Monday, April 11, 2011


Hi. I'm Nadia and I'm bored. I realised how bored I am when I tried blogging and couldn't come up with anything to blog about. Nothing. Nada !

What I HAVE been doing is watching TV shows on my laptop, naps and evenings out with my mum.

Wish I was in college/university now. Wish I was in UK.

Better yet, wish I was studying IN the UK. Determined to make it come true even if it takes me a while. It's not fair sometimes :( Some are already IN colleges and that's pretty much it for them. A year or two and they're off studying abroad. In a local university, it'll take much more time and much much much more effort. What with the scholarships and all. So envious of them who are already in private colleges :( They got the short cut. I mean, of course, it's the same, in the sense that we all have to study really hard but like, in local universities, it may take up to 4 years to finally get a place in a university overseas. Which sucks. Some are already going overseas next year ! I

I don't my parents comprehend how hard it is to get a scholarship. Especially one for a university abroad. ESPECIALLY one in UK.

Privileged students shouldn't complain. Be grateful you're in a college already !!!!


p/s : Hi Suraya ♥ I've been watching Modern Family and it's high larious ! Hahaha xx

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