Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mermaid Charms!

I'm done with AS !

InsyaAllah things will go well for me (i.e. results!) because I really did all I could and all I can do now is berdoa and hope for the best !

So yeah........... I'm in my room waiting for time to pass because it's so boring here ! Besides my friends of course. If most of 'em dah balik, I probably would've too. BUT alas, I have an MS test this Friday. SO potong steam. And well, there's also the Garnet house meeting tomorrow that I have to attend. Hm.
Some of the seniors have already went home ! So niiiice but I'm already missing them ! So weird not seeing them around. In a few short weeks, we'll be the seniors around here and that's still very awkward and weird. Looking forward to meet the batch 15.0; not looking forward to A2 classes.

Tried playing Sims 3 last night (thanks Amal!) but it was too laggy for my laptop so I quit. I was only at the creating your character part. I switched to watching Friends instead (again, thanks Amal!).

Can't wait to balik this weekend eventhough last weekend dah balik lolol the difference is that this weekend I can finally not feel guilty to go out !

Look what I got last weekend ! Mum succumbed (finally!) and got herself a charm bracelet. Wasn't planning on getting anything... 'til I saw an Ariel charm.

My new favourite thing ! (Mum reckons I have a new favourite thing every other week after I get a new something, psh!)

Trying to save up though for an iPad 3. Was never a big fan (which explains my whole bratty tantrum I threw the other day because I wanted an iPod tapi Papa told me to get an iPad instead in which I didn't understand the logic of) (stress on the 'bratty tantrum'). But haritu I used Pak Tok's iPad and it's actually quite convenient. And I like it. APPROVED. Now all I need is the $$.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Najihah called me up after my early nasi daun pisang dinner and invited me to her friend's place for din din and I did go because she told me "Banyak kawan kau KY ada!!!!" so after Bangsar, Mum dropped me off at Suraya's and her brother willingly sent us to Shah Alam.

It was so nice to meet new people, made me realize I should really start mingling more..


Saturday, May 26, 2012


BACK and a paper away from finishing my AS.

Been pretty M.I.A from Twitter and blogging because the previous week was just stressful and strenuous and tiring. Lacking sleep and just overall tired from everything. So good to be home.

... so ! Update !

I've just started watching (and finished it all in a few days!) Revenge and holy cow it's the best shit out there !!!!!!! So good and so intense and just so ugh. Watched the finale of Gossip Girl and was meh about it sebab ntah, I still luv it though so all's good. BUT seriously people, go and grab your laptops and watch Revenge if you haven't ! With every show, there's all that one guy you want and this time it's Jack. Jack Potter now why won't you be mine already ?

Finished watching Idol and was and is disappointed with the winner. Joshua should have won it from the get go no questions asked ! That guy is bound for life with a voice like that. Jessica Sanchez too.

I'm craving for a lot of food right now because I haven't really gone out to makan-makan recently so I'm quite excited to ronda and eat and do what every girl does best; SHOP ! (Do I sound like a legit Elle Woods now gag gag gag).

My plans for the 3 week holiday ?

Read. And channel my inner Nate Berkus to redecorate and to finally make it something I've wanted (now that I have more sense in me than to paint one wall bright pink -.-). Looking forward to get my hands dirty with paint and dust by de-clutter this room! And of course shopping trips to Ikea. Have always liked doing these kind of things 'cept for the whole nasty sneeze-inducing cleaning and sorting what goes out and what stays ugh that's the worst because I'm an A-class hoarder.

And of course pamper myself.... by eating all the home food I can stuff myself and watch ALL the shows I can in bed before third semester starts and yeah. Long way to go but still !

For those who are still in the midst of their AS/A2 exams, I wish you luck and God speed !


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mama's Day

To the world's best Mama ! Happy Mothers Daaaaaaay !

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Avengers and How It Is Epic


Can I just please say how amazing Avengers was ? I just watched it and I'm just.. ugh.. just.. freakin' amazeballs.

I'll be the first to say that I have absolutely no clue when it comes to comic superheroes such as this which is why I kinda wanted to see it even more; just to see what the hype was about.

People, the hype has been surpassed. It's made up of just pure epicness and ugh I just want to watch it over and over again. Everything was just ace. Loved it !!!!!!!!!!!

I can't tweet because I've promised myself to stay off so this is my place to rant and to tell you just how brilliant that movie is. I can't wait til AS is over now so I can fully immerse myself in Avengers-ism (lol).

Just ugh I miss and love movies like this; ones that are made with ace quality.

Can someone bring me to watch it againnnnnnn

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pop. Six. Squish. Uh-oh. Cicero. Lipschitz.

I'm really looking forward to ending AS now because I have big plans to revamp my room. My final straw was yesterday night when I could hardly walk without hitting something. This room is way too small for me. A queen sized bed is not necessary so that's the first thing I'm going to do; buy a new bed. And a new vanity table. Because my make-up and jewelry is everywhere and it is freaking annoying when I can't find any damn thing in here. I kinda prefer my KY room now because I know where everything is. Though it is still really messy. Ah well.

