Monday, April 18, 2011


The above title means five in French, Italian, Spanish and German.

Since I'm bored I'm going to this tag post that should very well occupy me for the next hour or so.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me (or atleast I think you won't)
  1. I love flowers. The brighter the colours are, the more I love 'em.
  2. Don't expect me to know a whole list of Indie songs 'cause I got no clue. Not that much of a music enthusiast.
  3. I don't own a single hair product. So besides shampoo and conditioner, I do nothing to my hair. No mousse, spray, curling iron, straightener. Not even a comb or brush. So when I say it's au natural, I really do mean, au natural.
  4. First celebrity crush ? Chad Michael Murray hehe
  5. In order of what I most probably would shop for is tops, make-up, accessories, jeans, bags and shoes. I hate shoe shopping. It bores me to death ! And the thought of changing handbags is quite tiring by itself.
5 Things I Find Overrated
  1. Rihanna and her songs. I don't need to hear 'Only Girl' for the billionth time, thanks.
  2. Huge sunglasses ala Nicole Richie.
  3. Tumblr girls. You know what I mean; long hair (preferably dip dyed), One Teaspoon shorts, crop tops, and all that good stuff.
  4. Lady Gaga. Her antics were okay in the beginning, then it got boring.
  5. Autotune.
5 Things You'll Find In My Handbag
  1. My Blackberry. Team Blackberry #ftw
  2. My Chanel lipstick in 'Byzantin'.
  3. Oil blotter sheets.
  4. Plasters (you can never be too sure...)
  5. Compact mirror. Because it gets annoying when you're applying lipstick and you have to resort to things like a spoon to check your reflection.
5 Favourite Scenes in Movies
  1. 'I Say A Little Prayer For You' in My Best Friends Wedding. Rupert Everett = Best gay friend ever.
  2. When Cher picked out her outfit through a computer program in Clueless. It's 2011, people !!!! I want that computer program !
  3. Allie and Noah's boat ride amongst the abyss of white swans in The Notebook. So gorgeous. And kinda how I imagined Allie and Noah to meet again.
  4. When the parents got in the hotwheels car in 'Honey, I Shrunk The Kids'.
  5. When Mary Poppins pulled out things from her bag. Hahahahehehe favourite !
5 Things In My Room
  1. Harry Potter books. Harry Potter > Twilight. Why is there still a debate ?!?!?!?!
  2. A photo of my mum and I.
  3. Real flowers from Hafiz and fake flowers from Ikea.
  4. My prom ticket. Planning to frame it up. For good times sake.
  5. Tons of fashion magazines. Mostly Teen Vogue.
5 Guilty Pleasures
  1. Patchi white milk chocolates.
  2. Justin Bieber's 'Love Me' on repeat.
  3. Long long looooong showers.
  4. Staying in PJ's the whole day.
  5. Coca freakin' Cola.
5 Things I Miss Doing From My Childhood
  1. Watching TV shows from Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Arthur, Doug, Sagwa (I still can sing you the theme song), All That, Figure It Out, Totally Spies, Kenan And Kel, Madeline, Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, The Wild Thornberrys and all that good good stuff. I'm probably missing out a LOT more but this is what I can think off at the moment.
  2. Sleepovers.
  3. Evenings sans internet.
  4. Petrosains hehehehe
  5. Cute clothes from LaSenza Girls and/or Girls.
5 Things I Get Annoyed With
  1. Incorrect spelling. I'm not exempted from spelling certain words wrong but I mean, before saying (READ: Tweeting) it, can't you go to Google and double check ? And you know, save yourself from the embarrassment.
  2. This seems to be universal but guys carrying girls handbags. Guys, let's preserve your masculinity by not carrying your girlfriends handbag. It's not a pretty sight :( And girls, tak yah ler bawak handbag kalau tak nak pakai...................
  3. Waiting. Punctuality is a rare trait now amongst mankind. And it's pissin' me off, homie !
  4. People who depend on other people. DO. IT. YOURSELF.
  5. Kids who have no respect for their parents. Also, bratty kids.
5 Things I Love
  1. Food. And what I mean by that is nasi campur and sambal belacan. Preferably with cili padi.
  2. Naps.
  3. A good read.
  4. Buying something you've been wanting for a long time.
  5. I love my age, actually. Such a pretty age to be.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Hi. I'm Nadia and I'm bored. I realised how bored I am when I tried blogging and couldn't come up with anything to blog about. Nothing. Nada !

What I HAVE been doing is watching TV shows on my laptop, naps and evenings out with my mum.

Wish I was in college/university now. Wish I was in UK.

Better yet, wish I was studying IN the UK. Determined to make it come true even if it takes me a while. It's not fair sometimes :( Some are already IN colleges and that's pretty much it for them. A year or two and they're off studying abroad. In a local university, it'll take much more time and much much much more effort. What with the scholarships and all. So envious of them who are already in private colleges :( They got the short cut. I mean, of course, it's the same, in the sense that we all have to study really hard but like, in local universities, it may take up to 4 years to finally get a place in a university overseas. Which sucks. Some are already going overseas next year ! I

I don't my parents comprehend how hard it is to get a scholarship. Especially one for a university abroad. ESPECIALLY one in UK.

Privileged students shouldn't complain. Be grateful you're in a college already !!!!


p/s : Hi Suraya ♥ I've been watching Modern Family and it's high larious ! Hahaha xx

Monday, April 4, 2011

Oxygen Potassium

I want to start college/university now.

I'm so tired of being bored EVERY SINGLE DAY. Literally, all I do at home (when I've no plans) (which is basically every day since a majority of my friends are either in college/uni or working) is;

1) wake up at about 9 or 10.
2) Go on Youtube for new videos.
3) Listen to my (very repetitive) songs.
4) Go downstairs to eat my lunch.
5) Watch some TV shows repeats
6) Bathe (depends though, sometimes it'll be at 6, sometimes it'll be at 1)
7) Go out with my mum 5ish for tea/early dinner.
8) Home before Maghrib.
9) Dinner (.. yeap)
10) I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr basically all the time and simultaneously.

... and repeat.


I still want to so desperately enter KYUEM but with my results, it's almost impossible. But still, :"(

Friday, April 1, 2011

UGH, isn't this so luxe and so comfortable right now ?!?!?!?!?!