Wednesday, January 30, 2008


is my girl.
seriously, she rocks.
finally a designer who's creations are feminine and soft and not wild like the others.
she designs simple but really beautiful pieces
and the nearest branch is like in Hong Kong.


i lovelovelovelovelovelove the one with the white top tucked in with a black short skirt.

so basically, i just love Erin Fetherston.

Loves Erin Fetherston,

Sunday, January 27, 2008

time for couture,

today was good (: (: (:

came bck from one utama a good 3 hours ago.
was supposed to go out with my friends right ?
but of course, most of them couldn't make it.
whatever la them. i'm tired of meeting your expectations, ok.

anyway, since i was already dressed and ready to go out, i just went out la kan.
went to Topshop cause i still have the 20% discount to spend on but nothing much there.
thennn, to topshop where i bought a scarf (:
dnt knw why, just bought it cause it was so purdy.
AND then, went to Parkson to find a watch.
courtesy of Juicy Couture
and it's $690 which is quite ok for a Juicy watch.
the strap's leather brown with a light pink square face.
EEK :D :D :D :D
got it, but then ofcourse, with the unnecessary help from Miss Karma, in the midst of my joy and excitement, i HAD to lose 100 bucks from the 600 bucks i was given.
so, Mama being an angel she is, added 190 on top of the 500 i gave her.
despite that, i was very very very very very happy.

then, Mama got a 60 dollar voucher from Parkson so, she gave it to me and i spend it on Stila Lip thingymabob.
and went it to Zara, and Mama bought a top for herself (:
then, went to Nando's to eat.
went bck.

cooped up in my room, changed to sweats, read an issue of Reader's Digest ( see, i DO read magazines other then TeenVogue ) , put some music on, turned on the air cond, and HEAVEN BABYYYY.

after reading a tragic article of the late Princess Diana, came down to log onto myspace and decided to blog and voila.
so yes, i shall go now.


Saturday, January 26, 2008


so today was good.

first, i woke up at the-ungodly-hour-for-a-Saturday-morning of 9.30
with the new iPod speaker, i on the speaker and put on some music.
finally dragged myself out of bed and downstairs.
didn't have breakfast cause Iman and Papa got hold of the last 2 roti canai's.
so i was stuck with Cheez Dippers.
hahaha, twas nice ok

and then, abt 12, Mama came back from schl with lunch (!) and told me that Puan Azlin has given birth to a healthy baby boy.
so asked if i wanted to go and visit her at the Pantai Hospital so i said yes.
after 2 helpings of rice, i did a little studying.
did some homework and it was time to go.
so, since Tania didn't want to follow, it was just Mama and I.
and just this month, it's like the second time we've shared this girl-bonding thing which i looooove oh so much.
she'd tell me stories and in return, i tell her schl gossip.
the whole kabaam about friends, boys and studies.
we can relate cause she literally knows the people i talk about.
i mean, i talk abt the teachers who are her friends -.-

so thennnn, we went to Bangsar Village to get something for Puan Azlin.
bought some clothes for the baby boy and jam tarts for Puan Azlin.
and sat down at Starbucks for tea.
there, we talked about pregnancy and babies.
i know, disgusting but hey, it was OUR bonding session so might as well, make the most of it.

and then, we left. and she told me about some things i SHOULDN'T have listened at alllll, mygod.
so disgustiiiiiiiiiing.
i was like, numb to my asses.
serious shit, i couldn't feel my toes and ass.
cause wht she told me was disgustingly gross, it's nt even funny.

we got lost on the way to the hospital even though it was like, so near, hahahaha.
got there, saw the baby, talked and chat, til some relatives came so we went.
said our bye's.

came bck, went to room, read my book, was on the verge of sleeping but forced myself to come down and eat my dinner which i SO regret not coming earlier cause the fried rice was so sedap, :D
went bck up, read book, COMPLETED the book, came down, and here I am.

i want my msn back ):
and tmrw, i'm out with friends.