Glee featured a new video of the girls doing the 'Cell Tango Block'. Watched it and was such a cool concept, I had to Youtube it and realised it was a number from Chicago. I haven't watched it but after watching this little dance, I'm gon' run to the nearest DVD shop and get a copy because it looks so good. Sadistic but so cool. Maybe 'cause of Catherine Zeta Jones but still ! They sing about the extreme crime they've done towards the other and I just am in love with the choreography and the song because it's so passionate and it is clearly prevailed in their dance. Ah. So good. You can go Youtube the Glee version of it and it's pretty good... just not as good as this.

HMM vat else.


Fatin retweeted this and I thought it was too true to pass up

"Perempuan yang banyak cakap, dan banyak gelak adalah perempuan yang pendiam bila ada masalah. Dan banyak menangis dalam diam"

That's me. I talk way too much and as Hatim has concluded for me; I laugh just as much as I talk. But when it comes to my own personal problems, I like it to keep it private and to myself. Maybe it's because I don't like sharing my downs to a lot of people. I'd like it to be my own personal thing so I can deal with it by myself.. which is not healthy because you're supposed to let people know so that they can help you or whatever. Like I said, I like my personal space so my problems are usually something I hold close to and I keep it in. I shouldn't but I do it anyway. I love listening to other people and let them share their problems with me because I feel like I can try and help them. I do share whatever's bothering me to some people but the problems that affect me most are the ones I try not to reveal and tell as much. I should trust people more.


Nope, I haven't watched Avengers yet. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This is what Hatim did for me.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It's my own family that makes me insecure when I go out. Really lah.

Most of you might know that I don't have perfect skin. I'm far from it lah basically. My complexion has been deterring due to pimples and dark spots and I've had it since I don't know.. 13 ? I got it young.

And ever since then, I've had to combat every comment from my family members.

Heck, they're the reason I wear make-up in the first place. I've only started wearing it after I was a bit knowledgeable about foundations and concealers and it's different types and shades and brands and stuff. Got my first one from Chanel and it kinda just started from there.

"Come lah we go to a doctor or a specialist. Teruk sangat dah tu!" says Mum.

Fine. We've been to several doctors and they're recommended me good things. But oh lo and behold, the skin specialist in Taman Tun tells my mum and I

"This is not bad at all. I've seen far worst than this. Your skin is normal and this is just a phase you go through."

I kinda wanted to hug her for that and tell my mum "Told you." Seriously, if a skin specialist can say it's nothing much, don't have to hype yourself up kan.

I can't go out with my parents without slathering a layer of foundation first.

"Why teruk sangat your skin?"
"Kenapa banyak jerawat?"
"Teruk lah your spots, come we go to the doctor tomorrow?"
"Awat teruk sangat your skin?"

I don't get this from my friends (no, actually I've had one person say "Wow, you're really good with your foundation, Nadia!" after seeing me without it. Can't lie, that was hurtful too). I get that you're trying to make things better but do you think I'm just not doing anything about it ? I've been to almost every website on acne and it's cure and how do I prevent it. I've enquired and basically I've done my part. It's as if I can't be comfortable with my own skin. So annoying and frustrating.

Hmm how does one answer that question of "why so teruk?" Hmmmm let's see.. why don't we ask my skin ? Or why don't we ask nature ? Or why don't we question my oil glands and ask why is it producing so much oil making my skin prone to pimples and bacteria?

I'm not trying to be sarcastic (though it's kinda obvious) but the deal is, it's hurtful and it's downright rude and no matter how NICELY you said it, essentially you're asking the person "Why is your skin not as nice as mine?"

You think I want to have this skin ? You think I like having pimples every month ? You think I like having foundation on me ? You think I enjoy spending time infront of the mirror experimenting with different shades as to hide this blemishes ?

No, I don't.

I've gone through so many different kinds of cleansers and spot treatments and toners and creams that I can pinpoint which one doesn't work and which one does.

People might label as being fake and unnatural because of the make-up I wear.

Do you know how much I want to go out without putting on foundations ? Do you know how much I envy the girls who have perfect skin and complexion and that they don't have to worry about people staring right at their imperfections ? You think it's cheap to get different skin care every freaking time? Do you know how insecure I get when I go out without make-up or with a pimple because of what people might say or think ?

No, you don't.

I can always tell when my mum is staring at my pimple or when she's about to ask me about my skin or ask "Are you on your period?" which I almost always say "Yes" so she can be like "Oh patutlah banyak pimples" when really I'm not.

It hurts because the worst thing about it is that when someone elder comments on it, I can't really snap back at them. I can only give them a polite smile and blame it all on the 'stress' and 'hormones'.

I get quite sad after every comment about my skin because it's something out of my reach. Like, there's no cure out there that can make my skin smooth and clear and radiant (as much as the media bullshits with us). There's nothing that I can do on my behalf that can remove all these imperfections. So it's basically you're stating something that is really out of my power to tolong baikkan.

I didn't choose to have this. So stop it lah. It's hurtful and it does nothing for my self esteem. I'm doing everything I can to make it better but it doesn't help it if you comment things like that.

It's very sad and heartbreaking that the people who are closest to you are also the same people who are damaging your self confidence.

And even if you're not a friend of mine or a family of mine, I sincerely hope you don't say anything mean or rude to your friend or whoever who's suffering from acne and skin problems.

Seriously, if I'm okay with it and am comfortable (or atleast trying to be) than you shouldn't be all up my business asking about my skin. It is, after all, my skin. You just worry about yours and let me be.