Saturday, January 13, 2018

First 2 weeks of January

So what have I been doing for the past 2 weeks? 

First! I attended Rachael's wedding. Rachael is a friend of mine from high school. We met in primary school but I basically have no recollection of my primary school days when I was in Taman Tun because I absolutely hated the school and my life there so I think younger self blocked all memories there. Anyway, I met most of them back in high school and Rachael is the first friend who came up to me at assembly on the first day of school. I don't remember what she said but I do remember her saying she recognised my name on the class list. And from her, I knew everyone else. I loved my high school years and I had some of the best times with them. There was always some sort of house parties and celebrations and it was always just so fun. Also helps that these girls are some of the craziest and loudest bunch I've met. At Rachael's wedding, it is a TRUE FACT that we were the loudest in the hall. 


With Brenda (left) and Belinda (right). All of our other friends are taller so we're the mini ones in class. 

I haven't attended a friend's wedding before so this is my first time seeing a friend I've known since I was 14 in a wedding dress!!! Getting married to the love of her life!! It was a wonderful wonderful celebration and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. From birthday parties and having our parents drive us to tuition classes to seeing one of us get married. The whole reception was pretty surreal. I can't wait for all of us to get married hahahaha

I also really like my dress and it's from a shop in OU called WonderMe and it's like a small boutique. To be honest, I wouldn't have even thought of finding a dress in one of the shops there because I hardly go to the old side of OU. So I came across it by chance because Tania wanted to check out something from the store 2 doors away. It was also quite the bargain - got it at RM169 which is a steal because wedding dresses are SO expensive.


I've been also watching Black Mirror. After much convincing by everyone, I finally managed to sit myself through a whole episode and it was enough for me to watch another one... and another one. It has it's weird, creepy, odd appeal and it toys around with our fear of how invasive technology can be. It's scary and one says to not watch a string of Black Mirror episodes at one go because it feels too much. But I really dig it. I haven't watched every episode because I've skipped on some sleeper ones but I've watched a good amount to have a favourite. My favourite is Hang the DJ but I also recommend Nosedive, White Christmas, San Junipero and Black Museum (but only if you've watched a handful already, it's more fun that way). 

I now want to get into The Crown because so many people have said it's good and my mum told me of a fun fact she learned; Queen Elizabeth was Wikipedia's most searched about person in 2017 and it's largely because of the popularity of The Crown. Nothing like fun facts to intrigue me to watch a new TV show. 


I would've already been 25 this time next week. I'm so excited for this year.


Monday, January 1, 2018

My New Year's Eve

It's January 1st!

Last night, I went to Kaveetha's house party which has in itself become an annual do. I always look forward to it because it's like a tradition to always gather at Kaveetha's place to dance, sing, catch up with friends and have fun. Came back at 3 which is pretty late in my book considering I didn't get enough sleep the night before but no complaints! I got to ring in the new year with some of my high school sweethearts whom I haven't seen in ages so it was really, really nice to do that again after so long! 

Can't wait to see her in her wedding gown next week! The first friend who came up to me in Taman Tun when I first moved in. Love you lots and lots, Rach. So endlessly happy for you!

To be frank, I don't even remember what my 2017 resolution was. Is there even a point to make resolutions anyway when everyone forgets about it once January 3rd rolls in.

I just want to save money and properly have this year the starting point of hopefully a bigger dream. I know I say this all the time but 2017 was still a year of me trying to make sense of work and getting used to the responsibilities that come with being an adult (I bought my first car! ... and the monthly payments are such a pain). So now that I think I've gotten the hang of it, I'm going to steer my life into the direction I've been wanting to go since I was 7. Pray for me! 

I also want to be have a better and healthier diet. I want to eat more greens, eat more vege and less fast food. In fact, my mum and I have made a pact to stay off fast food this whole month. Alhamdulillah I didn't fall sick all of 2017 - I hardly fall ill because my immune system is pretty impressive alhamdulillah but by no means do I underestimate my health! I need to be better with my diet and drink 3l of water everyday! I do it anyway but hopefully this year, I'll be consistent about it. My eczema has been so bad especially on my hands so I also want to be healthy for my skin's sake. 

Also! This is a pretty trivial one but this year I want to get into buying presents and gift wrapping them and all that! I think it's fun and we don't do that anymore. It's always very special to be receiving presents and to be giving them out. So I hope to do that to as many as I can.

I've just finished watching one of the most wonderful drama called, 'Because This Is My First Life' which stands by its rather quirky motto of 'Going through this life is the first time for all of us anyway' so no judging on how people live their lives and you do whatever you want to do as long as it's safe for everyone, and that it's good for you and for the people that you love. Everyone's figuring out their lives anyway so be nice always!

Hope everyone had a great 2017 and I'll spend my days wishing for a better 2018 for everyone. It only gets better from here.