Friday, January 25, 2008

handphones are invented for a reason,

yes, handphones were invented for a reason.

i called everyone, yes, everyone whom i have logged it in my cell, but no one answered.


Thursday, January 24, 2008


today was the photo session for Sasteramas.
i have no idea why they're doing it soooo early.
so yeah, the class shoot was fun
i sat between Imran and Rach.
Did it all then off to class.
then, by 12.30, Afiqah and Eijas came up to 3 Edi and Suraya and I were called downstairs to take picture for KH club.

so, it was supposed to be like, the AJK's but most of the form 4's came down anyway.
we waited.. and waited til like 1 and FINALLY, it was kh club's turn.
stood beside Suraya cause honestly ?
i'm like scared of the form 4's.
serious shit.
i mean, they're so popular so like, they are the untouchable's.

and kamar was in the photo even though he's actually in CLub Seni Foto.
Stupid -.-



Saturday, January 19, 2008

my 15th,

was a blaaaaast.
i loved loved loved it.

i love my friends to death.
i love my birthday.
i love my mum cause she spoiled me.
i love the world, now.

OK, so,
the day started with me being awaken at like 6.45 by the constant text messages that were sent by 12 but y'knw la motorola.
they keep sounding the 'beep' as a reminder to check miscalls or messages that we haven't read.
annoying -.-


woke up at like 8.30
bathe and came downstairs and was greeted by hugs and kisses by family.
aww (:

so then like 20 minutes later, went out with Mum for my birthday presents.
had a good bonding session with her.
and i know how she dislikes going to far places but she made an exception today.
i love her to death.

so as presents, Marc Jacobs necklace, LV bag and a top frm Topshop as a party top for tonight.

had lunch there.

then, we went back, after some stops at Star Enterprise for Tania's birthday party.
Yeah, she had a party in the afternoon.

came back, had nothing to do.
lazed on my bed, read a book.
was on the verge of sleeping but a knock on the door woke me up.
Amelia and Myra was there, with a parcel in hand.
Ofcourse, i got all giddy.
i looooooove presents.
changed a bit, came down.
opened my present from Amelia and Myra and like, ohmygod.
An Anna Sui parfum set.
i was shrieking.
i love love love it.
i love love love THEM.
haha, muah.

then, layan tania's friends for a bit.
did some stuffs for the party as i was feeling nice and good.
helped with their games which was kinda fun.
by 5, mama asked me to mandi and i did.
went to the hair salon nearby and did my hair.
curled it a bit.
but like, bapak siot, the man who did my hair was a freakin' murderer.
he rolled my hair up to blowdry but it got stuck all the time so he had to carefully took my hair and distangle em.
i pray and hope the pain that i felt, doesn't happen to you.
it was THAT bad.

was raining by the time i was done.
and i was late.
so, i called nikki and asked her to go and sit down before they let the table go.

came home, changed, applied makeup, and off we go.
pure torture when we were going in the car.
rain was falling like cats and dogs.
so heavy, my skirt, shoes, were all wet.
but wasnn't about to let that made me upset.
reached there, and Nikki, Karen, JeiSee and Ashley were there.
Sorry wei.
HAHAHAHAHAA, i really am.
i was FASHIONABLY late.

ordered some stuffs and the guys came.
Hakim, Johann and Illyas.
Then, Sarah.
Then the rests started to come.
Juju, Suraya and Yusrina got me the helium balloon and cupcakes (:
so sweet of them.
so blablablah, had fun, laughed like hell, ate, drank, took pictures.

then it was time for the cake.
so fun.
Sarah and I had to go up the chairs and with microphones (ketchup bottles) in hand, they asked us to sing a song.
Decided on 'I love rock and roll'
ajak-ed everyone to sing.
Then, the staff had their routine singing which was loads of fun.
The stomping and all.
Then they put the birthday cake on the table like away from us and we had to blow the candles off from where we were.
penat laaa.
and i got a headache from all the blowing.
managed to blow all of them out.
but not at once, ofcouse.
like, 100s of times.

