Saturday, May 26, 2012


BACK and a paper away from finishing my AS.

Been pretty M.I.A from Twitter and blogging because the previous week was just stressful and strenuous and tiring. Lacking sleep and just overall tired from everything. So good to be home.

... so ! Update !

I've just started watching (and finished it all in a few days!) Revenge and holy cow it's the best shit out there !!!!!!! So good and so intense and just so ugh. Watched the finale of Gossip Girl and was meh about it sebab ntah, I still luv it though so all's good. BUT seriously people, go and grab your laptops and watch Revenge if you haven't ! With every show, there's all that one guy you want and this time it's Jack. Jack Potter now why won't you be mine already ?

Finished watching Idol and was and is disappointed with the winner. Joshua should have won it from the get go no questions asked ! That guy is bound for life with a voice like that. Jessica Sanchez too.

I'm craving for a lot of food right now because I haven't really gone out to makan-makan recently so I'm quite excited to ronda and eat and do what every girl does best; SHOP ! (Do I sound like a legit Elle Woods now gag gag gag).

My plans for the 3 week holiday ?

Read. And channel my inner Nate Berkus to redecorate and to finally make it something I've wanted (now that I have more sense in me than to paint one wall bright pink -.-). Looking forward to get my hands dirty with paint and dust by de-clutter this room! And of course shopping trips to Ikea. Have always liked doing these kind of things 'cept for the whole nasty sneeze-inducing cleaning and sorting what goes out and what stays ugh that's the worst because I'm an A-class hoarder.

And of course pamper myself.... by eating all the home food I can stuff myself and watch ALL the shows I can in bed before third semester starts and yeah. Long way to go but still !

For those who are still in the midst of their AS/A2 exams, I wish you luck and God speed !


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