Wednesday, January 16, 2008


i dnt knw what it really stands for but it's Mesyuarat Agung.

So, ok.
You see, since my house is far from the school, we kinda have to get up early.
Like 6 o'clock early.
then we leave like, at 6.45
today, i woke up at 6.35
bathe like for 3 minutes (!), got ready as fast as i could.
got my bags, ate breakfast and by 6.46, we were out.
HA, see. That's why mum is never worried if i were to wake up late cause i make up for lost time.
i can get ready in seconds.
i'm really, like SuperGirl in ZARA clothes.


Wore my Pandu Puteri baju.
Papa thought it looked more like a pyjamas.
Which i agreed after looking in the mirror.

So, went to school, blablabla.
First meeting was Sports.
I'm in the Green house, so is Sarah, Karen, Nikki, Pauline and er, my mum.
Voted, did the usual la.

Then, we went to Permainan.
This year, i decided to enter Bowling.
Partially, cause it's at OU.
So, we sat in the hot sun and did the usual voting crap.


Before Rehat was over, Sarah, Najihah, Dina and the girls for form 3, went to 5 Beta for Kelab KH.
HAHA, what a greaaaaaaaaat view, maaaaan.
alot of gedikness went around.
HAHAHHAA, sarah and i were laughing like crazy.

But then, we had to go down to the tapak perhimpunan.
MYGOD, i was sweating like shit.
So freakin' hot.
And the sun was like seriously on top of our heads.
after what seems to be a year, we went back up to 5 Beta.
Then, after finding that the door was locked, we went up to, er, i dnt knw.
then settled down.
Mygod, the form 4 batch is like, serious shit, crazy.
Like the LOUDEST.
haha, they would clap, and scream and thump the table.

So, did the usual voting, and screaming was followed.
So, for the Form 3's, we were only allowed to get the duty of Naib Setiausaha and Naib Bendahari.
Puan Nik Azizon asked to nominate form 3's.
And Ashraf Azhari was like, 'ANAK CIKGU!'
i slumped in my chair and did nothing cause there's always the possibility that there were OTHER anak cikgu.
But, noooooooo,
I'm like, 0.0, ohmygod, he did not just say that.
Suraya, Illyas and one more boy, i think it's Atik, was also nominated.
So we were asked to go out while they vote.
While they were voting, Suraya and I saw the postman fell off his motorcycle.
Gila kesian.
Then, we were called back in.
Bapak, ah, i got 22 votes.
Siapa vote, ntahla.
So, that is how i got to be Naib Setiausaha.

Then, we had Badan Beruniform, so we headed to 4 Pascal for Pandu Puteri but went down to 'Tar' instead. -_-"
BLABLABLA, had a couple laughs.
then went back.
went to teman Najihah downstairs and bought an ice cream.

now, i'm home, sticky as hell.


Whatever la.

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