then, one by one went back.
took a picture with them before they left.
then, it was Sarah, Illyas, Johann, Hakim, Juju, Suraya and me left.
Took alot of pictures and sembang-ed.
ate cake.
then before the guys had to go back, we took pictures with them.
lawak lawak.
OH OH, Hakim actually got 10 bucks from Juju, i think for wearing eyeliner.
Applied by Juju, Sarah and Illyas.
HAHA, lawaaaaaak.

then, before we went back, we 4 girls took pictures outside, infront of the fountain.
pictures will be up after i get the laptop back.
or maybe tomorrow.

had a great time.
best birthday so far (:


p/s: Thanks to everyone who gave me splendid presents.
I love them allllllllll, like omg, i do.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


i dnt knw what it really stands for but it's Mesyuarat Agung.

So, ok.
You see, since my house is far from the school, we kinda have to get up early.
Like 6 o'clock early.
then we leave like, at 6.45
today, i woke up at 6.35
bathe like for 3 minutes (!), got ready as fast as i could.
got my bags, ate breakfast and by 6.46, we were out.
HA, see. That's why mum is never worried if i were to wake up late cause i make up for lost time.
i can get ready in seconds.
i'm really, like SuperGirl in ZARA clothes.


Wore my Pandu Puteri baju.
Papa thought it looked more like a pyjamas.
Which i agreed after looking in the mirror.

So, went to school, blablabla.
First meeting was Sports.
I'm in the Green house, so is Sarah, Karen, Nikki, Pauline and er, my mum.
Voted, did the usual la.

Then, we went to Permainan.
This year, i decided to enter Bowling.
Partially, cause it's at OU.
So, we sat in the hot sun and did the usual voting crap.


Before Rehat was over, Sarah, Najihah, Dina and the girls for form 3, went to 5 Beta for Kelab KH.
HAHA, what a greaaaaaaaaat view, maaaaan.
alot of gedikness went around.
HAHAHHAA, sarah and i were laughing like crazy.

But then, we had to go down to the tapak perhimpunan.
MYGOD, i was sweating like shit.
So freakin' hot.
And the sun was like seriously on top of our heads.
after what seems to be a year, we went back up to 5 Beta.
Then, after finding that the door was locked, we went up to, er, i dnt knw.
then settled down.
Mygod, the form 4 batch is like, serious shit, crazy.
Like the LOUDEST.
haha, they would clap, and scream and thump the table.

So, did the usual voting, and screaming was followed.
So, for the Form 3's, we were only allowed to get the duty of Naib Setiausaha and Naib Bendahari.
Puan Nik Azizon asked to nominate form 3's.
And Ashraf Azhari was like, 'ANAK CIKGU!'
i slumped in my chair and did nothing cause there's always the possibility that there were OTHER anak cikgu.
But, noooooooo,
I'm like, 0.0, ohmygod, he did not just say that.
Suraya, Illyas and one more boy, i think it's Atik, was also nominated.
So we were asked to go out while they vote.
While they were voting, Suraya and I saw the postman fell off his motorcycle.
Gila kesian.
Then, we were called back in.
Bapak, ah, i got 22 votes.
Siapa vote, ntahla.
So, that is how i got to be Naib Setiausaha.

Then, we had Badan Beruniform, so we headed to 4 Pascal for Pandu Puteri but went down to 'Tar' instead. -_-"
BLABLABLA, had a couple laughs.
then went back.
went to teman Najihah downstairs and bought an ice cream.

now, i'm home, sticky as hell.


Whatever la.

Monday, January 14, 2008

bad day,

i had a really bad day, weiiiii

But first, SARAH IMAN TURNED 15 todaaaaaay.
Happy Birthday, Love <3
Thanks for being a dear friend to me, and for keeping my secrets.
love you to bits and pieces. MUAH.

