location, a depot at Sentul West. It was SO much more spacious, making way for a lot more vendors and food stalls. And plenty for a good OOTD. It was a pretty gloomy day but didn't rain so much so the weather was perfect. The problem with the last location was that it was just ridiculous hot everywhere you go. 

With our RM0.01 ice-cream Malaysia. You didn't read that wrong. It was actually seriously 1 cent each.

This lady was super friendly and incredibly talented. I actually stayed on at Riuh just to get our portraits done. Don't know if you can see it from this photo but bless her, she drew my forehead so wide that it looked really funny hahaha but swear she's so cool!

Iman and her Chinese takeout. You best believe she got it mostly cause of the takeout box.


... so this happened. I finally went for Tulus!!!!! I really, really, really wanted to see him live but he wasn't on the list of performers for this year's Java Jazz Fest in Jakarta so you can imagine how ecstatic I was upon learning he was coming to KL for his first concert in Malaysia.

I mean, I'm such a sucker for Indonesian voices and I love their music so much. Tulus is my favourite Indonesian gem and so you can imagine just how much fun I had at his intimate concert. His voice is extraordinary and was unreal. Echoed so beautifully around the hall. And the live band was fantastic and I just loved all of it! There were so many times during the concert that I went, "oh wow this is Tulus I'm seeing live!!!". It was held at Istana Budaya so it was really nice also in terms of how chilled the whole show was - no phones, no cameras, no screaming excessively. Ok fine there were excessive screaming... by me. It was really fun lah ok best concert I've been ever! Yes!! Even beats BeyoncĂ©! 


Spent last Sunday with Marissa who just recently got back from Dublin! This time for good! Did our nails at the prettiest manicure place at Great Eastern Mall. Overpriced but a nice splurge once in a while I suppose?? So fancy for my toes!

Caught up with Marissa for a good 4 hours on a bowl of salad (her) and pavlova (me), so good to have her back. I've a million and one places I've wanted to go but never had the right person to go with and Marissa's the right person so I can't wait to start ticking off my list with her.


Our Merdeka night spent at Bob's place for an intense game night. Intense like... screaming unnecessarily and emotionally. Was pretty disappointed that there wasn't a *decent* fireworks display at KLCC. Bob's place has a fantastic view of the KL skyline so we could see KLCC and the KL Tower just fine but... nothing! That was fine - we were back to our games a minute after the clock struck midnight. The theme was supposed to be the Jalur Gemilang colours but.... underwhelming. My friends never understood what a themed get together ever meant. 


Papa hits the big 5-9! For his birthday, Mama planned a breakfast do at home. My dad's really really big on breakfasts and swears it's the most important meal of the day and well, he's had a tough time having the table full for breakfast because we're i) sleepyheads ii) don't appreciate breakfast as much as he does. But we woke up really early to accommodate to his time and had breakfast with him. Albeit rushed but it was really nice, regardless. I love the old man <3 nbsp="" p="">

This was the day after when he asked for dim sum for lunch. He doesn't usually like dim sum so this was an odd choice but we weren't complaining cause we love us some dim sum any day anytime.


With my play dates (get it?), Ewa and Hanna.

Supported my dear friend, Nabil at his most recent work at Istana Budaya. It was in conjunction with Malaysia Day and it was a story about a Chinese family finding their footing in Malaysia. Falling in love with a esteemed Malay boy and the mess that comes from that. So happy for him! Need to see him on the main bill very soon - talent bigger than the stage, this boy!


Had some really kick-ass Indian food with these two ladies which was so sedap btw! It's called Flour and it's at Bukit Damansara. Sedap, you should go! It's tad bit pricey but it was really tasty. We had some odd desert that Sarah swore was really good. Took a bit to acquire the taste hahaha. Then we moved to Huckleberry After Dark for desert. Mind you this was on a Sunday and we stayed right 'til closing. Loved this night out so much just cause it was a lot of catching up and de-stressing. We don't see each other as much as we'd like because of work and family so when we do, we've got enough material to cover for the whole day and a half basically haha 

Coffee time with the boys. I say 'coffee time' but I don't drink coffee. I ordered some off tasting tea that I just had to endure because of how mahal it is. Never really got why tea is so expensive in these coffee shops. 


Last but not least! My mum's really into baking these days, guys. Her farewell present from her former school was an oven and let's just say she's put it to real good use. She's chilled a bit from the baking but I swear she used to do a cake (or two) every single day for the first two weeks she got it. If it wasn't a cake, it was lasagna or pie or something that was OVEN BAKE-ABLE. I joke that she's found something to do during her retirement years. But I kinda think she'll do something about it. Stay tuned to Liza's Baking hahaha

My mum and her bread butter pudding. She's real cute.


Work tomorrow! Back to it. I hope to not stretch on too long 'til my next post. I'm feeling out of the loop lately because I'm not on Instagram anymore and I must say, it's so refreshing. I'm usually the first person to know about something so now when people ask me, "Have you heard...?" "Have you seen her Story??" I'm like nope please enlighten me what is this Instagram you speak of. 

I recommend it, being off Instagram I mean. it's really nice to regroup your focus on things other than what people are having for lunch.


Saturday, September 8, 2018

My time out

I never really understood why people would delete or atleast disable their Instagram account. All the memories you've posted (lol) and all the stories people are posting!!

Then I realise it's not that - it's the overwhelming content that comes with it. It's the unnecessary pressure I find I'm putting myself on and the icky feeling that lingers after that. 

I'm taking a time out. And I'm curious to see how long I can go without it.

I'm still on Twitter (my favourite social media platform) and you can find me here too.

As always.