Sunday, January 27, 2008

time for couture,

today was good (: (: (:

came bck from one utama a good 3 hours ago.
was supposed to go out with my friends right ?
but of course, most of them couldn't make it.
whatever la them. i'm tired of meeting your expectations, ok.

anyway, since i was already dressed and ready to go out, i just went out la kan.
went to Topshop cause i still have the 20% discount to spend on but nothing much there.
thennn, to topshop where i bought a scarf (:
dnt knw why, just bought it cause it was so purdy.
AND then, went to Parkson to find a watch.
courtesy of Juicy Couture
and it's $690 which is quite ok for a Juicy watch.
the strap's leather brown with a light pink square face.
EEK :D :D :D :D
got it, but then ofcourse, with the unnecessary help from Miss Karma, in the midst of my joy and excitement, i HAD to lose 100 bucks from the 600 bucks i was given.
so, Mama being an angel she is, added 190 on top of the 500 i gave her.
despite that, i was very very very very very happy.

then, Mama got a 60 dollar voucher from Parkson so, she gave it to me and i spend it on Stila Lip thingymabob.
and went it to Zara, and Mama bought a top for herself (:
then, went to Nando's to eat.
went bck.

cooped up in my room, changed to sweats, read an issue of Reader's Digest ( see, i DO read magazines other then TeenVogue ) , put some music on, turned on the air cond, and HEAVEN BABYYYY.

after reading a tragic article of the late Princess Diana, came down to log onto myspace and decided to blog and voila.
so yes, i shall go now.


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