So, let's get back to the i'm-having-a-bad-day thing.
First up, the injection which scared the hell out of me.
I actually cried before the injection really happened.
Sarah was before me, and she actually half screamed which freaked me out.
When it was my turn, gila babi, takuuuuuuuuuut.
I like, closed my eyes so hard and counted to 5 in my head.
I didn't even realise it was out.
The sting was still there.
So yeah.
Then, the arm that got injected was like numb and so freakin' lenguh.
Like you couldn't even lift your own hand.

Then, i went to the toilet thinking Aunt Flo came for a surprise visit, and i dnt knw how, my skirt like tercabut.
OK, not that horrific.
The hook actually broke and all that i was hanging on to was my zip -.-
Thank God, it didn't like, jatuh and humiliate myself.

Then, after i came back, ate, bathe around 4 (yeah, i knw, it's like so late but shutup) and went to send Zaim for his Pengakap Kawad thing.
Then, we (Mum, Tania, me) went to Cecilia.
Estelle's mum.
To order my 15th Birthday Cake.
MYGODDDDD, there was this really really gorgeous Sweet 16 3 tiered cake.
i'm so having it next year.
it's miiiiine.
So, ok, anyway, I planned it to be like, butter cake, with butter icing.
But then, end up with a round chocolate cake.
I was kinda, sorta, mmmmmaybe pissed.
Cause it wasn't at all what i wanted.
So then, in the car, Mama was like all bising cause I was bising about the cake.
So we fought.
And refused to speak to each other.
We went to TESCO for a bit but not a word.
I wasn't about to give in, besides, it's MY 15th, and this is like the first time i've ordered a customized cake.
Usually, i'll get none or a crappy boring one from Secret Recipe.

After fetching Zaim from schl, went back.
Still not a word.

Then, whilst eating dinner, Mama called via phone since she was out at the time and told me that, there were a change of plans and she told me to choose either the cake i oredered before or the cake that i WILL order.
so i picked the the one that i WILL order which is from a different person.
I seriously hope and pray it'll be as nice (or nicer) as the one Cecilia makes cause I swear to God, Cecilia makes beautiful cakes.
And freakin' delicious.
So pray, people.


Friday, January 11, 2008



mygoddd, FINALLY, finished with the stupid Pemantapan diri crap.
and it had to be when i brought books to school.
when it was SUPPOSED to be form 3's turn, Cikgu Azhar gave us a pleasant surprise in telling that it was Form 2's turn.
and most of us, didn't bring our books.

first, we were introduced to the new headmistress.
twas boring as i didn't hear sangat.

then, started with the program.
FIRST off was the Ikrar Pelajar.
did ok, i guess.

then, Lagu Sekolah
goddddddd. i hate singing infront of prefects. so awkward-ish.

moved on to Negaraku
easy peasy.

walked to the place near the Bilik Seni place, for Visi and Misi Sekolah

THEN, we had Baris Sedia, thingymabob
i think i got like 2 for that. or mmmmaybe 1.
serious shit, confusing.
and the guy in the samping wasn't helping.

then, twas rehat.
a loooooong rehat.

after that, kumpul-ed to the tapak perhimpunan and then were redirected to wherever we were supposed to head next.
aaaaand, we got to the same place for that baris sedia thing, and did Ikrar Sekolah
wait, is it ikrar sekolah ? or er, what ?
haha, nevermind.
i did ok with that, but they kept telling me to keep my hand straight when it was.
errr, whatever.

then went to the canteen to do Lagu Bestari.
was in the first group to do so.
With Najihah, Rach, Wenn Hong, Sanju, aaaand i frgt who else.
i messed up my english version.
and that Ashraf Azhari kept looking at me and that made it worse -_-'
hahaha, and he confused us, and since Najihah is new, she got the privilege of having the lyric sheet.
i wanted to take a peak, but that Ashraf kept halang-ing us. hahahaha.
god. o.o

Last but not keast, we had the Lagu Wilayah part. That Shah was funny.
And kacau-ed us.

thennnn, we had to go to the, i station and did alright, i guess.

after that, we stayed a bit at the canteen and there was this guy trying to get Najihah's number so, Sarah, Dina, Suraya, and me were like, kacau-ing that guy, shooing him, infact.
and he still wanted the number so we gave him.
well, sort of.
we gave him a fake one.
i can't believe he fell for that.
and we told him that Najihah isn't her name and it was Naufarr.
with a double R, ok.
we laughed like hellllll.
crazy klkr.

made up a last name which was hilarious.

she's been in this school for less then a week, and she already has a line of admirers
Poor Little Pretty Girl


Tuesday, January 8, 2008


though you can't mess around so much with him.
it's him who'll be messing around with you.
HAHAHA, that didn't sound right, huh ?

i wanna talk or type in this matter about yesterday.
It was Fatimah's (a dear dear friend of mine) birthday.
Got to wish her when i went to their school which was my previous school.
Was so nice to see them all again !
Shira hugged me so tight, i actually fell.
HAHAHA, then Sheryll took about 10 seconds to remember me -__-"
then i went to class to class to say, 'HI!'.
hahaha, felt like a freakin' celebrity.
i know i'm missed.

waved and shrieked at everyone since i miss them like gila gila.
saw Joey and he was like,

NADIAA! *waved* How's Brenda?
Er, fiine ?
How's Belle? How about Kristin ? And Rachael ?
Er, i don't know ! They're fine? ? what la you, joey -_-"

oh and he was shouting to me, since he was in class but no teacher, ysee.
hahaha, stupid.

then, when school was done (they finish at 2.30. gila lambat riiiight) i met MORE friends.
said hi and smiled like what.

then, Ian was looking at my badge, saying it was so cacat looking but i shot back saying, 'Hello, what school got a triangle shaped badge?'
*No kidding, theirs is triangular *
but was such a great time seeing them back again.

so, ok, did nothing.
except, well, my mum, sisters and I went to eat Steamboat at Ikano.
Was good, as usual.

Then i slept early, at like 9.30-10 ?
Somewhere then la.

SOOO, today.

serious shit.
i'm kinda lucky cause Edison got good teachers.
Cikgu Yu is freakin' fun, wei.
But you don't mess with him.
And he's also seriously funny.
I laughed so much. :D
but ofcourse, got work.

But before that, we had Science.
was ok, and that lungs thingy was weiiiird.
And scary but way radical.

It was MOVING !
then, teacher asked about air pressure and Sarah and I were the only one to answer wrongly.
HAHAHAHA, does that say much about out school life, or whaaaaaat?!
but fun, nevertheless.

MYGOD, tomorrow got that Pemantapan Disiplin Diri.
Shitto Mundo.
My ikrar sekolah is dead.
damn damn damn.
dhla have to do infront of the pengawas.


p/s: OH OH, birthday is in *counts* 11 daaaaaays. YEAH MAN. 15, here i coooooome.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


today was pretty much a huge bore.
woke up at like, 11.30 but slept back at 3-ish and woke up at 6.
mygod la.
i get so sleepy these days.

SO, now, i'm alone with my maid at home since the others are at my cousin's place but i didn't bother going cause everytime i go there, i get so bored, it's unbelievable how i come home in one piece.

so skipped the birthday/farewell party and just lazed at home.
ate chicken wings and some garlic break courtesy of Pizza Hut
and after they went to the party, i grabbed my Pepsi, and my English Lit book, Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde and continued where i finished last night, in my mum's room.
with the aircond on.

I looooooove being in my parent's room.
it's so serene.
and neat.
cause mine's not.
at all.

so popped in Michael Buble's album in the radio and read.
freakin' heaven, i tell you.

i finally finished the book which got quite interesting at the end and started reading my other book that i bought at Pavi, The Atonement and read til like, what, page 6 ?!
cause the words confused me and i had to read the sentence over and over again.
so i stopped.

i flipped through pictures and remembered the box of millions of cards that my mum keeps everytime.

Some were from my mum to my dad and vice versa.
Mygoddddddd, they were the most romantic, sweetest, most touching cards i've read.
i actually cried reading one from my mum's card to my dad.
and another from my grandparents to my mum on her 22nd birthday.
it's so cool, y'knw reading things like this.
now, all we do is through Myspace, Facebook and Friendster, it's kind of ridiculous.

i prefer writing letters and cards cause they seem and very much are personal.
and the fact that they actually took the time to write which is kind of rare, with the presence of the ever evolving technology.

so i think it's really sweet of someone gives something handwritten.
it kinda touches my heart.
no, seriously, it does.


pie with sighs,

dnt ask about the title.
was something i saw at Ikano -.-

i'm saaaaaad.
ok, well, not sad.
just, tired.
and depressed.
and mmmaybe, right now, a bit melodramatic.

i need something, i just dnt knw what.
a friend ?
a bbbbbbbbbboyfriend ?
or maybe just one night to go out and act loud ?

i'm TRYING to study, and i have but a teensy weensy so that makes me feel unaccomplished.
i want to be smart

i want to be really smart so that Natrah and her posse can come up to ME instead and compare marks.
i despise exams cause i know, beforehand, i'll get sucky results.

Rachael says she studies last minute fr the last exam, but she got A's, laaaaaa.

i want to get an A for something else then English.

I want to cry cause i'm scared.
No, seriously. I'm downstairs alone so i could really just cry.
I'm tiiiiiired.

pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplesase, i wnt to be intelligent.
for PMR's sake.
i knw it's too early to get all emotional but this is what i am.
i'm so freakin' god damn insecure.
i'm scared for something i dnt have to be.

why am i lame in Math ?
why, after all studying so long for history, can't i seem to project the facts onto my exam paper ?
why, can't i write a better essay for bm ?
why, is it that, i can never please my parents ?

ohmygod, i'm depressed.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


120th post, babyyyyyyyyyyyy.


Anyway, today was the first day of school.
Thank God, 3 Edison remains on the second floor as opposed to the 3rd one.

Gosh, i missed everyoooooooooooooooooooone.
Hugged almost everyone.
And shrieked.

so after the perhimpunan which by the way, we had to stand the whole time, Amanda and I sorta, kinda, mmmmaybe did be a bit kepoci, and rushed to get good seats up infront.
and sarah and i got the middle row and straight on to the white board.
so chances of teachers picking us to do anything, are huge.

HEY, don't judge. In order to get straight A's, you wanna get all the knowledge you can 'serap', ok.

So today was mainly about SPBT and er, barcodes ?

But it was fun though.
getting to meet friends.. AGAIN !
golly goshh.

fun gila babs.

and then, went back and ate at Ayu Saji.

i have no clue as to where my appetite has menghilang to, wei.
Like, it's went right out the window and never flew back in -.-



Tuesday, January 1, 2008

trivia for '93,

May this year beat 2007's ass.

For those who were born in the year of 1993, this is one cool fact.

Ok, did i just say cool.
tht's so not cool -____-"

anyway, moving on.

this is what i figured out earlier in the afternoon.

in the year 2005, we sat for upsr where target number of A's were 5.
in the year 2008, we WILL sit for pmr where target number of A's are 8.
in the year 2010, we will sit for spm where target number of A's are 10.

SOOOOOO, unless you don't get it,

2005, 5A's
2008, 8A's
2010, 10A's

isn't that radical ?
or just, destiny ?


and it only applies to us, '93 kids.

beat that suckersssssssssss.